Shanghai Airport (600009): Core Asset Bank Stable and Far

Shanghai Airport (600009): Core Asset Bank Stable and Far

Event: On March 22, Shanghai Airport released its 2018 annual report (1) Business: Gradually achieving 50 aircraft takeoffs and landings.

480,000 times, an increase of 1 every year.

61%; passengers exploded 7,400.

650,000 person-times, an increase of 5 in ten years.

72%, of which 3,757 were international and regional passengers.

380,000 person-times, an annual increase of 8.

23%, international and regional tourists accounted for 50.


(2) Finance: Initially realized operating income of 93.

13 ppm, an increase of 15 in ten years.

51%; realized net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies42.

31 ppm, an increase of 14 in ten years.

88%; net profit after deduction is 42.

35 ppm, an increase of 14 in ten years.


Comments: 1.

In the non-aviation-dominated era, retail revenue continued to grow at a high rate. In 2018, Shanghai Airport achieved aviation revenue39.

70 ppm, a six-year increase of 6.

58%, benefiting from the optimization of passenger structure, its growth rate is slightly higher than takeoffs and landings and passenger explosions.

Non-aviation revenue 53.

44 trillion, an increase of 3 compared to 2017.


57% to 57.

38%, of which commercial retail revenue was 39.

86 ppm, an increase of 33 in ten years.

22%, passenger spending capacity continued to significantly improve.

On the cost side, operating costs total 44.

99 ppm, an increase of 11 years.

21%, slightly higher than expected, mainly due to the increase in maintenance costs and commissioned management costs in operating costs.

Specifically, maintenance costs increased for the second time in the past in 2015, and the increase was one-off; the increase in entrusted management fees was affected by the increase in tax revenue and the tender of the new satellite agency business, and it is likely to continue to rise in the future.

Looking forward to 2019, the overall risk of Shanghai Airport’s cost side can be controlled. In terms of rent, it is expected that the rent paid by the company to the group in 2019 will increase by 50%, which is 3 higher than in 2018.

US $ 4.7 billion, with limited new rents. At the same time, the company disclosed that the satellite office budget was US $ 16.7 billion, making the impact of depreciation clearer.


The launch of the Satellite Hall is imminent. Starting a new cycle of growth and new capacity allocation is an important means of opening up the airport’s value space. Looking at major domestic hub airports, the commissioning of new capacity is often the beginning of a new round of airport value enhancement.

Shanghai Airport has entered a mature stage. The passenger structure has been continuously optimized, and the passenger consumption capacity has continued to improve. It is able to cross the infrastructure cycle through the increase of non-airline income levels.

Specifically, the value increase brought by the commissioning of the new satellite hall was realized in multiple dimensions.

① In terms of supply, new throughput opens up the upstream of Shanghai Airport, and the space for optimization of the upper limit and passenger structure will increase in the future; ② In terms of duty-free business, the duty-free area will be increased from 6,600 square meters to 16,915 square meters, and the increase in duty-free area will increase passengersThe increase of consumption power will further release its tax-exempt income elasticity; ③ In terms of advertising revenue, the commissioning of the satellite hall will bring new advertising revenue. At present, the advertising contract of Shanghai Airport is shortened earlier, and its profitability fully reflects the advertising of Shanghai AirportBusiness value. After the new satellite hall is put into production, it will become a new advertising contract. Although the current business model and advertising area are unknown, the value of the advertising business at Shanghai Airport is certain. The new advertising contract brings more value space.Inevitable trend.

3.The tax-free bonus is still in the release period, seizing certain opportunities, and the first-tier city airport is the highest quality core asset of China’s civil aviation industry.
The proportion of non-aviation revenue of Shanghai Airport is further increased, and it is clear again that it is entering the era of non-aviation introduction.

The Shanghai Airport at this stage must re-examine its investment value from two aspects.

First, the performance increase brought by the increase of the tax-free deduction rate is deterministic, and the value should be realized in advance to reflect that the tax-free deduction rate of the T2 terminal in 2019 will be 深圳spa会所 increased to 42.

5%, the one-time growth momentum of tax-exempt income has been identified.

Second, we must pay attention to the opportunity for performance growth brought about by the increase in passenger consumption levels and demand growth. The continued high growth of commercial airport rental income in Shanghai Airport from 2017 to 2018 is a reflection of the value of passenger consumption levels.

