HKUST News Flying (002230): Successful bid 8.5.9 billion AI + large-scale application of education to the next city

HKUST News Flying (002230): Successful bid 8.5.9 billion 南宁桑拿 AI + large-scale application of education to the next city
Successful bid 8.5.9 billion orders.The company announced on December 23 that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Shandong Kexun, became the sole service provider for the “Teaching Students Based on Their Aptitude” artificial intelligence + educational innovation application demonstration zone project in Qingdao West Coast New District.5.9 billion.The amount of a single project reached 10% of the company’s operating income in 2018.85% is the premise of the large-scale demonstration application of the company’s education business, which helps the company’s education business to further form a good application demonstration in the country. Typical cases of large-scale applications.The main construction content of the Qingdao Demonstration Area for Teaching Demonstration Project includes: high-quality balanced services for education in the region, focusing on optimizing the basic support services for education in the region; advancing services for demonstrating education for students according to their aptitude, focusing on artificial intelligence to provide teachers with aptitude for teaching, and individualized learning services for students; education demonstration and creationServices, focusing on providing education and demonstration services for big data, career planning, and intelligent management; teacher information literacy improvement services, focusing on the development of teachers’ professional capabilities, providing training and teaching and research services.The project not only involves many key artificial intelligence technologies including natural language understanding, knowledge mapping, logical reasoning, and deep learning. At the same time, there must be large-scale practical application cases of related technologies in the field of education as a guarantee for project construction and implementation. Core technologies and landing scenarios continued to lead.In the past two years, the company has won more than 20 international firsts in key core technology areas of artificial intelligence. The core technology has always maintained an international leading position, which has established higher technical barriers and leading advantages for the company’s market competition for various products.With the continuous application of data-driven + expert knowledge and experience in actual application scenarios, artificial intelligence algorithms continue to iteratively progress, and the scale of landing applications continues to expand.In the field of education, the company adheres to the concept of “artificial intelligence assists education, and educates students according to their aptitude,” and actively promotes the innovation of education and teaching models. Through the in-depth application of unique artificial intelligence technology in the education industry, it covers the digital and intelligent education of the main scene of education.Learning environment, realizing teaching according to aptitude, and promoting education progress.At present, HKUST Xunfei Smart Education products have covered more than 25,000 schools across the country. Enter the AI dividend redemption period.At present, Xunfei has entered Strategy 2.Stage 0, enter the AI dividend redemption period. We believe that under the replacement of stable revenue growth, expected expenses are controlled, and we expect Q4 profit to show accelerated growth.It is estimated that the company’s net profit attributable to the parent in 2019-2021 will be 8 respectively.52, 11.65, 15.52 trillion, the corresponding EPS is 0.39, 0.53, 0.71 yuan.Comprehensive consideration, given the company’s 19-year dynamic PS7-8 times, the 6-month reasonable market value range is 759.08-867.52 million, the company’s current share capital is 21.9.9 billion shares, corresponding to a 6-month reasonable value range of 34.52-39.45 yuan, given a “preliminary market” rating. risk warning.The development of the artificial intelligence industry was less than expected. The company’s consumer, education, and political and legal landing speed was lower than expected. The 19-year performance was lower than expected.

The impact of bancassurance funds on the participation of government bond futures on the stock market-

