[Can I eat black mushrooms?]_ Influence_Danger

[Can I eat black mushrooms?]_ Influence_Danger

Tricholoma is also a fungus-developed mushroom that grows mainly on the internal Mongolian plateau. It is a wild mushroom with great nutritional value. It has a delicious taste and is a good choice for frying and stewing soup.

However, you may not believe it. Tricholoma is mostly grown around sheep dung, but it is still very popular because it is scarce and expensive.

But some people buy it and find that the mushroom will turn black. Can the mushroom be eaten after it turns black?

First, can you eat black mushrooms?

The mushroom cover can be eaten if it becomes dark. If a small amount of dark spots appear on the mushroom cover, and the bacteria have elasticity and no odor, such a mushroom can still be eaten, but the nutritional value will be reduced.


Bacteria folded and darkened can gradually eat edible mushrooms during storage, open umbrella, bacterial membrane replacement and other phenomena.

The blackness of the tricholoma folds is due to the long storage time and the spores in the folds of the bacteria have matured.

This kind of tricholoma can be eaten, but the taste and nutritional value will decrease.


If the mushroom becomes dark, you can’t eat the mushroom. The inside of the mushroom appears.

Not only does it have no nutritional value, it also has hidden dangers.

Second, why did the mushroom turn black?

It has been oxidized for a long time, and the polyphenol oxidase in the cells has reacted with oxygen. The same has been true for potatoes and apples that have been cut long.


Spoiled and deteriorated Tricholoma is easy to be moldy and will turn black if not stored properly.

Third, the method to prevent black mushrooms from turning black 1.

After the Tricholoma matsutake is cut open, drizzle with 0.

7% citric acid water can slow down the browning reaction; 2.

2. Use oxygen to keep the mushroom in the fresh-keeping bag. Press the mouth slightly but not seal it, otherwise the humidity inside the bag will accelerate the decay; 3.

Refrigerated Tricholoma can be refrigerated at low temperature to inhibit enzyme activity and maintain Tricholoma quality.

Low temperature environment is -2 to 2 ether.

Fourth, how to pick fresh mushrooms 1.

Look at the appearance, it is best to buy the surface without rot, the shape is relatively complete, no water stains, no sticky.

The mushroom handle is short, round, and the diameter of the mushroom cover is about 4cm. The cover surface is smooth and flat, and the edges are thick and well-clumped.

The cover diameter is too large to be old.


Look at the good-colored mushroom cover is white, the mushroom handle is white.

If the mushroom is yellow, it is not good. The reason for the yellowing is that the mushroom is old, sprayed with water or contaminated by miscellaneous bacteria.


Look at the maturity, do not buy mushrooms with a very high maturity, the quality is not good.

Seven or eight mature is the best.


I tried to touch some supermarkets to sell mushrooms packed in white plastic boxes, but because the white plastic boxes themselves contain whitening agents, they cause mushroom contamination.

One touch is to touch the surface of the mushroom, which contains a whitening agent, the surface is smooth, feels good, and has a moist feeling; the mushroom surface without the whitening agent is astringent, the surface is stained with mud, and it is rough and dry to the touch.

[The role of onion slices on the soles of the feet]

[The role of onion slices on the soles of the feet]

Onion is a kind of food that is very common in people’s daily life. People generally use onions to make it. It can not only be used for eating, but also has many other benefits for the human body.

Putting onion slices on the soles of feet can effectively treat colds. It is very beneficial to the human body’s influenza or fever, etc. Let’s introduce the effect of onion slices on the soles of the feet in detail.

Onion slices can be used to treat colds when placed on the soles of the feet. The onion is rich in selenium, which can help treat colds and colds.

Before going to bed, put the sliced onion near Yongquan (the intersection of the herringbone “human” on the sole of the foot) and wrap it with socks. After waking up the next morning, the symptoms of cold, flu, and fever can be relieved.