Compared with Asia-Pacific, European airports with relatively mature business models, the per capita non-air revenue of international passengers in Shanghai Airport in 2018 was 93 yuan, which has reached the global leading level. Considering the continuous release of on-board production capacity and the increase of the deduction rate, it has become a global internationalIt is only a matter of time before the airport with the highest consumer spending power.

Choosing Shanghai Airport at the current time is to be friends with time. The long-term steady growth trend has been clear, and the rest is just waiting for time for feedback.


Investment suggestion: The company’s operating income is expected to be 122 in 2019-2021.

38, 140.

22, 151.

65 ppm, net profit was 51.

61, 58.

06, 67.

04 trillion, corresponding to 22 PE.

38 times, 19.

90 times, 17.

23 times.

Maintain the “Recommended” level.

Risk reminders: aviation accidents, major policy changes, the rapid growth of tax-free business, investment income has fallen sharply, operating costs have risen sharply, and the duty-free shop business in the city has hit

Dongshan Precision (002384): MFLX profitability significantly enhances MULTEK consolidated contribution contribution

Dongshan Precision (002384): MFLX profitability significantly enhances MULTEK consolidated contribution contribution

The company released its 2018 annual report and gradually realized operating income of 198.

2.5 billion, an annual increase of 28.

82%; net profit attributable to mother 8.

$ 1.1 billion, an annual increase of 54.


Core point of view: The outstanding performance of the printed circuit board business leads the company’s performance growth.

In 2018, the company’s printed circuit boards achieved operating income of 102.

3.5 billion US dollars, an annual increase of 60.

17%, gross margin is 18.

39%, an increase of 4 per year.

91%, mainly due to the rapid growth of MFLX performance and Multek consolidation; touch panels and LCM modules achieved operating income of 47.

4.0 billion, an annual increase of 36.

97%, gross margin is 10.

55%, ten-year average 1.

68%; LED and display device industry operating income 25.

US $ 9.4 billion, an average of 20 in ten years.

85%, gross margin is 14.

21%, an annual increase of 0.

31%, mainly due to the company’s sale of 44% equity of West Dongshan to optimize asset structure; communications equipment components and other operating income22.

03 trillion, 0 years ago.

91%, gross margin is 17.

50%, ten-year average 1.


MFLX’s profitability has improved significantly, and Multek has consolidated its contributions to the table.

MFLX achieved operating income of 88 in 2018.

10,000 yuan, an annual increase of 37.

73%, sales revenue to customer A was 64.

2.4 billion, accounting for 72 of MFLX revenue.

99%, MFLX achieved a net profit of 8.

US $ 2.4 billion, an annual increase of 112%, mainly due to the improved management of Dongshan Precision after the acquisition of MFLX, and the elasticity of the rebound in net profit margin is far greater than the elasticity of revenue; the company passed MFLX and Nasdaq-listed company Flex Ltd. in July 2018.

Completed Multek’s 100% equity settlement. Multek consolidated its accounts in August and achieved operating income from August to December 201814.

3.3 billion yuan, net profit1.

07 billion.

Reduce complexity and simplify operations to improve operational efficiency.

The completion of the acquisition of Multek in 2018 included the company’s business gap in the field of rigid printed circuit boards; the sale of 44% equity of Weidong Dongshan to optimize the asset structure; the company’s rapid reserve of new communication product technologies, layout of new communication product capacity, and separation in ceramic mediaEquipment and other new product areas, increase investment in research and development; at the same time, the company highly improved and perfected the strengthening of internal supervision mechanism, through the internal control management work procedures to improve the company’s internal 无锡桑拿网 control management work level, the company accrued asset impairment losses in 18 years4.

7.3 billion, mainly due to the provision of storm smart technology receivables, some historical burden.

Earnings forecasts and investment advice.

We estimate that the company’s net profit attributable to its parent in 2019-2021 will be 15 respectively.62/20.


07 billion, an annual increase of 92.

6% / 33.

7% / 29.

6%, corresponding to 21/15/12 times the PE.

Taking into account the evaluation of comparable companies, we believe that companies can be given a 19-year 25XPE evaluation, corresponding to a reasonable value of 24.

25 yuan / share, we are optimistic about the company’s profitability and future growth space, and maintain a “buy” rating.

risk warning.