What is the impact of the approval of bancassurance funds on government bond futures on the stock market?
Original title: Banking and Insurance Funds Approved to Participate in Treasury Bond Futures, What is the Impact on the Market?  ”It will not crowd out stock market funds and has no direct impact on the stock market.”On February 21, major news came that commercial banks and insurance institutions were allowed to participate in the treasury futures market. The first batch of pilot institutions included Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, Bank of China, Construction Bank, and Bank of Communications.  The Securities Regulatory Commission, the Ministry of Finance, the People’s Bank of China, and the China Banking Regulatory Commission have recently issued a joint announcement that allows eligible pilot commercial banks and insurance institutions with investment management capabilities to advance in batches in accordance with the principles of legal compliance, controllable risks, and sustainable business.Participate in government bond futures trading.At the same time, it will play the role of inter-ministerial coordination mechanism to strengthen regulatory cooperation and information sharing.  China Financial Securities Exchange (hereinafter referred to as “China Financial Exchange”) stated that commercial banks and insurance institutions are the main participants in the bond market, and their participation in the treasury bond futures market helps meet the interest rate risk management needs of institutions, enhances the soundness of operations, and further improvesIts ability to serve the real economy.At the same time, the participation of commercial banks and insurance institutions in treasury bond futures will promote the coordinated development of the treasury bond spot market, enrich the futures market investor structure, and promote the function of treasury bond futures.  ”For the entire financial market, the participation of commercial banks in the national debt futures market is an important part of further deepening the reform of the financial sector and further opening up.”Qiao Hongjun, President of Bank of Communications Financial Market Business Center, said.  Regarding the impact on the stock market, the relevant person in charge of the China International Capital Exchange said that commercial banks and insurance funds entering the market can improve the liquidity of the bond market and the efficiency of capital utilization.  Conditions are mature. From overseas experience, banks use interest rate derivatives such as treasury bonds and futures to effectively improve their risk management capabilities, reduce interest rate risk exposure, promote credit growth, and improve their ability to serve the real economy. Investment objectives and strategies of different types of insurance companiesThere are differences, but generally holding bonds such as government bonds and high-grade corporate bonds require risk management through interest rate derivatives such as government bond futures.  So where is the necessity for these commercial banks and insurance institutions to participate in government bond futures?  ”Commercial banks face interest rate risks in the underwriting of treasury bonds, market-making business, bond trading, asset and liability management, etc., and there is an urgent need to participate in the treasury bond futures market.”The relevant person in charge of CICC said.  He specifically analyzed that, first, underwriting syndicate banks with underwriting obligations in the primary market, holding bonds due to underwriting and other factors, need to be treasury risk hedged interest rate risk; second, banks need to treasury bond hedging when combining market maker obligationsThe interest rate risk of tickets improves the quality of quotes and market liquidity. The third is that banks need treasury bond futures to manage the interest rate risk of bond transactions and smooth the profit and loss conversion. The fourth is that banks can use treasury bond futures for asset and liability management to flexibly and efficiently adjust durationTo prevent and resolve market risks.  ”Commercial banks’ participation in the treasury bond futures market has great and far-reaching significance for the commercial banks themselves, the long-term bond market, and the entire financial industry.Qiao Hongjun said that for commercial banks themselves, participating in the treasury bond futures market can effectively improve their own risk management capabilities and asset-liability management; for the bond market, commercial bank participation in the treasury futures market is conducive to promoting innovation in trading business.Improve the liquidity of the bond market and improve the price discovery mechanism of the bond market.  Wang Weidong, general manager of the Global Markets Department of the Bank of China’s head office, analyzed from the impact on the current government bond futures market that commercial banks’ entry into the market will become a rich investor group, thereby increasing market depth, enhancing market liquidity, and further improving the price discovery mechanism.Promote the effectiveness of market pricing; efficiency has also been positive for the national debt spot market since then. Through the organic linkage and integration of the futures market and the spot market, it can not only enhance the liquidity of different types of government bonds, but also promote the gradual curve of government bond yields.Increase and improve, optimize the benchmark interest rate formation mechanism, and gradually improve the market-based interest rate reform process.  In terms of insurance funds, the current investment scale of the domestic insurance industry has exceeded 17 trillion yuan, of which more than 30% are bond investments.”Insurance institutions have long debt end periods and scarce assets matching their maturities. The need to use government bond futures to adjust the gap between asset and liability durations is urgent.”” The relevant person in charge of the China Gold Exchange said.  Under the urgent need, are the conditions for commercial banks and insurance funds to participate in government bond futures mature?  The relevant persons in charge of the above-mentioned CICC responded and weighed. First, commercial banks, insurance funds participating in treasury bond futures are internationally accepted practices. Commercial banks in overseas developed bond markets, insurance funds widely participate in treasury bond futures, and use treasury bond futures for interest rate risk management.It is a commercial bank and insurance fund derivatives trading with rich experience and ability to participate in treasury bond futures. The third is that the treasury bond futures market runs smoothly and has become a commercial bank and insurance fund’s ability to enter the market.  