[How to make pork feet hot pot is the best]_ making method _ home practice

[How to make pork feet hot pot is the best]_ making method _ home practice

Speaking of hot pot, you must have a lot to say, and the most famous type of hot pot is the hot pot in Sichuan and Chongqing, because the hot pot in these two areas is famous for its spicy.

There are some differences in the methods of making hot pot in other regions. For example, in northern areas, soup hot pot is preferred, while in southern areas, hot pot is cooked with bacon feet.

Those who like to eat pig’s feet should not miss the method of making bacon feet hot pot.

The practice of bacon foot hot pot The bacon foot hot pot is very popular in many places. Among them, Hubei’s Tujia bacon foot hot pot has the best taste.

Because the taste habits of the people in Hubei are relatively heavy, the taste of Tujia Laozi Hotpot is relatively strong, mainly because of the spicy accessories such as carbonated pepper and peppercorn.

So what should I do with bacon feet hot pot?

Let us take a look at it below.

Ingredients: bacon leg accessories: kelp, shiitake mushrooms, cabbage, green onion, ginger, garlic, star anise, dried sea pepper, dried pepper.Then chop the pig’s feet into small pieces, string them with water, and then pick up the pig’s feet; 3, wash the kelp, cut into pieces, and reserve; 4. cut the ginger into pieces, cut the shallot into sections, and reserve; 5 thenPut pork feet, kelp, spring onion, ginger, garlic, pepper, dried sea pepper into a pressure cooker and stew them; 6. Cut shiitake mushrooms into pieces and tear cabbage into pieces; 7. After the pork leg is stewed, add shiitake mushrooms, Boring for a while; 8, then put the cabbage in, and finally add some chicken essence, you can cook out in a while.

Tips: 1. Due to the strong taste of bacon feet hot pot, and very spicy, friends with high blood pressure are not recommended to eat it; 2. Be sure to choose bacon feet, remember to buy themBuy at distance stores to avoid buying defective products.

The nutritional value of bacon feet hot pot is also called pig feet, pig hands.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that trotters are flat and sweet and salty. They are a delicious alternative to bear’s paw and a “good medicine” for curing diseases.

So what is the nutritional value of bacon leg hot pot?

1. The pig’s feet are rich in collagen. Collagen is a gelatinous substance composed of biological macromolecules and contains a large amount of glycine.Major protein

2. Pig feet are rich in feces. Feces are substances stored in the body and give energy to humans. Feces constitute some important physiological substances. Feces are the material basis of life and are the three major components of the human body (protein, feces)., Sugars) one.

3. Pig’s feet contain some iron elements. Iron is an indispensable element of the human body, a factor for the formation of red blood cells, and an essential element for the formation of red blood cells.

4, pig’s feet contain many selenium elements, which can remove free radicals in the body, anti-aging; participate in the repair of damaged myocardium, prevent and treat liver, kidney, hypertension, pregnancy-induced hypertension and other diseases;Selenium, thallium and other heavy metals have resistance.

5, pig feet contain some vitamin A, eating trotters can supplement the human body with vitamin A, maintain normal visual function, maintain the health of epithelial cells and promote the synthesis of immunoglobulins, can maintain normal bone growth and development, and canGrowth and reproduction can also inhibit tumor growth.