The risk of 5G commercial use falling short of expectations; the sales of smartphones falling short of expectations; the risks of acquisition and integration falling short of expectations; the risk of product prices;

Industrial Bank (601166) Quarterly Report Review: Earnings Growth Higher, Comprehensive Financial Leads

Industrial Bank (601166) Quarterly Report Review: Earnings Growth Higher, Comprehensive Financial Leads

Event: On the evening of October 29, Industrial Bank disclosed its 3Q19 performance: revenue of 1366.

0.6 billion, a year-on-year increase of +19.

18%; net profit attributable to mother 549.

10,000 yuan, a year-on-year increase of +8.


As of the end of September 19, the scale of assets was 6.

98 trillion yuan, non-performing loan ratio1.

55%, loan-to-loan ratio of 3.


Earnings growth is higher, higher ROE revenues are growing faster, and earnings growth is higher.

Revenue in the third quarter of 19, the growth rate of PPOP and net profit was 19.

2% / 21.

7% / 8.


Revenue growth rate in the third quarter of 19 was less than 22 in 1H19.

5% is slightly down, consistent with the industry trend, mainly due to the advantages of improved net interest rate growth, but revenue still maintains a high growth rate.

The acceleration of net profit growth in the third quarter of 19 increased by 19% compared with the first half of the year, which indicates that the provision for non-standard assets will be replenished or nearing its end, and it is not expected to affect the performance growth in the future.

ROE is high.

In the third quarter of 19, the revised ROE (annualization) reached 11.

72%, a high level for equity banks.

In itself, the “1234” strategic system is gradually taking shape, insisting on the comprehensive financial transformation route of “commercial bank + investment bank”, moving in the direction of light capital, light assets, and high efficiency, and is leading in bond issuance and asset custody.

Consistently, it is expected that the ROE will be improved.

The structure of assets and liabilities has been optimized, and the net interest margin has increased steadily.

The ratio of loan budget to assets was 34 at the end of 16 years.

2% rose to 48 in 3Q19.

5%, the proportion of individual loans in loans was 24 at the end of 12 years.

In the third quarter of 19%, it increased by 4%.

1%, the asset structure was significantly optimized.

In addition, debt-side deposits accounted for 47 at the end of 16 years.

0% increased to 57 in 3Q19.

7%, an increase of more than 10 monomers.

Net interest margin rose steadily.

1H19 net interest margin 2.

00%, the previous increase of 22BP, benefited from the sharp decline in market interest rates.

1H19 debt cost ratio 2.

69%, a decrease of 32BP per year.

Without I9 affecting the reduction, the net interest margin of 3Q19 is 3BP higher than that of 1H19.

Asset quality remained better, and earlier provisioned assets remained better.The non-performing loan ratio in the third quarter of 19 was 1.

55%, down 1BP earlier in 1H19, down 2BP earlier; pay attention to loan ratio 1.

85%, 3BP earlier than 1H19 and 20BP earlier.

Since 13 years, the credit structure has been optimized, the proportion of loans in highly non-performing industries such as manufacturing has decreased significantly, the proportion of mortgages in housing, etc. has increased, the sensitivity of asset quality to the economic cycle has decreased, and there will be little adverse pressure in the future.

Provisions are looser.

The loan-to-loan ratio in the third quarter of 19 was 3.

07%, an increase from 1H19, and the provision coverage ratio was 197.

9%, wide provision.

Investment suggestion: The beneficiaries of low market interest rates, deeply cultivating the “Commercial Bank + Investment Bank” Industrial Bank’s interbank characteristics are distinctive. In 17-18 years, it was affected by high market interest rates, and its performance was under pressure;

We believe that Xingye has a high degree of marketization and cultivates “commercial bank + investment bank”. The general trend of mixed operation in the future will estimate it and improve its long logic.

Taking into account the performance improvement in the third quarter of 19, we will forecast the 19/20 net profit growth rate 7 before conversion.

6% / 12.

9% adjusted to 9.

0% / 11.


Towards the 杭州夜网 end of the estimated switch to 20 years, given 1.

0 times the 20-year PB target estimate, corresponding to a target price of 26.

14 yuan / share, space resistance, maintain Buy rating.

Risk warning: non-standard bad risks, narrow liquidity and narrowing spreads and other risks.

[Pork roasting practices and ingredients]_how to do_how to do

[Pork roasting practices and ingredients]_how to do_how to do

Char-grilled pork is a relatively common savory flavor. It is mainly made from pork belly, marinated in soy sauce, oyster sauce, and seafood sauce. The pork belly is then cooked and can be eaten with honey.Already.

