[What potato chips are the best?

】 _How to eat_How to eat

[What potato chips are the best?
】 _How to eat_How to eat

Potatoes are very nutritious ingredients, but everyone must understand the healthy eating of potatoes. It is not recommended to eat potato chips often, especially fried potato chips must be eaten less. The content of fried potato chips is very high, it is easy to eatIf you are fat, you may even have harmful substances. If you really want to eat potato chips, the method of making potato chips must be correct. You can make potato chips by yourself in the following ways.

First, potato chips, potatoes, salt, black pepper, cooking oil.

Peel the potatoes and slice them as thin as possible.

Soak the sliced potato chips in water for 10 minutes, wash off some starch from the potatoes, and control the moisture 2.

If there is still water on the surface, use kitchen paper to dry the potato chips on both sides3.

Prepare a plate and add oil, salt, and black pepper to the plate.

Stick the potato chips on both sides with oil and black pepper 4.

Put the potato chips on the glass turntable inside the microwave oven, turn on high heat, turn for 2 minutes, turn over, and continue turning for 2 minutes.

This can be repeated 3 times. After cooling, the taste is very crispy. Secondly, 2 pieces of potatoes with pepper and salt flakes, the right amount of oil,[seasoning]about 0.

2mm), soak in cold water for future use.

2. Pour the right amount of oil into the hot pan, place the drained potato chips into the pan in sequence, and fry one side until golden brown, and then continue to fry.

3. Fry both sides until golden brown, sprinkle with salt and pepper, mix well in a pan.

Third, microwave potato chips, potatoes, 2-3 edible oil instead of salt to replace pepper noodles, according to personal practice 1, the potatoes are washed and peeled.

2. Try to cut the potatoes into the thinnest slices.

3. Prepare a slightly larger plate and brush a thin layer of oil on the bottom of the plate to avoid stickiness.

4. Spread the cut potatoes neatly on a plate, not too crowded.

5. Brush a thin layer of oil on the spread potato chips and sprinkle with salt.

6. Bake in the microwave oven for about 3-4 minutes.

7, and finally sprinkle with pepper noodle seasoning.

Fourth, microwave potato chips material Main ingredients: 1 onion seasoning: appropriate amount of salt, appropriate amount of pepper (black), appropriate amount of vegetable oil, onion powder reduction method 1, peel the potatoes, cut into thin slices, put in a bowl and mix with blackMix seasonings such as pepper, melted fat, and salt.

2. Spread the potato chips on a microwave glass dish. After 3 minutes of high-fire ding, remove the flip and simmer for 3 minutes.

[Speed of a potato]_ How many potatoes are there

[Speed of a potato]_ How many potatoes are there

Potatoes are the most common vegetables in life. They have a good taste and are nutritious. You can basically eat potatoes all year round.

At present, people have a very strong awareness of healthy eating. No matter what they eat, they are very concerned about their energy, especially those who have high requirements on their body and don’t want to gain weight more easily.

So, what is the denaturation of a potato?

Let’s take a look at the situation of the potato transition.

1 (small) potato (130.

0 grams, edible portion 122.

0 g) 94 kcal 1 (medium) potato (230.

0 grams, edible portion 216.

0 grams) 166 kcal standard (100 g) 77 kcal potatoes 6 misunderstandings 1 The fact that eating potatoes leads to elevated blood sugar: As long as the correct cooking method is selected, the blood sugar of potatoes will not increase after eating.

Speaking of blood sugar, we have to talk about the glycemic index of food.

In contrast to foods with high glycemic index, in fact, the glycemic index of potatoes can only be considered medium, for example, the glycemic index of boiled potatoes is 56.

The rumor that eating potatoes caused blood sugar rises was because the fried potato index reached 60.

3, microwave baked potatoes is 82.

Myth 2 Potatoes are very high in calories Fact: Potatoes are not high in calories.

A potato (gross weight 260 grams) has about 278 calories and 63 grams, or 24% yarn.

However, you have to understand that 260 grams is a very large potato, not a regular small and medium potato.

A series of rumors that potatoes are high and cause obesity are mainly due to the addition of peanuts or frying.

For example, the boiled potato contains 80 kcal, and a small cup of mashed potatoes is added to a small slice and it instantly reaches 93 kcal.

Myth 3 Potatoes are not a vegetable Fact: Potatoes are root vegetables.

Although potatoes don’t look like regular vegetables, they do belong to vegetables in essence.

Like potatoes, taro, yam, lotus root, etc. are all root vegetables.

Potatoes can be seen in the Food Guide Pyramid.

Myth 4: Creamy mashed potatoes is nutritious and delicious. Facts: Female friends who want to lose weight, don’t fall in love with creamy mashed potatoes anymore.

In fact, when you learn about Asian cuisine, you will find that curry potatoes rank very high and are loved by most people.

The combination of curry potatoes can not only complement the nutritional complementarity, but also can reduce the delicious food.

Myth 5: Eating potatoes once a month is enough. Fact: There is nothing wrong with eating a potato a day.