CICC listed 5-year Treasury futures on September 6, 2013, 10-year Treasury futures on March 20, 2015, and 2-year Treasury futures on August 17, 2018, basically covering short, medium and longSystem of government bond futures products.  What is the impact on the entire market?  How will the participation of funds of commercial banks and insurance institutions in the national debt futures market affect the national debt futures spot market and the stock market?  Commercial banks and insurance funds are important participants in the bond spot market, accounting for about 70% of the custody funds in the interbank bond market.  ”Commercial banks and insurance funds participate in the treasury bond futures market, and their trading models and strategies are more abundant, which will further improve the liquidity and pricing efficiency of the treasury bond market and help improve the treasury bond yield curve.”The relevant person in charge of the aforementioned CICC said.  He also pointed out that the merger of commercial banks and insurance funds into the market stabilized bond market volatility and strengthened financial market intervention.With the further advancement of interest rate liberalization, the volatility of the bond market has increased.During the rapid adjustment of the bond market, financial institutions may stop selling debts, and liquidity may be difficult.Commercial banks and insurance funds can take advantage of the characteristics of good liquidity and fast turnover of treasury bond futures. Treasury bond futures can effectively hedge the downside risk of the cash bond market, divert the selling pressure of the bond market, and enhance the vitality and value of financial markets.  As far as the impact on the government bond futures market is concerned, the relevant person in charge of the above-mentioned China International Capital Exchange said that commercial banks, insurance funds and securities, funds and other market participants have different sources of funds, term characteristics and risks. Bank and insurance funds entering the government bond futures market can becomeThe counterparties of other institutions can complement each other’s trading needs, further enhance the liquidity and depth of the market, and promote the function of the government bond futures market.  The bond market and the stock market are relatively independent, and there are significant differences in risk attributes, operation methods, and investor groups.From international experience, commercial banks and insurance funds participate in treasury bond futures for the main purpose of hedging, and have not significantly affected the trend and changes in the stock market.  The relevant person in charge of the above-mentioned China Bullion Exchange said that government bond futures are traded on margin, with high efficiency in capital use and capital occupation.The entry of commercial banks and insurance funds into the market can improve the liquidity of the bond market and the efficiency of capital utilization. It will not crowd out funds in the stock market and has no direct impact on the stock market.When market extremes occur, government bond futures can provide institutions with effective tools for hedging interest rate risks, helping to ensure market stability.  How to invest?  How do banks and insurance funds hedge with government bond futures?  The relevant person in charge of the above said that in the hedging operation of treasury bond futures, investors will reversely establish a futures position based on the spot position, so that the combined risk of futures and spot appears neutral.  Treasury futures can be used to adjust the duration of the investment portfolio.Investors generally shrink the duration of portfolios when interest rates are expected to increase, and extend the duration of portfolios when interest rates are expected to decrease.Although buying and selling spot bonds can also achieve the purpose of adjusting the duration of the portfolio, market shock costs and operating costs are transmitted, and the prospects of government bonds are highly liquid, with low transaction costs, and can more effectively manage and adjust the duration of the portfolio.  In theory, a reasonable spread should be maintained between the national debt futures and the relevant national debt spot, and between different varieties of national debt futures or different month contracts.Arbitrage refers to the transaction behavior that when the spread deviates from a reasonable level, the purchase price is biased towards low assets, the sell price is biased towards high assets, and the position is closed after the spread returns to reasonable, thereby obtaining risk-free returns.  So how do banks and insurance funds arbitrage with government bond futures?  Treasury bond futures arbitrage is often arbitrage by the yield curve.When the expected yield curve becomes steep, buy short-end government bond futures and sell long-term government bond futures; when the expected yield curve flattens, sell short-end government bond futures and buy long-term government bond futures.  For example, in March 2017, the spread between 10-year and 5-year Treasury bonds continued to decline, reaching a historical low since the listing of Treasury futures in September 2013. Some 杭州桑拿网 investors choose Treasury futures for steep curve trading, that is, buying for 5 years10-year Treasury futures, sell 10-year Treasury futures, and close the profit when the 10-year and 5-year spreads return to normal.  Treasury futures intertemporal arbitrage is to use the price difference between forward and near-term contracts to buy on the futures market at the same time and sell two different months of the same type of futures contract.  So, does the government bond futures market have a complete risk control system to ensure the smooth entry of commercial banks and insurance funds into the market?  The relevant person in charge of the above-mentioned CICC said that the national debt futures market has a relatively sound risk management system. Since 2013, the 5-year, 10-year, and 2-year national debt futures have been 深圳桑拿网 successfully listed, and the market has run smoothly and no delivery risk event has occurred.No major violations of laws and regulations have occurred.  He is also competent, and in terms of wind control, the exchange has established a series of systems including margin, daily limit, position limits, large position reports, forced liquidation, and forced lightening.In terms of trading mechanisms, the government bond futures market introduced a market maker system to increase the thickness of market quotations and prevent market liquidity risks.In terms of the delivery system, Treasury bond futures use physical delivery and implement a rolling delivery model to improve delivery efficiency and prevent delivery risks.

