Bank of Chengdu (601838) Quarterly Review: Excellent Asset Quality and High Growth

Bank of Chengdu (601838) Quarterly Review: Excellent Asset Quality and High Growth

Event: On the evening of October 30, Chengdu Bank disclosed 3Q19 results: revenue 93.

0.2 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of +10.

5%; net profit attributable to mother 40.

0.7杭州夜网论坛 billion, +18.

01%; ROE (annualization) is estimated to be 12.

twenty three%.

As of the end of September 19, the asset scale was US $ 543.1 billion, with a NPL ratio of 1.

45%, loan-to-loan ratio of 3.


Opinion: The rapid growth of revenue growth is a base effect, and net profit continues to grow at a high speed.

After 15 years of concentrated exposure to risks, risk appetite has been depressed, 16 years have seen a low growth rate in performance, and 17 years have gradually come out of the low.

Since 17 years, the growth rate of revenue has continued to rise. By 1H18, its growth rate reached a stage high, and it has since declined.

Revenue growth in 1H19 was 10.

5%, the earlier 1H19 fell slightly, mainly due to the high base effect of 1H18.

Net profit continued to increase.

19Q1 / 1H19 / 深圳spa会所 3Q19 return to the mother net profit growth rate was 22.

8%, 18.

0% / 18.

0%, the trend of high growth is still maintained under the high base of 18 years, which gradually shows that its high growth is stable and sustainable, or it marks one of the warnings of its poor digestion.

The net interest margin fell slightly, and the ROE exceeded the 3Q19 net interest margin by 2.

07%, down 8BP earlier in 1H19; the slight downward spread of interest rates reflects the decline in asset yield and resistance to rising costs.

However, the listed city commercial banks with net interest margins still have an average advantage.

Chengdu Bank has a sustainable and better customer base, and the cost of debt has certain advantages, only 2 in the third quarter of 19th.


The low return on assets is sufficient to match the risk appetite, which also proves its better asset quality.

ROE leads.

In the third quarter of 19, the revised ROE (annualization) reached 12.

23%, leading level for listed banks.

Thanks to the rapid growth of earnings, ROE is located in the upward channel.

The risk appetite on the loan side has not improved, and the risk appetite after 15 years of guaranteed asset quality in the future is low, which is reflected in: 1) The proportion of loans to high-risk public and retail sectors is only 12.

6% (up to 42 at 13 years.

0%, 28 in 15 years.

5%), unprecedented pressure drop, especially retail, almost just a loan; 2) Embracing infrastructure / municipal loans, leasing business services and water conservancy and environmental public facilities are the top two industries for public companies, and the proportion of loans in 1H19 increasedUp to 2.

9 pct to 42.


This strategy of low risk appetite remained in 1H19.

Bad and forward-looking indicators have fallen sharply.
Non-performing rate in the third quarter of 19
45%, concerned about the loan rate1.

22%, all continue the downward trend.

1H19 overdue ratio / overdue 90+ ratio are 1.

82% / 1.

09%, down 28BP / 41BP earlier.

The proportion of non-performing high-income areas in the loan structure has dropped, and future risk exposures have also contracted.

Investment suggestion: bad liquidation or near end, and continuous high net profit growth. Bank of Chengdu suffered from bad outbreaks in 15 and 16 years, and the risk was significantly reduced. It requires several disposals and credit structure adjustments.

In the third quarter of 19, asset quality remained excellent, and future non-performing income was not significant.

Bank of Chengdu has a better customer base, and is steadily advancing its transformation towards “refining, big retail, digital”.

Committed to the outstanding asset quality of Chengdu Bank, ROE leads, giving it 1.

Double the 20-year PB target estimate, corresponding to a target price of 12.

17 yuan / share, maintain buy evaluation.

Risk warning: Chengdu regional economy has obvious downside risks; interest margins have fallen sharply.