In some countries, potatoes exist as a staple food.

How much potatoes should be eaten, in fact, should be the overall diet of the individual, the required nutrients and activity levels, these factors should be considered when determining the intake of any kind of food.

Mistake 6: Potatoes contain simple glucose facts: Potatoes contain complex carbohydrates that provide the body with the energy it needs.

A medium-sized potato, which contains nearly half of the body’s daily vitamin C content, can regain beauty with tomatoes.

Vitamin C can prevent exercise-induced anemia and exert anti-oxidant and scavenging effects on free radicals. It can even effectively fight fatigue and improve the body’s immunity.

In addition, potatoes contain up to 620 milligrams of potassium, which is equivalent to 18% of the body’s daily recommended supplement. Potassium can maintain the normal function of nerves and muscles and maintain the stability of motor function.

This is why some athletes choose to eat a potato after mountaineering, running and other sports.

[Can one-year-olds eat mangoes]_Children_Impact

[Can one-year-olds eat mangoes]_Children_Impact

Parents who have had experience with their children should know that when their children are young, parents cannot afford them a lot of food, otherwise it will cause indigestion or cause other diseases of the body.

Mango, as a fruit that many people like to eat, is very common in most families. Some people are allergic to mango and cannot eat it. Can a one-year-old child eat mango?

One year old children can eat mango.

Although the one-year-old baby is still relatively young, the absorption and absorption function has been initially improved. At this time, eating some mangoes for the baby can effectively supplement the baby with vitamin C, protein, and mild.

And because the baby mainly eats breast milk or milk powder before the age of one, eating some mangoes for the baby can also open up the baby’s appetite and make the baby attract to food other than breast milk.

However, parents cannot give too much mango to one-year-old children in a short period of time.

Because the speed of mango is high, and the sugar content is high, if you eat too much in a short period of time, it will easily cause your baby’s blood sugar to rise, which may cause diabetes.

After eating mango, it will affect the stability of internal secretion and easily cause adverse reactions such as nausea and vomiting.

There is also a need for parents to eat fresh and ripe mango for their one-year-old children.

Because many mangoes cannot be sold, the internal flesh has become moldy, but because the appearance is waxed, many people cannot see it.

If you eat this moldy mango for your baby, it can cause diarrhea and diarrhea. If you are serious, it may even cause your baby to die. So parents must pay attention to this.

The above is an introduction to “Can a one-year-old child eat mango”.

From the above article, it can be ground. One year old baby can eat mango, but not too much at one time.

There is also the need for parents to cut the mango into small pieces when eating it for the baby, so that it can be swallowed by the baby, and it is more conducive for the baby to absorb and digest.

[70 Actors vs. 10,000 Actresses]

[70 Actors vs. 10,000 Actresses]

Japan’s AV industry is developed, and most people think that being a male actor is one of the most “sexual” blessings in life.

But the fact is that the number of professional male front-line active men in Japan is only 70, but the number of active female front-line workers is tens of thousands.

Such an imbalanced sex ratio in the workplace makes these male actors superimposed.

According to reports, Japanese AV director Takio Jiro is about to launch a documentary film to showcase the status of Japanese male actors to the outside world, allowing people to understand the sadness of this seemingly heavenly job.

Director Yujiro has been shooting AV for more than 20 years and his number of works exceeds 2000.

The film is scheduled to premiere in Shibuya, Japan on February 23 this year. It is called “The Way of Survival of AV Actors”. The film interviews 20 well-known AV actors in Japan, including the male goddess Kato.Eagles, Yoko Agawa (72 times), the highest number of ejaculations in a single month, and other brilliant people.

The film mentions that Japan releases an average of over 4,500 new films per month, with an annual output value of 550 billion yen (about 3.3 billion yuan), more than 10,000 actresses, and only 70 men. The huge workload is evident.

Japanese AV boys are mainly employed part-time, and some of them are college students.

Complete data shows that 1 in 200 women in Japan has participated in AV movies.

The film is mainly to expand the Japanese AV leaders from the perspective of male actors. The film begins with STDs and sexual skills, and then extends to explore the changes of male actors, their feelings, and the shooting style. The purpose is to make the public trulyGet the most out of this seemingly mysterious world.


[Gynecological diseases related to your husband]

[Gynecological diseases related to your husband]

The most intimate partner in the journey of life is the husband and wife; however, certain gynecological diseases suffered by women are often closely related to the husband . Injury: The damage of female sexual organs is mostly related to the sexual life of husband and wife, such as vulvar abrasion, vaginaTearing (especially rupture deep in the vagina), damage to the vaginal fornix, etc.

Most of these injuries occur during newlywed honeymoon, puerperium, lactation, or due to various reasons such as poor development of reproductive organs, rough sexual intercourse, improper posture, and weak vaginal mucosa in elderly women.

The obvious manifestation of sexual organ damage is blood replacement and pain after sexual intercourse.

Once sexual intercourse damage occurs, do not taboo against medical treatment.

Treatment should be checked in time to prevent future complications.

If there is congenital dysplasia, it should be treated in time.