It’s amazing, because selenium can accelerate the decomposition of peroxides in the body, making the virus unable to get oxygen supply, and thus inhibiting the growth of the virus.

There are 7,000 nerve endings associated with various organs on the soles of your feet, and onion therapy uses these nerve endings to clean up the virus of the human body, so that your recovery can be relieved!

Other effects: 1. Preventing insomnia can’t sleep all the time?

Try the onion!

Diced onion next to the pillow can effectively treat insomnia.

2. Care of the hair Diced an onion and mashed it in a bowl, then wrap it together in gauze and fix it with rubber bands, squeeze out the onion juice.

Wash your hair with onion juice in water, and your hair quality will improve significantly soon.

3. Removing the phosphoric acid from ear wax can kill bacteria in the ear.

If you have too much earwax in your ears, you can use onions to help soften and remove it.

Open the onion and take out the middle core, cut it into a moderate size and put it in your ears. After three hours, remove and dig your ears.

4, beauty skin care onion contains the anti-aging substance cysteine, rub on the face with onion slices and wash, can treat freckles and keep the skin tender and smooth.

5, there is a set of prevention of tooth decay prevention.

You only need to eat half a piece of onion a day and stick to it for a long time to eliminate dental pain and effectively prevent broken teeth.

6. Clean the barbecue grill. Heat up the barbecue grill, burn off the dirt and food residue on the barbecue grill, and then take half an onion to clean the barbecue grill.

Use a fork to fork half a piece of onion, and rub the grill with the cut side down to achieve a continuous and good cleaning effect.

[Do you want to make lard for yolk cakes?]_ Use of lard_How to make

[Do you want to make lard for yolk cakes?]_ Use of lard_How to make

The egg yolk is a common gourmet snack in life and is very popular. The egg yolk has a crispy outside and the egg yolk is soft and waxy. It is very popular. Generally, pigs are used to make egg yolk.It ‘s oily, but lard is generally best not to be melted. The melted lard is generally unusable. The nutritional value of lard is very high. Regular consumption is good for human health.

The egg yolk can be made without lard. Generally, it is either lard or paste. If vegetable oil is used, after the noodles and vegetable oil are combined, the noodles are still soft and will not shorten, so it is not recommended.

Lard is generally used in making mayonnaise. If there is no Sumitomo, it is recommended to use flour.

What oil is good for egg yolks? First, traditional Chinese dim sum usually uses lard, and egg yolks are no exception.

There are two main differences between the effects of lard and fat in making mayonnaise: 1. Compared with peanut butter, lard is more ductile and has a better crisping effect. The layered yolk crisp is more distinct and has a softer texture.

2. In terms of taste, the buttery version of the mayonnaise will have an excess of milk flavor, depending on whether you like it or not.

The benefits of eating lard are those invaded by constipation. You may wish to regularly eat some lard and intestinal laxative. Lard is a relatively slippery thing, so it can overcome the effect of intestinal laxative.

People with constipation may wish to eat some lard often, so as to achieve the effect of alleviating constipation.

Tonic lard is rich in nutrients, so it can nourish the internal organs.

Especially for our spleen, stomach and lungs, the effect of nourishing is more obvious.

So if the spleen, stomach and lungs are weak, remember to eat more lard.

In addition, many people with weak spleen and stomach will have indigestion or loss of appetite, so after eating lard, they can also help digestion and appetite.

Detoxifying lard can not only treat gynecological inflammation, but also detoxify the “liver liver poisons”.

Moisturizing lard makes human skin smooth and delicate, elastic, and treats hair loss.

Chinese medicine believes that the main fur of the lung, that is, human skin, hair growth is nourished by the lungs.

Lard can nourish the lungs and yin, thereby indirectly promoting skin and hair.

Therefore, lard inherently “pleases the skin, is used as a hand cream, and does not crack” (“Compendium of Materia Medica”), and “grows hair into a pleasant face” (“Medical Doctors”).