Comment: Combined Boxing can be used to deal with the crowded 蹭 attractions

Comment: “Combined Boxing” can be used to deal with the crowded “蹭 attractions”
Original title: “Combined Boxing” can be used to deal with the crowded “Scenic Spots” □ Cao Zhongming’s capital market after the opening of the year of the mouse, listed companies gathered together to become a glare scenery.Taken together, masks, Red Seaweed, Tesla, etc. have become the focus of the “Puppet Attractions”.Some listed companies that are not related to their daily operations in production and operation have frequently been related to them in different ways.However, it turns out that the fox’s tail cannot be hidden.  For example, Company A paid on February 3 in the interactive easy response to investors that “the company has drugs and intermediates related to new coronary pneumonia”, and then released information that it had contact with Gilead, the developer of Radixivir.This also triggered its potential strong daily limit for five consecutive trading days.Under the inquiry of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, the listed company’s response to the cooperation with Gilead was only preliminary contact. There is still uncertainty as to whether the cooperation can be reached.Affected by this news, the stock fell for two consecutive trading days.The same goes for company B at Tesla attractions.At present, Company B does not have any business dealings with the Shanghai Tesla factory, and there is no revenue generated from it. However, Company B has ownership when responding to investors. The company is an upstream company for lithium battery users such as Tesla.In fact, Company B didn’t mention Tesla when replying, but in order to “see the sights”, it was hooked with Tesla, which caused its stop to rise.  Some listed companies are enthusiastic about “scenic spots”, and often have hidden goals behind them.Or due to the pledge of the equity of the major shareholder and the actual controller, to avoid possible risks of future liquidation, loss of the seat of the largest shareholder, etc., through the “hot spot” method and market forces will strive to push higher; orFor the purpose of market value management, stimulate growth by means of “spot attractions” and further increase the market value; or for major shareholders, actual controllers or Dong Jiangao to reduce their holdings of shares at a high level to maximize their benefits.  Compared to the increase in shareholding, repurchase and early termination of the reduction plan to promote mergers, the “hot spot” has the characteristics of low cost, simple operation, and obvious effects. Often, only listed companies need to issue relevant announcements or pass the exchange.The interactive platform can respond to investors to achieve their goals.  It can be seen that the “scenic spots” are mainly holes in the supervision of information disclosure.Therefore, in addition to the necessary inquiries of the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges for listed companies of “Scenic Spots”, they need to adopt a variety of alternatives to conduct supervision in a “combined boxing” manner.  Achieved, in response to major events in the market, listed companies must adhere to the “truthful, accurate, complete, and timely” letter of obligation when responding to investors or issuing announcements.For the concerns involved, no selective disclosure or multiple disclosures are required, including but not prolonging business progress, contract extension, revenue, business proportion, impact on performance, etc.  At the same time, for certain listed companies’ “scenic spots” behavior, Shanghai and Shenzhen transactions must be followed up and monitored.If a listed company announces that it intends to invest in the production of masks, which has hardly been implemented before, it should be determined that those listed companies have 南宁桑拿 implemented false statements.Therefore, it is necessary for the CSRC to conduct administrative intervention to create conditions for investor rights protection.On the other hand, this will increase the cost of those “scenic spots” of listed companies, while affecting their corporate reputation, it will also cost them.  Of course, for those serious violations of laws and regulations behind the “scenic spots”, the CSRC should file a case for investigation.Any severe punishment that should be transferred to the judicial organs shall be transferred to the judicial organs.  (The author is a senior market watch analyst)

July 12 (603712): Performance growth exceeds market expectations The leading indicators still maintain a high level of prosperity

July 12 (603712): Performance growth exceeds market expectations The leading indicators still maintain a high level of prosperity

On October 26th, the company released the third quarter report of 2019 and achieved operating income11.

5.2 billion, an annual increase of 21.

18%, realized net profit attributable to mother 1.

12 ppm, an increase of 45 in ten years.

twenty four%.

  Operating income maintained rapid growth, leading indicators remained highly prosperous. Three quarterly results were expected to increase, and the leading indicators remained highly prosperous.

The company released the third quarter report of 2019 and achieved operating income11.

52 ppm, an increase of 21 in ten years.

18%, realized net profit attributable to mother 1.

12 ppm, an increase of 45 in ten years.

twenty four%.

As of the end of the third quarter of 2019, the company’s total inventory was 24.

48 ppm, compared with 16 last year.

900,000 yuan, an increase of 44 in ten years.

84%, compared with 23 at the end of the second quarter of 2019.

The 1.2 billion inventories framework was basically flat; the total accounts receivable at the end of the period14.