If everyone prefers to eat barbecued pork, you can learn how to make it, and then make your own barbecued pork at home.

Charcoal sauce material 2 tablespoons soy sauce, 1 tablespoon oyster sauce, 1 tablespoon seafood sauce (I did not put it), 1 tablespoon wine, 3 tablespoons sugar, 1 teaspoon garlic, 1/4 cup honey, 1/4 teaspoon salt, 1Small cube red bean curd (south milk) (red bean curd softens the meat, or you can not put it), 1/2 teaspoon spiced powder method 1, mix all the ingredients well.

2. I didn’t use the starch to blend the char-grilled sauce, because it just made the sauce thicker, and there was no change in taste.

BBQ pork material[raw material]1000 grams of pork[auxiliary]50 grams of white sugar, 3 tablespoons of flower wine, 3 teaspoons of salt, 3 tablespoons of raw soy sauce, 1/2 teaspoon of old soy sauce, 2 tablespoons of maltose, 2 tablespoons of honeyDrain the water; 2. Cut the pork into strips about 4 fingers wide, add white sugar and marinate until the sugar has melted; 3, after the sugar is melted, add flower carving sprinkles, salt, raw soy sauce and old soy sauce,Grasp it with your hands and massage for a while; 4. Put the meat in the marinated sauce and put it in a freshness box, cover it and put it in the refrigerator for one night; 5. Spread the marinated meat on the grill., Drain part of the sauce; 6, add honey and maltose to the bowl, steam over water until the maltose melts; 7, brush the honey on the top and bottom of the meat;Place the grill on the second layer, turn the heat up and down, and bake the meat for 30 minutes at 220 ° C. 9. Take out the roasted barbecued pork and cut into pieces when it is warm.

[Gu Malt Malt Hawthorn Lean Broth]_How to_How to do

[Gu Malt Malt Hawthorn Lean Broth]_How to_How to do

The name Malt Hawthorn Lean Broth sounds complicated, but it is actually a very simple dish, and its ingredients are included in its complex name.

This soup is usually drunk in the middle of the spring season, because it appetizes and stagnates, removes dampness and heat, and the liver is struggling in spring.The cooking steps are also easy to get started.

The practice of the first malt malt hawthorn lean broth.

Materials: 20 g of malt, 20 g of malt, 10 g of hawthorn, 300 g of lean meat, 2 slices of ginger (3?
4 people).

Production method: first wash the grain germ, malt and hawthorn, and put them into a soup bag to avoid fine grain germs. Malt floats around. Wash lean meat and cut into pieces to remove blood. Then,Put the ingredients in a saucepan and simmer for 2 hours. Season with salt and serve.

The benefits of the second soup.

With the arrival of summer, human sweat increases and digestive juice secretion is relatively inadequate, so some students will experience problems such as poor digestion and decreased appetite.

In this case, if parents “force” their children to eat a variety of high-nutrition foods, they will inevitably have abdominal discomfort after eating, and some may even have thick greasy tongue coating.The soup will help.

The combination of grain germ and malt in this meal has the effects of refreshing qi and refreshing the spleen and appetizing; the sweet and sour hawthorn has the effects of digesting and strengthening the stomach, qi stagnation, promoting blood circulation and relieving pain.

If the hawthorn is replaced, the digestive action is replaced.

Grain germ and malt help digest rice and pasta product, hawthorn helps digestion of meat and food product, together can produce spleen and stomach health, normal diarrhea, improve appetite and other effects; as the medicated soup contains meat, candidates can drink soup to eatResidue, so as to ensure the normal transformation of nutrition, it can be said to serve two purposes.

The role of the third valley bud.

Guya can digest food and accumulate spleen and appetite.

Guya is used for food stasis; fullness and diarrhea; spleen deficiency and less food; beriberi.

Xiaoshi and Zhong, Jianpi appetizer.

Guya is used for food loss, abdominal distension, bad breath, weak spleen and stomach, and less thirst.

Stir-fried corn sprouts tend to digestion and are used for less food.

Jiaogu buds are good at accumulating stasis, and are used for stasis.

The grain bud is the mature fruit of the grass family plant rice or the same family plant millet, which is germinated and dried.

[How to make cheese and egg toast]_Homemade method of cheese and egg toast

[How to make cheese and egg toast]_Homemade method of cheese and egg toast

Do you covet every time you watch a food show on TV?