Lung Relief and Cough If the lungs become hot and the cough does not stop, not only the heat needs to be cleared, but also the spleen.

Therefore, there is a saying in Chinese medicine that “there is a deficiency in the lungs”.

The magic of lard with cleft paws and hands will lard in heated alcohol and scrub the affected area.

Or directly infect the affected area with coagulated lard.

For aphtha, sore throat, use lard, one pound of honey, one or two of Coptis chinensis, and fry for juice and boil.

Each serving of jujube is served in large balls, five times a day.

Stomach pain, 60 grams of pantothenic acid lard, add 30 grams of rock sugar to fry, eat once every morning.

[How to eat fitness meal]_ making method _ practice Daquan

[How to eat fitness meal]_ making method _ practice Daquan

Reasonable fitness meal matching can allow fitness people to achieve more results with less effort.

Therefore, in the process of fitness, we must not only pay attention to exercise and fitness, but also pay attention to diet.

Most fitness meals will recommend fitness people to foods with higher protein content, such as chicken and beef.

The fitness meal can also exert a delicious taste if you pay attention to the proper matching. Here are a few suggestions on how to eat a fitness meal.

What are the benefits of eating a fitness meal From a nutritional point of view, any meal is made up of impurities, traces and proteins. They are also called “macronutrients” and vitamins and minerals are called “microNutrients. ”

In order to assist sports and fitness, we need to absorb more protein, more fiber and other nutrients, doped oxides and synthetic aunts.

A reasonable nutrition ratio can help us to supplement enough nutrients to protect the body’s needs, at the same time reduce the absorption of metastasis, promote muscle growth, and thereby accelerate accidental consumption and decomposition.

How to eat a fitness meal is effective 1, less oil, less salt, less sugar Chinese traditional foods are mostly cooked and seasoned with oil and salt, and the food in restaurants is even more greasy.

However, heavy salt and sugar have no health benefits at all, not to mention cardiovascular and endocrine hazards, and in fitness, it will greatly reduce your effect of increasing muscle mass and reducing fat.

2. Eat less and eat more meals in a balanced distribution. Most people are accustomed to 3 meals a day, but the conversion has caused a problem-sometimes lunch at 12 noon, dinner at 7 o’clock in the evening, there is 7 hours of free time in between.

To avoid chronic diseases in the afternoon, people often unconsciously eat a lot at noon, which leads to excessive intake.

Using less food and more meals, eating once every 3 hours, can continuously maintain a feeling of fullness, make the supply of nutrients more stable, and further expand, thereby reducing the risk of body fat storage, and easier to quantify.

While promoting your healthier eating habits, it enables you to supplement more alternative fiber, fruits and vegetables, as well as protein and moisture.

3. Food choices Although foods are composed of these nutrients, they also have very complicated classifications, and some high-quality nutrients are more conducive to absorption by the human body. Some nuts, seeds, and unsaturated fatty acids provided by deep-sea fish, etc.High-quality protein provided by chicken breast, beef tendon, and fish.

Generally speaking, green vegetables can be eaten at will, and some rice and meat need to try to choose high protein content and low trace content.

4. Choosing the right meal replacement. But there are other fitness meals with so much attention. There is also a way of eating that can help us adjust our body state-meal replacement.

Meal replacement is a kind of food used to replace part of the regular meal. It can provide a lot of nutrients and satiety for the human body, while providing only very few changes, so as to obtain a similar effect to a fitness meal.

Can unfit people eat fitness meals? Of course.

Even if you aren’t working out, eating a fitness meal is definitely more comprehensive than the nutrition you normally eat, and your body will definitely be much healthier than before, and your chances of getting sick will be much reduced!