44 trillion, an increase of 2 from the end of last quarter.

20 ppm, an increase of 31 over the same period last year.

06%; the total budget received at the end of the period is 7.

5.2 billion, compared with 7 at the end of the second quarter.

The level of 7.2 billion was basically flat, and the company’s orders on hand remained at a high level.

In our opinion, the company ‘s orders for private network communication terminal products are in good condition this year, and its operating income has maintained rapid growth with product delivery. At the same time, the company’s inventory level has continued to increase, indicating that the production of stocks is progressing smoothly.Early strong.

  The proportion of period expenses decreased, the operating efficiency increased significantly, the gross profit margin changed slightly, but the net interest rate increased, and the period expenses decreased compared with the same period of last year.

The company’s gross profit margin for the first three quarters of 2019 was 45.

28%, a decrease of 2 over the same period last year.

45 averages with a net sales margin level of 9.

74%, an increase of 1 over the same period last year.

6 units.

Period expenses total 4.

11 trillion, with revenue accounting for 35.

71%, a decrease of 2 from the same period last year.

79 units.

Among them, the selling expenses are zero.

40,000 yuan, an increase of 18 in ten years.

16%; management costs are 0.

7.4 billion, down 2 every year.

16%; R & D expenses are 2.

82 ppm, an increase of 20 in ten years.18%, accounting for 24% of operating income.

52%, still maintained steady growth; financial expenses were zero.

1.4 billion, down 30 a year.

81%, mainly due to the decrease in bank borrowings, leading to a decrease in revenue.

  Deepening the reform and going further, the group plans to start the hybrid reform. Central Group is a holding group company involved in the information technology, intelligent manufacturing, electronic parts and other industries.Transfer mechanism to increase vitality.

In order to implement the Prime Minister’s Tianjin Municipal Committee and Government’s decision to deepen the reform of state-owned enterprises and accelerate the establishment of a modern enterprise system, Central Group plans to implement a mixed ownership reform.

We believe that as the holding subsidiary of Central Group, the Group plans to start the mixed reforms and will gradually promote the progressive company-level mixed reforms. The fully flexible market-oriented operation mechanism will enhance the company’s operating efficiency.

  Pioneer in the reform of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei state-owned enterprises, the platform partially highlights the company’s listing on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in February 2018. The controlling shareholder is Tianjin Zhonghuan Electronics Group, with a shareholding ratio of 52.

53%, the second largest shareholder is TCL Group, with a shareholding ratio of 19.


In 2015, TCL became the shareholder of the company by signing the “Equity Transfer Agreement” with Tongguang Group’s labor union, and the company took the lead in completing the mixed reform of state-owned enterprises.

  In January 2019, in order to implement the requirements of merging Tianjin Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government on optimizing the overall capital layout structure, Tianjin State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission allocated 51% of Tianjin Zhonghuan Electronics Group to Jinzhi Capital to support Tianjin state-owned enterprises industrial structure adjustment and reformdevelopment of.

After the completion of this matter, Jinzhi Capital will become the controlling shareholder of Central Group and indirectly hold 712 Company52.

53% equity.

As a part of the market-oriented state-owned capital investment and operation platform and a strong promotion of the group’s strategic plan, Jinzhi Capital is an important player in mashups. It is a state-owned capital operation work platform for advanced manufacturing research and development.The triple function of the booster is becoming more prominent as a part of the platform for listed companies in Tianjin’s mixed reform.

  It is a core supplier of wireless communication terminals and system-level products for proprietary networks, with national-level technology centers and national-level industrial design centers.

  In the military field, the company is the main contracting unit of the national military ultra-short-wave wireless communication equipment, and its products cover the entire military. In the civilian field, the company is the main formulation unit of the national railway wireless communication industry standard, leading the industry.

Absolutely, the company’s business scope has gradually expanded from traditional private network wireless communication terminal products to system products.

  Huawei’s military industry improves investment in research and development, guarantees companies in the military sector to improve their investment in research and development, and maintains a level of 20% or more in research and development. It ranks among the top listed companies in the military industry.

In 2018, the company’s R & D expenses accounted for 24 of operating income.

74%. The R & D expense ratio in 2017 was 23.

