[Can summer mulberry leaves make tea]_Summer tea_Can you

[Can summer mulberry leaves make tea]_Summer tea_Can you

Mulberry is a relatively common plant. The fruit of the mulberry tree is edible. In fact, in addition to being used to raise silkworms, mulberry leaves can also be used as traditional Chinese medicine to eat. Mulberry leaves have health and diuretic effects and relieve heat.There are many health benefits. In fact, mulberry leaves can also be used to make tea. Mulberry leaves also have the effect of freckle removal and lowering three highs, which is very suitable for the elderly.

Benefits of mulberry leaf soaking water: 1. Jiangsangao contains a variety of alkaloids, amino acids, and multiple ingredients. It has obvious effects on lowering blood sugar, blood pressure, and blood lipids. It is suitable for people with “three highs” and it is very good.Health effects.

2, freckle mulberry water can also be used as freckle, if women with pigmented spots on the face wash the face three times a day with mulberry water, it can lighten the plaque melanin, which has a certain effect on freckle.

3, beriberi removes athlete’s foot. People with athlete’s foot can effectively remove athlete’s foot by soaking the mulberry leaves in their feet.

The reason why mulberry leaves are able to swell water is because the mulberry leaves have a beneficial effect on water, and the excess water in the cells of the body is drained away.

4, dizziness mulberry leaves can effectively cure liver-yang dizziness, dizziness, calming liver-yang, clear liver and eyesight, can treat headaches caused by hyperactivity of liver-yang, and can be used with chrysanthemum and other hot Chinese medicine.

5, there is a small amount of cough with less phlegm, dry nasopharynx and other lung heat or dryness that hurt the lungs, called mulberry leaves can effectively remove lung heat.

6, wind-heat fever cold mulberry leaves have the effect of diverting wind-heat, used for the treatment of exogenous wind-heat.

Suffering from mulberry leaves can effectively relieve fever, headache, and sore throat.

Mulberry leaves are forbidden to drink in water. Mulberry leaves are very rich in chlorophyll, so whether they are cooked with water or brewed with boiling water, the leaves are green.

At the same time, the mulberry leaves have a slight fragrance, and it smells very refreshing. There is basically no substitute.

Mulberry leaves have a very wide range of applications. Whether it is for patients with stomach pain or insomnia, not only can they be taken at the same time, but they can also bring good health to the body.

However, to use mulberry leaves scientifically, some precautions still need to be understood.

Specific precautions for soaking mulberry leaf in water are as follows: Although mulberry leaf tea has many benefits for the body, it can treat fire, stomach pain, and insomnia, but it is not suitable for eating more.

There is a detailed record in the Compendium of Materia Medica. If mulberry leaf tea is taken in excess, it will cause damage to the body’s essence and blood, and the spleen and stomach will become cold. In the long run, this will make the body worse and worse, and even suffer from diseasesAs his face gets worse and worse, his spirit will become weaker.

Therefore, we must pay attention to the right amount of soaking mulberry leaves in daily drinking, and do not take too much.

The disadvantages of drinking too much mulberry leaf water in addition to the above-mentioned easy to hurt the spleen and stomach, but also easily lead to worsening complexion, even loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting; it may also lead to thirst symptoms in the body;With mulberry tea, the tea will pass directly through our kidney meridians, which is very bad for the kidneys.