[What to use to make spicy sauce]_how to do_how to do

[What to use to make spicy sauce]_how to do_how to do

Mala Tang is a very convenient and delicious snack.

On the road, we can see many spicy hot shops.

Especially in winter, a spicy meal can drive away the cold.

Everyone knows that a good spicy hot sauce cannot be separated from a good spicy hot sauce base.

So, do you know what ingredients are used to make spicy hot?

Let’s introduce it to everyone.

Spicy base is all kinds of raw materials and seasonings used to make spicy base soup, mainly beef bone, pork bone, chicken bone, seafood, spices (salt, monosodium glutamate, chicken powder), cooking wine, watercress sauce, bean paste, Butter, chicken oil, rapeseed oil, salad oil and sesame oil.

There is no doubt that Mala Tang is good or not. The base soup plays a decisive role, which is directly related to the taste and flavor of Mala Tang.

Therefore, to make a delicious base soup, you must first add good raw materials and seasonings.

It is important to point out that fakes do not refer to the spices or fakes, but to the fakes that have been transferred into, or have been recycled and dried after use.

To put it simply, compared to the genuine product, the effective content of the plant is less, which leads to the poor taste of the base soup. Secondly, there is MSG, which is mainly fresh sodium glutamate, and there is glutamic acid in the market.The sodium content is 65%, and there are 99%, so we must choose this content of 99%.

Method 1, make brine.

Set the wok on a hot fire. After the vegetable oil is burned to 6, the Xiadu County Douban (chopped finely) is crispy, add ginger rice quickly, and stir-fry the pepper immediately after the soup.

Then add mashed fermented tempeh, grind fine sugar, butter, glutinous rice juice, cooking wine, refined salt, pepper, dried pepper, grass fruit and other condiments.

After being boiled, the foam is turned into brine.

2, the main ingredients.

Wash the vegetables, cut the rabbit waist, catfish, and duck intestines into 2 cm squares; cut the hair belly and pig’s ring throat into 4 cm squares.

Lunch meat is cut into 4 cm slices; vegetarian vegetables are cut into 3 cm slices.

Use a cleaned bamboo stick to wear a string of about thirty to forty grams.

3. Ironing.

Set the brine pot on a hot fire to keep it boiled. Use various bamboo sticks to blanch all kinds of vegetables.

4, dipping.

The hot mature seasoning is placed in a plate of chilli noodles and fried salt. Dip chilli and salt according to your own taste and eat.

With or without dipping, more or less at your own discretion.

The nutritional value of the finished product is not familiar.

The main ingredients used in Mala Tang should be relatively easy to mature.

Do not use raw materials such as chicken wings, chicken feet, duck paw, beef, etc. that are not easy to be cooked.

Explosions such as catfish and scallops should be heated for a longer time. Do not turn too much when ironing this raw material. Too fast, master the heat, there will be no unfamiliar problems.

[What is the practice of mashed potato sauce]_Mashed potato_Mixed juice_How to make

[What is the practice of mashed potato sauce]_Mashed potato_Mixed juice_How to make

Potatoes are a popular vegetable in life, and their health effects are very significant. They have the effects of strengthening the spleen, dampness, detoxification, anti-inflammatory, laxative and lowering sugar and lipids.Wait, there are many ways to eat potatoes. They can be fried with meat and other vegetables, and can also be made into mashed potato sauce. What is the practice of mashed potato sauce?

First, what are the practices of mashed potato sauce?

Prepared ingredients: Ingredients: potatoes.

Accessories: one red pepper, one green onion, one spoon of soy sauce, salt, moderate cumin, green pepper, half garlic, vinegar, and tomato sauce.

Cut the potatoes into pieces and steam them, poke them with chopsticks, take them out after steaming, and be hot!

Then take out the garlic stirrer and put in the potato chips, and stir into the puree.

You can also use a spoon without the garlic stirrer, but it will affect the taste. The garlic stirrer will make the mashed potatoes delicate and delicious.

Cut the garlic, shallots, green peppers, and red peppers and prepare for frying.

Add garlic first, then add onion white (reserve green onion), don’t make the fire too big, then add pepper powder, soy sauce, cumin, salt, vinegar, tomato sauce, continue to fry, and finally boil for a while.

Shape the mashed potatoes into a round shape with a spoon, place it in the center of the dish, pour the fried sauce on the mashed potatoes, sprinkle the reserved onion flowers, and mix red and green.

Alright, very delicious.

Second, 2 medium-sized potatoes, peeled, washed, and cut into large pieces.