95%, high R & D investment provides continuous driving force for the company’s technological leadership and innovation.

As of the end of 2018, the company and its subsidiaries had a total of 83 invention patents, 152 utility model patents, and 107 design patents.

  At present, the company has merged more than 300 projects for research and development, mainly including the expansion of aviation wireless communications, new CNI systems, satellite communication navigation terminals, and wide and narrow band dispatchable systems.

  As a development unit of the first-generation first-generation military ultra-short-wave wireless communication equipment and the first-generation aviation anti-jamming communication equipment, the company’s multi-type products are in a leading position in the military field, and at the same time, it actively promotes new product development projects.

The company participates in the military’s procurement bidding in accordance with the military procurement process. The entire process includes pre-research, model research, mass production, etc. The pre-research qualification is the first step of expected research funding, and research funding is the expected order conditions.

Based on communicating with the military about the demand for related products, the research and development of related products is a reflection of the potential needs of the military, and the transformation of research and development projects will gradually open the market for related products.

  We believe that under the background of the accelerated construction of national defense informatization, the company, as a development unit of established military communications equipment, actively carries out pre-research work and model project development that integrate key military communications technologies, and continues to maintain its strengths in this area. Product demand willFurther increases are guaranteed.

  Civilian products originate from railway communications, and horizontal expansion based on advantageous fields Civil private network communications originate from railway fields and actively expand to various application scenarios.

As the main formulator of domestic railway wireless communication industry standards, the company has developed and produced the first-generation railway wireless train radio stations. The main products include wireless train tuning equipment, CIR locomotive integrated wireless communication equipment, and train protection alarm equipment.

In the field of rail transit system integration, the company continues to increase the market development of rail transit system integration solutions. The main product is the TETRA urban rail digital conversion communication system, which successfully won the bid for multiple lines in multiple cities. More and more companies in this fieldIndustry Democrats.

  At the same time, the company has expanded its business scope to special wireless wireless communication areas such as maritime and police based on its advantageous areas. Its main products include AIS automatic ship identification system and PDT police communication equipment.

The environmental protection department of the company is mainly responsible for the development, production and sales of online monitoring equipment for the atmospheric environment. Through early technology accumulation and market expansion, it is gradually forming a brand effect in the field of environmental monitoring and environmental protection, which has laid a good foundation for the 佛山桑拿网 subsequent industrial layout.

  Earnings forecast and investment rating: Leading military private network communications company, actively expanding research and development, maintaining a buy rating company as a traditional core development unit in the internal private network communications field, having a leading position in military ultra-short-wave wireless communications and railway wireless communications.In-depth research and development, and actively carry out pre-research work and project model development, at the same time, the company must overcome long-term technology accumulation and strengths in the military and railway wireless communication fields, and make leaps and bounds development in the business field. The future growth space is broad.

We are highly optimistic about the company’s future prospects, and conservatively estimate that the company’s net profit attributable to mothers from 2019 to 2021 will be 3 respectively.

13, 4.

63 and 6.

85 ppm, with annual growth of 38.

65%, 48.

10% and 47.91%, the corresponding 19 to 21 years EPS are 0.

40, 0.

60 and 0.

88 yuan, corresponding to the current expected PE is 56, 37, 25 times, maintain BUY rating.

[What to do if you eat grape poisoning]_ poisoning phenomenon _ how to deal with

[What to do if you eat grape poisoning]_ poisoning phenomenon _ how to deal with

When it comes to grapes, everyone will be very familiar, especially in the autumn when the grapes are ripe. At this time we will see that there are many types of grapes in the market; the grapes are sweet and juicy, and they can be eaten directly.It can be used for juice extraction; when eating grapes, you need to pay attention. Some foods cannot be eaten with grapes, otherwise it will cause poisoning.

What to do if you eat grape poisoning

For stomach problems, those who have repeated vomiting need to drink plenty of water to replace toxins and ease absorption.


You can first use chopsticks or fingers to touch the root of the tongue of the patient, and artificially induce vomiting.

Then, drink warm water and induce vomiting according to the method described above, and the brakes reduce its absorption of toxins.

If blood is found in the vomit, suspend it because there may be problems with the throat or digestive tract.


If you feel something is wrong, stop eating anything immediately and re-attempt for 120 seconds.