But I wanted to follow along, but found that the show had already ended.

Don’t be discouraged, today I will come to your specific method steps about cheese and egg toast.


The materials are prepared in advance.


Shave the cheese first and set aside.


The toast is gone and the onions are scraped into pieces.


Bake toast until slightly golden brown.


The eggs are cooked and peeled, and pressed with a fork to make a mud.


Add minced cheese, salad dressing, minced onion, pepper and salt.


Mix well into cheese and egg filling.


Put a slice of lettuce on the toast and place half of the filling on the lettuce.


Cut it diagonally and it’s cheese and egg toast.


Completed another nutritious breakfast.


Don’t you guys try my nutritious breakfast?

Sometimes family gatherings are always rejected by their loved ones, they do n’t know how to cook, and everyone has no food.

Do n’t worry now, watch the steps above and learn to make cheese and egg toast yourself

[What to use to make spicy sauce]_how to do_how to do

[What to use to make spicy sauce]_how to do_how to do

Mala Tang is a very convenient and delicious snack.

On the road, we can see many spicy hot shops.

Especially in winter, a spicy meal can drive away the cold.

Everyone knows that a good spicy hot sauce cannot be separated from a good spicy hot sauce base.

So, do you know what ingredients are used to make spicy hot?

Let’s introduce it to everyone.

Spicy base is all kinds of raw materials and seasonings used to make spicy base soup, mainly beef bone, pork bone, chicken bone, seafood, spices (salt, monosodium glutamate, chicken powder), cooking wine, watercress sauce, bean paste, Butter, chicken oil, rapeseed oil, salad oil and sesame oil.

There is no doubt that Mala Tang is good or not. The base soup plays a decisive role, which is directly related to the taste and flavor of Mala Tang.

Therefore, to make a delicious base soup, you must first add good raw materials and seasonings.

It is important to point out that fakes do not refer to the spices or fakes, but to the fakes that have been transferred into, or have been recycled and dried after use.

To put it simply, compared to the genuine product, the effective content of the plant is less, which leads to the poor taste of the base soup. Secondly, there is MSG, which is mainly fresh sodium glutamate, and there is glutamic acid in the market.The sodium content is 65%, and there are 99%, so we must choose this content of 99%.

Method 1, make brine.

Set the wok on a hot fire. After the vegetable oil is burned to 6, the Xiadu County Douban (chopped finely) is crispy, add ginger rice quickly, and stir-fry the pepper immediately after the soup.

Then add mashed fermented tempeh, grind fine sugar, butter, glutinous rice juice, cooking wine, refined salt, pepper, dried pepper, grass fruit and other condiments.

After being boiled, the foam is turned into brine.

2, the main ingredients.

Wash the vegetables, cut the rabbit waist, catfish, and duck intestines into 2 cm squares; cut the hair belly and pig’s ring throat into 4 cm squares.

Lunch meat is cut into 4 cm slices; vegetarian vegetables are cut into 3 cm slices.

Use a cleaned bamboo stick to wear a string of about thirty to forty grams.

3. Ironing.

Set the brine pot on a hot fire to keep it boiled. Use various bamboo sticks to blanch all kinds of vegetables.

4, dipping.

The hot mature seasoning is placed in a plate of chilli noodles and fried salt. Dip chilli and salt according to your own taste and eat.

With or without dipping, more or less at your own discretion.

The nutritional value of the finished product is not familiar.

The main ingredients used in Mala Tang should be relatively easy to mature.

Do not use raw materials such as chicken wings, chicken feet, duck paw, beef, etc. that are not easy to be cooked.

Explosions such as catfish and scallops should be heated for a longer time. Do not turn too much when ironing this raw material. Too fast, master the heat, there will be no unfamiliar problems.

[Tai Ying 35 breast pain]_ chest pain _ cause

[Tai Ying 35 breast pain]_ chest pain _ cause

Many married women will take some contraceptive measures if they are pregnant. Some women choose to put contraceptives in their bodies, and some women can only take oral medication for contraception due to physical reasons.

Daying is a long-term contraceptive pill that needs to be taken by female friends every day. This can increase the estrogen in the body to prevent contraception.

Some women eat Daying 35 breast tenderness, what is going on?

It’s a three-drug poison, and eating Daying 35 for many years may cause these 7 major troubles, which is enough to pay attention.

Daying 35 is a contraceptive that can increase the body’s estrogen. Compared to other contraceptives, Daying 35 is a smaller alternative to contraceptives currently on the market.