Add to a pot of water, cook, remove, put into a large bowl, use a spoon to squeeze the potatoes into a paste, put a spoonful of paste, a little salt, 1-2 spoons of milk, mix well.

Don’t be too thin.

Dig the mixed mashed potatoes into small balls, or knead them into small balls, put them on a plate, and arrange them.

If you make the ball with your hands, you will not stick your hands if you wet your hands with water.

Pour in a small bowl of chicken broth in a small saucepan, add black pepper, and cut into thin slices of shredded ham (or sausage shreds). After boiling, thicken with water starch.

Pour the mashed sauce on the potato balls, and look at the cute and delicious chicken sauce and mashed potatoes.

What are the methods of mashed potato sauce?

The shredded pork is mixed with cooking wine and starch, marinated for 10 minutes, put oil in the wok, and fried into the shredded pork.

Add the sauce until the shredded pork is white. Stir the sauce with the shredded pork and add a bowl of water. Stir in one direction with a frying spoon to avoid the pan.

When the sauce of the meat is thick, just start to cook.

[What sunscreen effect is good]_eat food_how to eat

[What sunscreen effect is good]_eat food_how to eat

For many girls, in the summer, they are worried about the skin being tanned. They often use sunscreen products and do sun protection work when they go out, such as wearing sun protection clothing, using umbrellas, etc.Good sun protection. In order to better prevent sunburn, you can also eat some foods with sun protection in the diet. These foods have some antioxidant effects. Some vitamin c, let ‘s take a look at this.content.

What to eat has good sun protection effect 1. Tomatoes have antioxidant effects in addition to the rich lycopene in tomatoes. They also have a certain effect on pigmentation and rough skin caused by ultraviolet rays.

2. Lemon Lemon is rich in vitamin C, which can promote metabolism, delay aging, whiten skin spots, narrow pores, and soften stratum corneum.

It has a strong nursing effect on the skin, and at the same time can enhance the skin’s sun resistance.

3, kiwi Kiwi is also called kiwi. A kiwi can provide one person with vitamin C required for one day, so MMs can already get enough vitamin C by eating one kiwi a day, and it is sunscreen and whitening.

At the same time, kiwi also has excellent antioxidant effects, is a beauty sacred product in fruits.

4. Apple apple peel is rich in “apple polyphenols”.

Which contains chloroacid, catechins, anthocyanins, etc., has a strong antioxidant effect.

Utilize the antioxidant effect of “Apple Polyphenols” to prevent the harm of active oxygen generated after UV irradiation and protect beautiful skin.

In addition, it also plays a role in skin whitening for melanin production.

5, watermelon watermelon juice is rich in vitamin C, as well as citrulline, arginine, malic acid, phosphoric acid and other amino acids with skin physiological activity, these ingredients are good for skin nutrition and whitening effect.

In addition, because of the high content of lycopene in watermelon, it can reduce the damage of ultraviolet rays to the skin. With the help of lycopene, the tissue can heal faster, reduce the pain after sun exposure, and have the effect of sunscreen.

6, strawberry Strawberry is a free radical, which contains polyphenols, which has an inhibitory effect on the tyrosinase that triggers melanin production.

As the active oxygen generated by UV radiation destroys the DNA in the cell membrane cells, it will become a converted lipid peroxide, which is the cause of blood stickiness.

However, the tyrosinase contained in lower fruits has an important role in inhibiting the production of lipid peroxides and preventing blood stickiness.

In addition, strawberries are more suitable for oily skin and have the effects of degreasing and cleansing.

[How to eat fitness meal]_ making method _ practice Daquan

[How to eat fitness meal]_ making method _ practice Daquan

Reasonable fitness meal matching can allow fitness people to achieve more results with less effort.

Therefore, in the process of fitness, we must not only pay attention to exercise and fitness, but also pay attention to diet.

Most fitness meals will recommend fitness people to foods with higher protein content, such as chicken and beef.

The fitness meal can also exert a delicious taste if you pay attention to the proper matching. Here are a few suggestions on how to eat a fitness meal.

What are the benefits of eating a fitness meal From a nutritional point of view, any meal is made up of impurities, traces and proteins. They are also called “macronutrients” and vitamins and minerals are called “microNutrients. ”

In order to assist sports and fitness, we need to absorb more protein, more fiber and other nutrients, doped oxides and synthetic aunts.

A reasonable nutrition ratio can help us to supplement enough nutrients to protect the body’s needs, at the same time reduce the absorption of metastasis, promote muscle growth, and thereby accelerate accidental consumption and decomposition.