It is best not to take the medicine yourself, but to send the patient to the hospital for treatment as soon as possible.

Grapes cannot be eaten with these 1 grapes. Everyone knows seafood. Persimmons cannot be eaten with crabs. This is because persimmons contain metabolic acids, crab meat can be protein, and they meet at the same time, coagulate into gluconic acid protein, which will hinder digestion.

The sour taste of grapes is actually the sour taste in the body. If grapes are eaten with crabs or seafood in large quantities, there is also a risk of poisoning with persimmon and crabs.

So eat grapes and seafood, preferably every four hours.

2 grapes, milk grapes will strengthen the acidity of the stomach, milk is difficult to digest and absorb, and severe cases may also cause diarrhea.

3 Grapes, iron supplements, calcium supplements Residual acid is like a “stone sucker”. If you are taking iron supplements and calcium supplements, do not eat them with grapes, because the iron and calcium in them will be absorbed by the implanted acid.When you leave, iron and calcium will freeze together and turn into stones.

It is recommended to eat after half an hour.

4 Drink water immediately after eating grapes. Less than a quarter of an hour may cause diarrhea.

Because grapes and water, stomach acid is oxidized rapidly, fermentation, accelerated degradation and peristalsis, diarrhea will occur.

5 grapes, thiamine drugs, digestive enzyme drugs grapes contain tartaric acid and other acidic components, it will change the gastrointestinal pH and affect the absorption of drugs.

Thiamine drugs for the treatment of prostate and urethral infections are highly soluble in alkaline environments but easy to crystallize in acidic environments.

Some digestive enzyme drugs can play a good role in alkaline environment, but in the acidic environment is easy to be destroyed, thereby losing efficacy.

These drugs are best taken with grape pigments for half an hour.

[Efficacy of Dan participating in hawthorn soaking water-]_ 山里红 _ Curative effect

[Effect of Dan participating in hawthorn soaking?

]_ 山里红 _ Efficacy

Speaking of salvia and hawthorn, most people are not unfamiliar. Salvia and hawthorn are also very good Chinese medicinal materials, which have many benefits to the human body. Since no one has a different taste, there are many ways to eat it.Different methods of use play different roles. Many people like to use Danshen and Flash to drink water. What is the effect of Dan participating in hawthorn water?

Hawthorn and salvia are believed to be no strangers to these two foods. They are also two good medicinal materials. Hawthorn and salvia have a lot of benefits for our body parts. Of course, everyone has a way of eating that they like to eat, different.The effects of eating methods are also different, and some people like to drink water with hawthorn and salvia.

Effect of Danshen and Hawthorn Soaking Water Danshen and Hawthorn Soaking Water combines the efficacy and nutritional value of Danshen and Hawthorn. Salvia is also known as red ginseng. The root of Danshen is a good Chinese medicinal material.The effect of removing blood stasis and analgesia and clearing the mind and annoyance is very suitable for female friends with irregular menstruation and female friends with dysmenorrhea. In addition, it is very good for chest and abdominal tingling, accumulation of symptoms, upset, angina, etc.Danshen also has a protective effect on brain fractures and a protective effect on the heart.

In addition, it can also resist anti-atherosclerosis and reduce blood lipids.

Hawthorn is also known as red fruit. It is also a kind of stone fruit. It is sweet and sour, the flesh is relatively thin, the nucleus is relatively hard, and the taste is slightly sour. Hawthorn can compress blood lipids, lower blood pressure, anti-arrhythmia and enhanceHeart function and other functions, in addition to appetizing spleen, stomach and digestion, blood circulation and phlegm.

Hawthorn contains flavonoids, and this cancer may play a preventive role, so that the growth of nanoparticles in people’s bodies can be transferred and inhibited.

What are the effects of salvia miltiorrhiza and hawthorn?

Danshen and hawthorn have many effects in soaking water. They have been carefully introduced in the above content. I hope it can help everyone. In addition, everyone must pay attention to the fact that hawthorn cannot be soaked in water with lemon.Causes certain abnormalities, such as affecting digestion and absorption.

[What are the effects of five-clawed dragon?