If you carefully study the contraindications of Daying’s adoption, healthy women will not have much influence on their body.

As long as it is not more than half a year, it cannot be regarded as long-term use.

Dayin 35 has been taken for a long time if taken for more than one year, but the harm caused by long-term oral administration is more.

First, the dangers of long-term eating Daying 35, breast tenderness, pain, exacerbation, and then the phenomenon of fluid secretion.

2. The central nervous system may experience headaches, migraines, persistent headaches, loss of libido, emotional depression or altered temperament.

3. Nausea, vomiting, indigestion, appetite suppression, and other gastrointestinal disorders can occur in the gastrointestinal tract.

4, the skin will appear a variety of skin diseases (such as rash, red spots, erythema polymorpha) and dermatitis.

5, urinary reproductive system problems, such as excessive vaginal secretions.

6, Daying 35 contains a large amount of estrogen, which can regulate the endocrine disorders in the body. If the estrogen level is high, taking too much amount will cause gastrointestinal upset.

In addition, menstrual cramps, menstrual amenorrhea, ovarian depression and other phenomena will occur, which will destroy women’s normal menstruation and cause physical mechanisms to be destroyed.

7. If you take Daying 35, severe cases will cause vascular disease, which will affect the normal mechanism of the body.

Second, the role of Daying 35, in the treatment of polycystic ovary syndrome, Daying 35 is mainly a drug to improve symptoms.

Its role is to help everyone to resume normal menstrual cycle, while suppressing hair growth and ulcers and other symptoms.

2. Daying 35 is troubled by people as an oral short-acting contraceptive. It is taken on time and according to the amount, and the contraceptive rate is close to 100%.

But the drug is three points poisoned, so there are certain exceptions for Daying 35.

Some people will experience early pregnancy-like reactions after taking it, such as nausea and vomiting, inability to swallow, severe changes in temperament, vaginal bleeding symptoms, and occasionally irregular menstruation or amenorrhea.

In addition, some people will experience significant weight gain and skin changes, and some patients will experience headaches, unclear vision, and breast tenderness.

[Recipe for Five Treasure Tea]_How to do_How to do

[Recipe for Five Treasure Tea]_How to do_How to do

In our life, there are many patients with kidney deficiency. Some kidney deficiency patients will choose to exercise if they want to improve their physique, or drink some more nutritious tea, eat some nutritional products and few people will choose to take medicine.

After all, it is a medicine with three points of poison. There is a tea that is more kidney-enriching, which is called Wubao Tea. He is made up of five herbs that are more kidney-enriching. So what is the formula of Wubao tea?

Wubao Bushen Tea Formula 1, there are many formulas of Wubao Bushen Tea. A common formula is wolfberry, dodder, schisandra, raspberry and plantain.

The specific method is to grind 250 grams of wolfberry, 250 grams of dodder, 125 grams of raspberry, 30 grams of schisandra and 60 grams of psyllium, grind into powder, and then pack into small packets of 10 grams each.

It is generally recommended to take two sachets a day for tea.

2. Efficacy The Chinese wolfberry in Wubao Bushen Tea can nourish the kidneys and impotence, and is used to treat the symptoms of waist and knee weakness, blood deficiency, chlorosis, deficiency of labor and fineness.

Sizi can nourish kidney and essence, and is used for the treatment of sore waist and knees, pain in bones and muscles, weakness, deafness and tinnitus.

Schisandra can help to replenish the kidneys and replenish the nerves, soothe the nerves and calm the nerves. It is used for the treatment of night sweats, nocturnal emission, chronic diarrhea, diarrhea, cough and asthma due to lung deficiency.

Raspberry can nourish the liver and kidney, and is used to treat frequent urination, impotence, premature ejaculation, nocturnal emission, ejaculation, dizziness, premature whiteness, and cold infertility.

Psyllium can clear heat and diuresis, and is used to treat symptoms such as unfavorable urination, red eyes, edema, phlegm, fever, cough and asthma.

The above is the related introduction of Wubao Bushen Tea formula.

The Wubao Bushen Tea formula introduced above is the most common Bushen Tea, and its kidney-reinforcing effect is very significant.

If you have symptoms of kidney deficiency, you may try to drink Wubao Bushen Tea when the tea is enough.

It should be noted that before you can add this tea, it is best to consult Chinese medicine, so that the disease can be cured.