Yangnong Chemical (600486): Performance in line with expectations Focus on the company’s asset restructuring progress and growth

Yangnong Chemical (600486): Performance in line with expectations Focus on the company’s asset restructuring progress and growth

Event: Yangnong Chemical released the 2019 semi-annual report with a total operating income of 28 in the first half of the year.

94 ‰, ten years ago 6.

49%, net profit is 6.

29 ppm, an increase of 11 years.

46%, the basic EPS is 2.

02 yuan, sales gross margin is 34.

79%, with an average ROE of 13.


Corresponding to the second quarter operating income13.

24 ppm, molecular weight 15 ring.

67%, net profit 3.

00 ppm, a molecular weight of 8.

81%, deducting non-net profit is 2.

8.2 billion, compared with 6 formaldehyde.


Comments: 1.

Performance was basically in line with expectations.

The decrease in operating income in the first half of the year was mainly due to the increase in sales of wheat straw shrinking. In the first half of 2019, the sales revenue of herbicides6.

410,000 yuan, an average of 49 in ten years.


Increasing prices of insecticide doses and increasing incomes have offset the replacement of herbicide performance. In the first half of 2019, pesticide sales revenue18.

12 ppm, an increase of 21 in ten years.

43%, with an average sales price of 23.

08 million yuan / ton, an increase of 11 in ten years.


Income from other businesses 4.

4杭州夜生活网1 trillion, an increase of 33 in ten years.

twenty three%.

Net profit in the first half was 6.

29 trillion, the best semi-annual performance since listing.


The price of pyrethroid has improved, and the dicamba business is still to be resumed, and the domestic business is expected to become a new bright spot.

The current prices of kungfuthrin and bifenthrin were 300,300,000 / ton, respectively, which have been improved earlier, but are still at historical highs.

The business of dicamba is still to be resumed. The gradual increase in the amount of dicamba-resistant genetically modified crops in the downstream of the transition will increase the amount of dicamba and reduce the inventory. It is necessary to pay attention to the demand for dicamba in the second half of the year.

The long molecular weight of the company’s permethrin is expected to increase in 19 years, and the price of short orders will decrease, affecting some of the company’s profits.

The company reported that it strengthened synergy with the sales of Sinochem crop preparations, and domestic pesticide sales increased by 55.

5%, Sinochem’s internal pesticide business has seen synergies. 3.

Pay attention to the company’s asset restructuring and growth.

The company intends to transfer 100% equity of Sinochem Crops and Shenyang Agricultural Research in cash.