]_Nutrition Value_Benefits

[What are the effects of five-clawed dragon?
]_Nutrition Value_Benefits

Many people don’t know what a Prongosaurus is. This is actually a perennial plant. This plant is called a pseudo-kwa vine in Guangxi area. It has certain medicinal value.It can detoxify, so it can treat lung fever cough, hematuria, and unfavorable urination. It needs to be reminded that people who are physically cold can not take this traditional Chinese medicine.

First, antibacterial.

The blackberry injection 1%, 10% concentration, proved by plate method to Staphylococcus aureus, Staphylococcus aureus, hemolytic streptococcus, earth bacteria, pneumococcus, influenzae bacteria.

The decoction of 31mg / ml can inhibit the growth of Leptospira in a test tube.

Second, anti-virus.

Blackberry injection 1:10, 1: 100 mixed with virus and injected into the allantoic cavity of chicken embryos, which has a significant inhibitory effect on influenza virus A3 / Hufang-77-56-E2 and Jingke 68-11: 100 shrinkage. In human embryonic kidney tissue culture, it has a significant inhibitory effect on adenovirus type 3 and parainfluenza virus Sendai strains.

Third, anti-inflammatory.

Water berry decoction of alcoholic extract 28g / kg and alcohol extract 25g / kg were administered to the stomach for 7 consecutive days, which had an inhibitory effect on the antibacterial activity of the mice’s ears caused by secondary triggering.For 14 consecutive days, it has an inhibitory effect on plastic ring granuloma in rats.

Fourth, the impact on immune function.

The decoction of alcoholic extract and water extract of C. sibiricus were each administered to the stomach at 25g / kg for 14 consecutive days, which reduced the weight of the rat thymus;

5g / gavage for 7 consecutive days, enhanced the phagocytic function of mouse macrophages.

Fifth, promote thrombosis.

The decoction alcoholic extract and the alcohol extract were each administered to the stomach at 25g / kg for 14 consecutive days, which obviously promoted thrombosis and platelet precipitation in vitro.

[Will you drink mineral water in summer]_Summer_Benefits

[Will you drink mineral water in summer]_Summer_Benefits

Mineral water has become a kind of moisture that many families will choose, because compared with traditional tap water, mineral water contains richer minerals and higher cleanliness.

Summer is a season in which water is easily lost, so in the summer, everyone should add more water to effectively avoid dehydration and heat stroke.

But if you sinter a large amount of mineral water in summer, will it really be good for your body?


Mineral water contains a variety of beneficial substances and free carbon dioxide, but if too much mineral water is overlapped, it will affect the secretion of gastric juice and digestive function of the stomach, and then affect the formation and secretion of bile, resulting in acid-base disorders.


Due to the excessive mineral content in mineral spring water, the excessive supply of these mineral salts stimulates the kidneys and bladder, which increases the burden on the kidneys and bladder.

Therefore, patients with chronic nephritis, hypertension, hypertension and edema should not be implanted with mineral water, let alone use it as a medicine for treating diseases.


Appropriate amount of calcium intake can promote human bone and tooth development, increase cell permeability, etc., but if oversupply and cause hypercalcemia, it will cause people to suffer from symptoms such as weakness, loss of appetite, vomiting and diarrhea, and excessiveCalcium can cause kidney stones, so people with stones should drink less mineral water.


Excessive zinc supplementation will not only affect the normal absorption and utilization of other trace elements in the body, but also cause damage to body tissues.


Excessive iron may cause liver cirrhosis and diabetes. Those with acute iron poisoning will be shocked quickly, and severe ones may even be life-threatening.


Excessive iodine supplementation, once hair loss occurs, nails become brittle, easy to fatigue, degenerative disorders, edema, infertility and other symptoms.


In addition, some mineral waters also contain trace amounts of toxic and harmful elements such as lead, mercury, and cadmium. Therefore, as a production enterprise, while actively developing a variety of mineral waters, it must strictly control and separate or remove harmful trace elements as much as possible.

[The practice of fresh fish gelatin]_ production method _ practice Daquan

[The practice of fresh fish gelatin]_ production method _ practice Daquan

Too much beauty-loving homes have purchased a lot of fish gelatine. Fish gelatine and bird’s nest, shark fin and other maintenance substances have very similar effects. It is mainly for collagen supplementation on the skin surface. If you find that your skin has sagging skin,For the symptoms of long wrinkles, you should eat more fish gelatin to make your face younger. Therefore, it is necessary to understand some methods of making fresh fish gelatin to maximize the nutrition.