How to eat a fitness meal is effective 1, less oil, less salt, less sugar Chinese traditional foods are mostly cooked and seasoned with oil and salt, and the food in restaurants is even more greasy.

However, heavy salt and sugar have no health benefits at all, not to mention cardiovascular and endocrine hazards, and in fitness, it will greatly reduce your effect of increasing muscle mass and reducing fat.

2. Eat less and eat more meals in a balanced distribution. Most people are accustomed to 3 meals a day, but the conversion has caused a problem-sometimes lunch at 12 noon, dinner at 7 o’clock in the evening, there is 7 hours of free time in between.

To avoid chronic diseases in the afternoon, people often unconsciously eat a lot at noon, which leads to excessive intake.

Using less food and more meals, eating once every 3 hours, can continuously maintain a feeling of fullness, make the supply of nutrients more stable, and further expand, thereby reducing the risk of body fat storage, and easier to quantify.

While promoting your healthier eating habits, it enables you to supplement more alternative fiber, fruits and vegetables, as well as protein and moisture.

3. Food choices Although foods are composed of these nutrients, they also have very complicated classifications, and some high-quality nutrients are more conducive to absorption by the human body. Some nuts, seeds, and unsaturated fatty acids provided by deep-sea fish, etc.High-quality protein provided by chicken breast, beef tendon, and fish.

Generally speaking, green vegetables can be eaten at will, and some rice and meat need to try to choose high protein content and low trace content.

4. Choosing the right meal replacement. But there are other fitness meals with so much attention. There is also a way of eating that can help us adjust our body state-meal replacement.

Meal replacement is a kind of food used to replace part of the regular meal. It can provide a lot of nutrients and satiety for the human body, while providing only very few changes, so as to obtain a similar effect to a fitness meal.

Can unfit people eat fitness meals? Of course.

Even if you aren’t working out, eating a fitness meal is definitely more comprehensive than the nutrition you normally eat, and your body will definitely be much healthier than before, and your chances of getting sick will be much reduced!

[What happens to unripe bananas?


[What happens to unripe bananas?

This kind of food is still very common in life, and the nutritional value of bananas is very high. Especially for some patients with constipation, bananas are a must-eat food, because bananas can play a function of each other.Beneficial constipation treatment.

If the banana is green, it proves that the banana is not completely ripe.

So the question is, what happens to unripe bananas?

Bananas cannot be eaten if they are not ripe.

Unripe bananas are not bad, and eating them is bad for the body.

The skin of the immature banana is greenish-green, and the skin is peeled off, making it difficult to swallow.

The ripe banana has the astringent taste and is soft, glutinous and sweet, which is loved by children and the elderly.

The astringent taste of raw bananas comes from a large amount of precipitated acid in bananas, and the residual acid content of unripe bananas is more.

Alkaline acid has a very strong astringent effect, which can make the stool dry and hard, causing constipation.

Expanding information: 1. Consuming bananas at the right time is beneficial to defecation and can also be used for beauty.

Bananas are tropical fruits, so they are available all year round, but in some seasons it is not advisable to eat bananas.

It is not advisable to eat bananas in spring health, bananas are most suitable for summer and autumn.

In addition to eating, the time of the day to eat bananas is also particular about.

2. Nutrition experts suggest that everyone should eat bananas after meals or when they are not in a long-term state.

Eating bananas on an empty stomach will increase the heart load and easily lead to myocardial infarction.

Therefore, eating bananas on an empty stomach should be avoided.

The best time to eat a banana is at four in the afternoon.

At this time, the human body has a slight sense of high blood pressure. Eating bananas can supplement sugar and reduce obesity. At the same time, it can control the amount of food injected at dinner, which is beneficial to weight loss.

3. Eating bananas has a laxative effect, but if you eat an unripe banana by mistake, it will be counterproductive.

Eating unripe bananas can worsen the symptoms of constipation.

And unripe bananas themselves don’t taste good.

4, you can also choose to add a banana to breakfast, eating bananas at breakfast can supplement the nutritional elements needed by the human body.

In addition, eating bananas between 9am and 10am is also a good choice.

Fruit is best absorbed in the morning, as is banana.

[Whether it is better to take off or cover when turning clouds and rain]

[Whether it is better to take off or cover when turning clouds and rain]

A large American sex dating site surveyed 3,890 people. Women who participated in the survey believed that they were almost uneasy, and wearing sexy pajamas and underwear could greatly enhance their confidence.