The company is expected to transform from an original drug manufacturer to an integrated industrial chain pesticide business management platform that integrates research, production and sales. The industrial chain, variety, R & D resources, sales network and customers are complementary to each other with significant synergistic effects.

The acquisition of Baoye Chemical will enrich the company’s pesticide varieties and land resources.

The company’s Rudong Phase III, pesticide preparation and other projects will become the company’s endogenous increase in the next few years.

Earnings forecast, investment rating, and revised estimates: The price of pyrethroids has decreased, and the sales of dicamba have fallen. We have lowered our profit forecast for 19-21, and expect a net profit of 19-21.

83, 11.

75, 13.

2.5 billion, EPS is 3.

50, 3.

79, 4.

28 yuan, according to estimates of comparable companies, giving 18 times PE in 2019, reducing the target price to 63.

00 yuan, maintain “Buy” rating.

Risk reminders: production safety risk, product price decline risk, downstream demand weakening risk, raw material price risk, dicamba-tolerant genetically modified crop promotion does not meet expectations, Sino-US trade dispute risk, exchange rate fluctuation risk.

[Can Wolfberry Frozen]_Refrigeration_Impact

[Can Wolfberry Frozen]_Refrigeration_Impact

The nutrient content in wolfberry is very high, and its health benefits are also very good. It can even be used in diet therapy and has high medicinal value. It is a favorite thing in everyday life.There are many ways to eat it, you can soak it in water, you can drink it in soup, and even use it as a medicine, the effect is very good, but although the nutrient is rich in nutrients, it is not easy to save.

Can goji berries be frozen?

Goji berries cannot be frozen at minus 10 degrees, but can be refrigerated.

Refrigeration method: Add wolfberry to a refrigerator or other refrigerating equipment and store it at 0 to 4 ° C. This method is a simple and practical method of storage, and it is called freezing to lose part of the nutrition of wolfberry.

How to distinguish wolfberry from different colors depending on the place of origin, but the color is very soft, shiny, full meat; and the dyed wolfberry is mostly old goods of previous years, from a sensory point of view, the meat quality is poor, noGloss, but the appearance is very bright and attractive, so when buying wolfberry must not be greedy “color”, it is recommended to choose the first stubble summer wolfberry.

In particular, the dyed goji berries are all red, and even the small white spots on the handle of the wolfberry pedicle are also red, while the normal medlar pedicle is mostly yellow or white, and the dyed wolfberry pedicle is red, and sulfur is used.Baking is bright red.

It is suggested that when purchasing wolfberry, you can put a few grains of wolfberry into the water. If it does not fade, it means sulfur fumigation of wolfberry, because sulfur does not replace water.

If it appears red, you have used pigment.

The normal color is orange-yellow (yellowish) with a few flocs floating.

Ningxia wolfberry is sweet and tastes particularly sweet, but it is placed on the bitterness of the throat after eating. Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, and other places are a bit greasy., Bitterness.

Introduction of Chinese wolfberry Chinese wolfberry, also known as wolfberry, red earrings, is the mature fruit of the wolfberry of the solanaceae.

Lycium barbarum has a long history of medicinal and food homology. It is a well-known Chinese and foreign medicinal material. It has been listed as a top grade in the “Shen Nong’s Herbal Classic” as long as it is “long-wearing, light-aged, resistant to cold and heat.”Old effect, also known as “but Laozi”.

Lycium barbarum contains a large number of amino acids, and contains special nutrients such as betaine, maize lutein, and acid red, which has very good health effects.

Suitable for everyone.

People with excessive eyes and the elderly are more suitable.

Goji berries are relatively mild in nature, and they are slightly more barrier-free to eat, but if they are not restrained, eating too much can make people angry.

It is easy to store in the air. It is usually 70 to 80% dry in ordinary bags. It is not suitable to accumulate a large amount of inventory. It is often taken out to dry in the sun, otherwise it will stick and deteriorate.

