[The real reason for men’s fitness: making rolling sheets more fierce?

[The real reason for men’s fitness: making rolling sheets more fierce?

How much do you know about the real reason for men’s fitness?

When I started to abandon the pile of excess meat on my waist, when I started worrying about how handsome I am today, when I started to question life and tried to resist aging, everything became taken for granted in my 20sPlaying a basketball, tennis, badminton, wearing a low-waist swimming trunks, a sultry swim (fast metabolism is the capital of small fresh meat), the 30-year-old did a fitness card to practice the chest muscles?

Practice abdominal muscles, waist muscles, gluteal muscles, and various muscles (just a little, then you have a 20-year-old face and a 40-year-old small capital). In my 40s, I bought a sandbag skipping rope hula hoop Tai Chi(I ca n’t use it a few times a week.) In her 50s, she was still upset because her sister, Kai Fang Mei, did n’t dance with herself.

In fact, they have all joined the ranks of fitness. When he is not so confident in his heart, he will find ways to seek change. It is important to know that men have a strong initiative and purpose.

You know, everyone ‘s fitness needs are different. Why do men have to do fitness, what is their purpose? 1, to make the roll sheets more fierce. I do n’t know if you ‘ve heard the following phrase “Sports isMen’s Physiological Viagra. ”

Alright, now you hear!

According to a survey, compared with those who are sedentary and less active, maintaining brisk walking 4 times a week, 30 minutes a day, or other sports with considerable energy expenditure, such as swimming and jogging, can make sexual function in adult men.Obstacles decreased by 2/3.

Exactly through those methods!


Aerobic exercises such as brisk walking, swimming, yoga, and jogging can make you more energetic. Second, because the muscles of the abdominal muscles and limbs play an important role in the specific movements of the roll sheet, the lumbar abdominal muscles and limbs are moderate.Strength training is important.