At the same time, a European study found that when showing men photos of women, men generally think that women who are properly covered are more mysterious and sexy.

The following are tips from multinational sexologists to teach you how to looming, highlight the curves and sexy of women, and ignite the passion and desire of men.

Don’t doubt about wearing at least one piece of clothing. Put on at least one piece of clothing before you have sex. It would be better if you could put sexy and delicate underwear inside.

Pink silk pajamas, loose and bulky white shirts or T-shirts, he gave you short skirts . No matter what clothes, look soft and comfortable, half exposed, let him have the desire to look more for exploration.

A man participating in the survey described it this way: “I like to have my wife wear one of my white cotton T-shirts, with the front side exposed from the neckline, the shoulders half covered, and very sexy.


[Tai Ying 35 breast pain]_ chest pain _ cause

[Tai Ying 35 breast pain]_ chest pain _ cause

Many married women will take some contraceptive measures if they are pregnant. Some women choose to put contraceptives in their bodies, and some women can only take oral medication for contraception due to physical reasons.

Daying is a long-term contraceptive pill that needs to be taken by female friends every day. This can increase the estrogen in the body to prevent contraception.

Some women eat Daying 35 breast tenderness, what is going on?

It’s a three-drug poison, and eating Daying 35 for many years may cause these 7 major troubles, which is enough to pay attention.

Daying 35 is a contraceptive that can increase the body’s estrogen. Compared to other contraceptives, Daying 35 is a smaller alternative to contraceptives currently on the market.

If you carefully study the contraindications of Daying’s adoption, healthy women will not have much influence on their body.

As long as it is not more than half a year, it cannot be regarded as long-term use.

Dayin 35 has been taken for a long time if taken for more than one year, but the harm caused by long-term oral administration is more.

First, the dangers of long-term eating Daying 35, breast tenderness, pain, exacerbation, and then the phenomenon of fluid secretion.

2. The central nervous system may experience headaches, migraines, persistent headaches, loss of libido, emotional depression or altered temperament.

3. Nausea, vomiting, indigestion, appetite suppression, and other gastrointestinal disorders can occur in the gastrointestinal tract.

4, the skin will appear a variety of skin diseases (such as rash, red spots, erythema polymorpha) and dermatitis.

5, urinary reproductive system problems, such as excessive vaginal secretions.

6, Daying 35 contains a large amount of estrogen, which can regulate the endocrine disorders in the body. If the estrogen level is high, taking too much amount will cause gastrointestinal upset.

In addition, menstrual cramps, menstrual amenorrhea, ovarian depression and other phenomena will occur, which will destroy women’s normal menstruation and cause physical mechanisms to be destroyed.

7. If you take Daying 35, severe cases will cause vascular disease, which will affect the normal mechanism of the body.

Second, the role of Daying 35, in the treatment of polycystic ovary syndrome, Daying 35 is mainly a drug to improve symptoms.

Its role is to help everyone to resume normal menstrual cycle, while suppressing hair growth and ulcers and other symptoms.

2. Daying 35 is troubled by people as an oral short-acting contraceptive. It is taken on time and according to the amount, and the contraceptive rate is close to 100%.

But the drug is three points poisoned, so there are certain exceptions for Daying 35.

Some people will experience early pregnancy-like reactions after taking it, such as nausea and vomiting, inability to swallow, severe changes in temperament, vaginal bleeding symptoms, and occasionally irregular menstruation or amenorrhea.

In addition, some people will experience significant weight gain and skin changes, and some patients will experience headaches, unclear vision, and breast tenderness.

[The real reason for men’s fitness: making rolling sheets more fierce?

[The real reason for men’s fitness: making rolling sheets more fierce?

How much do you know about the real reason for men’s fitness?

When I started to abandon the pile of excess meat on my waist, when I started worrying about how handsome I am today, when I started to question life and tried to resist aging, everything became taken for granted in my 20sPlaying a basketball, tennis, badminton, wearing a low-waist swimming trunks, a sultry swim (fast metabolism is the capital of small fresh meat), the 30-year-old did a fitness card to practice the chest muscles?

Practice abdominal muscles, waist muscles, gluteal muscles, and various muscles (just a little, then you have a 20-year-old face and a 40-year-old small capital). In my 40s, I bought a sandbag skipping rope hula hoop Tai Chi(I ca n’t use it a few times a week.) In her 50s, she was still upset because her sister, Kai Fang Mei, did n’t dance with herself.

In fact, they have all joined the ranks of fitness. When he is not so confident in his heart, he will find ways to seek change. It is important to know that men have a strong initiative and purpose.