About fish gelatin Fish gelatin is a kind of high-nutrition food. It is one of the famous “Eight Treasures”. This food reaches the pupa of some aquatic fish, and it is an important organ for fish to regulate the floating in water.

It is believed that after processing and processing, a dry product is obtained, and because this food is rich in gum, it is called fish gelatin.

How to eat fish gelatine 1. Fish gelatine stewed chicken fish gelatine can be put together with chicken and stewed in soup. You need to prepare a black chicken when making it, and appropriate amount of red date and ginger with fish gelatine, as well as salt and cooking wine.some.

After the chicken is cleaned, chop it into pieces, blanch it with boiling water, remove the water after removing it, then pit the red dates, smash the ginger, soak the fish gelatin in water, cut into pieces after soaking, and mix with chicken pieces and otherPut the ingredients together in the soup pot, add an appropriate amount of water, add cooking wine and edible salt together to make a soup.

2. Fish gelatin Tremella Soup Fish gelatin Tremella soup not only has a seductive taste, but also has excellent beauty effects. Usually, you need to prepare a fish gelatine in the right amount.

Soak the fish gelatine with water in advance and cut it into small pieces, soak the white fungus in advance with water, add a small flower after washing, add it to the pot with fish gelatine, cook with water and rock sugar, and cook it.Just cook for another half an hour.

3. Fish gelatine stewed with fresh milk Fish gelatine and fresh milk are particularly delicious when stewed together. You need to prepare a fish gelatine when making it, 250 grams of pure milk and 50 grams of rock sugar.

The semi-prepared fish gelatin is soaked in clear water for 24 hours in advance. After soaking, it is taken out and cut into small pieces, and then placed in an electric pressure cooker. Then add pure milk and rock sugar, and cook them together in a pressure cooker for half an hour.

[Pregnant women can drink Luo Han Guo_Can pregnant women eat Luo Han Guo]

[Pregnant women can drink Luo Han Guo_Can pregnant women eat Luo Han Guo]

The pregnant woman’s physique is quite special. Because she is pregnant and her baby’s resistance is poor, pregnant women need to pay more attention to their diet and daily routine.

So, can pregnant women drink Luo Han Guo tea?

In fact, pregnant women can drink Luo Han Guo tea in moderation, because drinking Han Han Guo Tea also has a certain promotion effect on the health of pregnant women.

Below, I will introduce the relevant knowledge of pregnant women drinking Luo Han Guo tea!

First, can pregnant women eat Luo Han Guo?

Luo Han Guo is sweet, cool, moisturizes the bowel, clears the lungs and coughs, treats lung fire cough, sore throat, constipation and other symptoms. If cough and constipation occur during pregnancy, it can be used in appropriate amount.

However, it is best to take it under the guidance of a doctor.

Second, the nutritional value of Luo Han Guo Luo Han Guo has high nutritional value, rich in vitamin C (400 mg per 100 grams of fresh fruit?
500 mg) and sugar, fructose, glucose, protein, lipids, more than a dozen essential amino acids, fatty acids, flavonoids, trace elements, etc.

Third, the efficacy and role of Luo Han Guo, Chinese medicine believes that Luo Han Guo Gan, sour, cool, has heat and cooling blood, Shengjinzhike, smooth intestines and detoxification, skin rejuvenation, lungs and phlegm, etc.Yan Yue color and treatment of phlegm-heat cough, whooping cough, sore throat, lung heat or dry cough, constipation, summer heat injury thirst, thirst and irritability.

Luo Han Guo is the first batch of precious traditional Chinese medicinal materials released by the Ministry of Health, which contains 300 times sweeter carbohydrates than sucrose and does not produce. The precious raw materials in the beverage and confectionery industries are the best substitutes for sucrose.

Drinking Luo Han Guo tea often can prevent a variety of diseases. Modern medicine has proven that Luo Han Guo has significant effects on bronchitis, hypertension and other diseases. It also has the effect of treating coronary heart disease, vascular sclerosis and obesity.