Lycium barbarum is of great significance to human health. It can be used for health care and is a favorite fruit of people. The quality of Ningxia wolfberry is ahead of all parts of the country. It has become the representative of wolfberry and is known as the hometown of wolfberry.

[Encyclopedia of Kailan dishes]_How to make_Production method

[Encyclopedia of Kailan dishes]_How to make_Production method

With the continuous improvement of the quality of life, now that the transportation is also developed, many flowers, fruits and vegetables that have not been seen before may appear at their doorsteps.

After seeing unfamiliar vegetables in the vegetable market, people have to give up the desire to buy because they don’t know how to do it. There is no way to taste a different taste.

The following is a complete list of kale methods, both delicious and nutritious, everyone can try to make it.

Purple kale is also called kale.

It has a sweet taste like mustard, so it is called kale.

The more common varieties are white and yellow flowers.

Crispy and tender, rich in vitamins.

The nutritional value and practice of kale will be introduced initially.

First, scallion kale 1, wash the kale, and scrape off the epidermis with a knife.

Shred the fresh ginger and shred the shallots.

2. Put the washed kale, sweet pepper shreds, and bean sprouts in boiling water and cook them. Remove them for use.

3. Heat the peanut oil in the wok, add the spring onion and ginger, and scoop out the aroma slightly.

Add sugar, soy sauce, Maggi soy sauce, pepper oil, mix well and stir, and scent.

4, the processed soy sauce soup topped on the bottom of the plate, and then put the kale neatly on the plate.

2. Stir-fried bacon 1 with kale. Slice the kale leaves and slice them into bacon rolls with toothpicks.

2. Kale comes out of the water and is ready for use.

3, bacon is fried and cooked and served up.

4. Add salt to the pan, stir-fry the kale, pour it into bacon and stir-fry, sauté the juice (raw flour + water), then you can.

Third, stir-fry kale 1, and wash the kale. If the kale is thick, use a knife to cut a cross knife on the thicker stem.

2, put a moderate amount of oil in the pot, high heat, 40% hot, add crushed ginger, stir-fry.

3, add an appropriate amount of salt, at this time the oil temperature has come up, add kale, immediately cover the pot.

4. Pour in liquor and continue to cover the shell.

5. When the water has evaporated, and you can’t hear the crackling noise, open the lid and flip it to make all the dishes evenly heated.

6. Add white sugar and chicken essence to season. After the kale is soft and cooked, bring it to a pan and serve.

4. Stir-fried kale 1 in oyster sauce. Wash the kale and cut into sections. After scalding, remove the cold water to keep it bright and keep it cool.

2. Put all the seasonings in the pot and boil it. When it is thick, put out the fire and extinguish it.

3. Stir-fried kale and drizzle with oyster sauce.

5. Stir-fried kale 1 with ginger juice, remove old leaves from kale, wash them, and slice them obliquely.

2. Peel the ginger, shave it into ginger, peel the garlic, and cut into small pieces.

3, put oil in a hot pot, add garlic and sauté when 50% hot, add sugar, stir-fry the kale fire until it is broken, put a little raw soy sauce, a little bit of flower carving wine, stir fry evenly, add salt to season.
4. Heat the oil in a wok and stir-fry the ginger juice. The hot oil will bring out the aroma of ginger juice. Pour the ginger oil on the kale.

[Dangshen can drink tea]_Dangshen_Drink tea_Can you make tea

[Dangshen can drink tea]_Dangshen_Drink tea_Can you make tea

In the new era, people have become a topic of concern. Some people like to drink water with codonopsis, and feel that it is good for the body. It turns out that it is indeed true, which can lead to dizziness and qi deficiency.Do not overdo it, otherwise the exception is very large.

First, can Codonopsis soak in water?

The answer is yes.

If you take Codonopsis alone, you can take about 10 grams each time. If you mix it with other drugs, the dosage should be controlled at 20?
45 grams.

However, Xiaobian believes that if it is about Dangshen soaking in water, it is best to add red dates to neutralize the medicine and prevent the body from getting angry, which will have a more beneficial effect on the body.