[Is the peach hot?]_ Peach_Action_Efficacy

[Is the peach hot?]_ Peach_Action_Efficacy

In the summer, the Lingling peach is on the market, and the peach is the most delicious one. It has a strong aroma, a sweet taste, and a thick juicy body. It can be said that the nutritional value is extremely rich, but many people dare not eat peaches, and they are worried about the honeyPeach may get angry. In fact, there are many warming effects in the food, with slight heat. Peach is generally not easy to get angry. Peach is a mild food.

Do peaches get angry? Juicy peaches may get angry.

Foods have five natures. Juicy peaches are warm fruits. These fruits have a slight heat. If the body is biased toward hotness, or excessive consumption of peaches, they will get angry.

How peaches eat peaches do not cause anger. Peach is used as a normal fruit. Whether it is eaten before, after or between meals, as long as you do n’t eat too much, it will not cause anger.

What is good to eat when peaches are on fire? Juicy peaches are mild foods. Excessive consumption can cause inflammation in the body. Therefore, proper consumption of some cold foods at the same time can reduce the heat in the body and avoidfire.
Common cold foods are: millet, mung bean, cucumber, bitter gourd, okra, duck meat and so on.

Someone is not suitable for eating peaches1.

Juicy peach is a mild food. Therefore, people with yin deficiency and deficiency of fire are not suitable for eating peach, so as not to cause the fire.


Juicy peaches are high in water and sugar and suitable for fungal growth. Therefore, peaches with damage are not suitable for eating.


Do not give peaches to infants, peaches contain a large number of macromolecular substances, and infants and young children have poor gastrointestinal dialysis ability, can not digest, and easily cause gastrointestinal diseases.

[Can I eat protein powder to grow taller?]_ Action_Benefits

[Can I eat protein powder to grow taller?]_ Action_Benefits

There are many factors for growth. The most important factor is the genetic factor, followed by factors such as diet and exercise.

For young people, it is good to eat some protein powder properly, which is beneficial to the nutritional replacement of the body. It also has a certain promotion effect in terms of growth. Of course, as others, when eating protein powder,Also pay attention not to eat too much to avoid causing weight gain.

Can I eat protein powder to grow taller? 1. Participate in the composition and metabolism of the body. Protein is an important nutrient. Its existence is closely related to various activities of life, such as participation in the composition and metabolism of the body, and genetic information.Composition and metabolism, while also providing the body with quantum.

2. The degree of digestion, absorption, and utilization by the human body is also very different. There are extremely many types of proteins. Proteins from different food sources can be digested, absorbed, and utilized by the body at different degrees. Therefore, the nutritional value of different types of proteins is somewhat different.The main factor determining the nutritional value of proteins is the type and content of essential amino acids in the protein.

Amino acid score (AAS) is a commonly used indicator to evaluate the type and content of essential amino acids in proteins.

3. The protein intake for healthy people, “Residential Supplements for Chinese Residents”, recommends that the daily protein intake per adult is 65?
90 grams, or 10% of total energy?
12% can meet metabolic needs.

In addition, protein intake varies depending on the age, weight, and labor intensity of the person.

Children and adolescents during growth and development, and women during pregnancy or lactation generally have higher protein requirements.

Protein powder is used with caution in the crowd 1. Patients with liver disease have problems with the processing and use of protein by the liver, and the protein intake should be appropriately increased.

However, for patients with liver coma and advanced liver cirrhosis, supplying too much protein will increase the burden on the liver and exacerbate the disease. Animal protein should be limited.

And because of the ammonia it produces in the body, it can cause or aggravate liver coma, so some patients can choose some plant protein supplemented with branched chain amino acids, especially soy protein.

Because branched chain amino acids are mainly metabolized in muscle, they have a protective effect on liver function.

2. Newborns should not eat protein powder. Should they choose a protein content of 10%?
20% milk powder.

3, gout patients should be careful to choose to eat soy protein as the main protein powder.

Because the purines in soybeans can cause increased uric acid in the body, promote or worsen gout.

However, some brands of soy protein powder have been specially treated to reduce the purine content.