High nutritional value, clearing heat and relieving heat, resolving phlegm and relieving cough, cooling blood and relieving bones, clearing the lungs, intestines, and replenishing thirst and quenching thirst; cure acute and chronic bronchitis, sore throat, bronchial ulcers, pertussis, stomach fever, constipation, acuteTonsillitis and other symptoms, diabetes patients should also take it.

Want to increase and increase: one of the five-week diet and fattening diet

Want to increase and increase: one of the five-week diet and fattening diet

We are not targeting nutrition experts, nor bodybuilders, not bodybuilders who want to gain weight, gain weight, and gain weight.

Here you are provided with a plan that includes the internal volume of protein implants.

  Most nutritionists believe that the amount of protein intake of 300 grams far exceeds the demand of a 70KG person, and he even wants to increase his muscles.

In fact, bodybuilders often advise bodybuilders to eat 1 to 1 per pound of muscle a day.

5 grams of protein.

  But at this time, we are not going to be a nutrition expert, not a bodybuilder, not those who want to gain weight, gain weight, and gain weight.

Here you are provided with a plan that includes the internal volume of protein implants.

If you have kidney disease or other health problems, the plan is not for you.

Absolutely, please accept your doctor’s advice before you want to change your diet from the ground up.

After considering these things, if you are going to be as good as a professional bodybuilder, you need to improve your diet.

  ”Please give me 2 steaks, baked potatoes, two servings of yogurt and a creamy cake, no, not a piece, a whole piece of cream cake.

“A few years ago, if you went out to eat with a bodybuilder who wanted to grow muscles, you might hear him order a lot of dishes and make the waiter feel overwhelmed.

In those days, high protein, high carbon hydration and high trace foods were popular methods of increasing muscle mass and extra weight.

I will cause the body to gain weight and then make a temporary.

This is the method they usually use.

  Today, we find this logic wrong.


Eating high-calorie foods can increase your weight and increase your muscles, but at the same time you take more aunts.

Once unfortunately increased, you will find it difficult to add it by accident.

Therefore, the generation of bodybuilders maintained a “sports season” throughout the year.

“A new generation of bodybuilders is looking for ways to change in order to gain muscle mass growth, and is also seeking the most perfect and healthiest method.

Based on this concept, we get five pounds of hard muscle without a slight increase in your abdomen.

  What are the key factors for the successful growth of muscle mass? What does it mean to grow a pound of muscle?

One standard you often hear is a pound of muscle that grows on Wednesday, which is an increase in the conversion of 3,500 kcal in a week.

  Moreover, this is only for one pound. If you want to grow a pound of muscle purely, it is a problem.

You even need more conversions than the calories you burn, and those extra conversions contain higher levels of protein.

They provide the raw material for muscle growth during rest, providing energy for training and bodybuilding muscles.

You need to eat these foods at specific, precise times throughout the day. If you don’t eat every three hours, your system will slowly catabolize and muscle tissue will reduce energy.

Finally, you need to go to the gym constantly, bodybuilding muscles.

Start level one training to make the muscles stronger, some slightly, microscopically, this process is calculated in grams rather than pounds.

  Be prepared mentally when starting a five-pound muscle program with no exceptions. Be sure to have your special body shape and brake control diet to meet your specific needs.

You have to make a proper choice, and do not hesitate to insist on following the requirements of the plan from beginning to end.

  Psychological Preparation Before you start planning, you need to develop a strategy that eliminates all the mistakes and guesses that can occur after you start planning, so you can focus on controlling your diet and training.

When deciding your body shape, others may be nitpicking.

But if you can turn this criticism into a driving force for progress, this negative factor will also turn into a positive factor.

It takes time to shape a well-balanced, moderate body shape, and it is necessary to realistically set a short-term goal to accomplish the tasks assigned in this chapter.

This is very easy to fluorinate and is also a far-sighted approach.

It allows you to stick to training rather than hesitate or give up.  With this positive view, you can train your muscles with great strength.

After that, you have to set a deadline and a special goal – in 35 seconds, the muscle increases by five pounds.

Remember this goal and deadline.

In this way, you will be able to train in recovery, push yourself to the limit of training, and strive to control your diet.

You have to realize that even when you start, your goal is not far ahead.