You know, everyone ‘s fitness needs are different. Why do men have to do fitness, what is their purpose? 1, to make the roll sheets more fierce. I do n’t know if you ‘ve heard the following phrase “Sports isMen’s Physiological Viagra. ”

Alright, now you hear!

According to a survey, compared with those who are sedentary and less active, maintaining brisk walking 4 times a week, 30 minutes a day, or other sports with considerable energy expenditure, such as swimming and jogging, can make sexual function in adult men.Obstacles decreased by 2/3.

Exactly through those methods!


Aerobic exercises such as brisk walking, swimming, yoga, and jogging can make you more energetic. Second, because the muscles of the abdominal muscles and limbs play an important role in the specific movements of the roll sheet, the lumbar abdominal muscles and limbs are moderate.Strength training is important.


[How to use condoms for boys]_Men_How to use

[How to use condoms for boys]_Men_How to use

Young people today are not willing to be restrained by their children prematurely, so even after marriage, they will take contraceptive measures. The most common contraceptive method is condoms.

And males must pay attention to the correct method when using condoms, otherwise the male genital organs will be corrected to cause damage, which will seriously affect male sexual function.

So, what exactly is a male condom?

Proper use of condoms for men: Before using a condom, check the end date of the condom.

Expired condoms are dry and prone to rupture and are not suitable for use, ensuring that condoms are effectively corrected.

1. Carefully tear the packaging bag from the edge of the packaging and remove the condom to avoid tearing the condom.

To ensure that condoms are not torn, we should avoid using sharp tools.

Ordinary packaging bags can be easily torn.

2. Wear a condom when your penis is erect.

Remember to wear a condom before penis insertion.

The best contraceptive results can only be achieved by wearing a condom before entering for the first time.

3. The air left in the condom can cause the condom to rupture.

To avoid the possibility of rupture, gently squeeze the air inside the front end of the condom with your thumb and index finger, and then put the condom on the erect penis.

Make sure that the end of the condom is partially exposed and that there is no excess air in the condom.

4. While covering the front of the condom, gently use the other hand to cover the entire penis.

Make sure the self-confidence sleeve fits tightly on the penis during the procedure.

If the condom partially slips, replace the slipped part and reattach.

If the condom slips out, remove the penis immediately and put on a new condom before continuing *.

It may be that condoms cannot be reused, condoms can only be used once.

After using a condom, men should wrap paper towels in a trash can for personal hygiene.

During the trial period, we must pay attention to the use of qualified condoms, do not buy very cheap condoms, because the quality of cheap condoms is difficult to guarantee.

[One month effective weight gain recipe]_Fertilizing_Method

[One month effective weight gain recipe]_Fertilizing_Method

In life, many fat people will grow meat because they drink cold water and feel upset. At the same time, many acquaintances feel anxious about their weight. Their constitution may be weak and they cannot absorb any food.Can’t grow, especially women who are preparing for pregnancy. If the child who is underweight is likely to have malnutrition, what are the weight gain recipes that work in a month?

1. Chestnut Chestnut contains a large amount of starch, and its purity is very high. In addition to starch, chestnut also contains protein, trace amounts and vitamin B family.

There is also 24 mg of vitamin C in 100 grams of chestnuts, which is much more than the same amount of tomatoes.

Eating chestnuts after each meal can enhance the absorption shift of the body.

2. Beef When it comes to weight gain, red meat is the best food.

It contains both the proteins needed for muscle growth, as well as natural creatine and rich iron.

I suggest that you can choose the meat quality of some parts such as hind leg meat, tenderloin, etc., which contains higher protein.

3, squid squid has a very high cholesterol content, every 100 grams of squid contains 615 milligrams of cholesterol, so eating squid can help the body gain weight.

In addition, squid also contains various elements such as calcium, phosphorus, and iron, which help the development of bones and blood in the body.

Eating squid can prevent anemia, relieve physical fatigue, improve liver function and protect eyesight.

Squid is a healthy fattening food.

4. Eating one or two dried fruits can quickly add calories to the body.

Dried fruit is smaller than fresh fruit, so half a cup of dried fruit has more calories than fresh fruit.

For example, a cup of raisins contains 200 calories, while a cup of fresh grapes contains only 60 calories.

5. Milk dairy products contain proteins that digest slowly, so they can provide the body with stable amino acids for hours.

A cup of 227g skim milk contains 8g of protein, as well as vitamin D and calcium. These two important ingredients maintain bone health, muscle strength, and muscle growth.