Second, whether pregnant women can drink Codonopsis soda to drink. After pregnancy, in order to ensure that pregnant women can get enough nutrients, the family has prepared a lot of food for pregnant women, and Codonopsis is among them.

This has led many pregnant women to wonder if they can take Codonopsis during pregnancy, will it harm their own health as well as the oxides.

Experts suggest that it is best not to eat foods with large supplements or Chinese herbal medicines during pregnancy. This not only has no effect on the healthy development of the fetus, it may even cause pregnant women to get angry.

If you want better tonic effect during pregnancy, then it is best to eat some Chinese herbal medicines and foods with cooling supplements, such as yam and lotus root, which are very good choices.

Therefore, it is best to eat codonopsis during pregnancy, which is not good for pregnant women’s health and fetal development.

Xiaobian suggested that although Codonopsis is very good for our body, we still need to be more cautious in daily use. Do not take it in large amounts for a long time, which is likely to cause harm to our health.

In addition, there are many ways to use Codonopsis. In addition to the Codonopsis soda we drink, moxibustion is also a very good choice, which can bring good effects such as strengthening the spleen and qi.

If the body is disturbed or even pregnant, you can’t take Codonopsis directly, but you should mix Codonopsis with Atractylodes and Mulberry Parasitic, so as to achieve the effect of strengthening the spleen.

[How to make avocado rice noodles]_Put rice noodles_How to make

[How to make avocado rice noodles]_Put rice noodles_How to make

Avocado is a fruit with very high nutritional value. It is rich in vitamins, fatty acids and proteins. It is the best choice for your baby’s complementary food.

When avocado is used as a complementary food, it is a good combination with rice noodles. Those who can make it feel very simple. If they don’t, it will cause a headache.

So, what is the method of making avocado rice noodles?

Let’s take a look below.

The practice of avocado rice noodles grinds the avocado into a puree with a food processor.

Add the right amount of rice flour, add 90 degrees of boiling water, and stir well.

Ready to eat.

Avocado claims to be one of the best baby food supplements.

For babies, the most important thing is that avocado has a very good “good misfortune”, 100 grams of avocado pulp has 161 kcal transfer and 15g misfortune.

These adults are mainly unsaturated fatty acids, which are very important for nerve and brain development and can help your baby’s brain and body development.

How to choose avocado and how to buy it?

So the selection steps are: first look at the color, the brightest color is the best, the greener the color, the more life, the darker, the more mature; the second is a little lighter, generally harder to pinch are not completely cooked,If you press it lightly, you can feel that the soft fruit is ripe and you can eat it immediately. If it is too soft or even pitted like the fourth fruit above, do not choose it.It’s already rotten.

Because it is the same as a banana, the avocado will gradually ripen in a few days. I usually buy a little soft and ripe if I want to eat it in the past two days.After putting it together for two or three days, it is soft and ready to eat.

This fruit is sometimes more expensive, so it does not prevent you from buying a few more during the season, so you can store it in the refrigerator and cold dining room for many days.

[How to use condoms for boys]_Men_How to use

[How to use condoms for boys]_Men_How to use

Young people today are not willing to be restrained by their children prematurely, so even after marriage, they will take contraceptive measures. The most common contraceptive method is condoms.

And males must pay attention to the correct method when using condoms, otherwise the male genital organs will be corrected to cause damage, which will seriously affect male sexual function.

So, what exactly is a male condom?

Proper use of condoms for men: Before using a condom, check the end date of the condom.

Expired condoms are dry and prone to rupture and are not suitable for use, ensuring that condoms are effectively corrected.

1. Carefully tear the packaging bag from the edge of the packaging and remove the condom to avoid tearing the condom.

To ensure that condoms are not torn, we should avoid using sharp tools.

Ordinary packaging bags can be easily torn.

2. Wear a condom when your penis is erect.

Remember to wear a condom before penis insertion.

The best contraceptive results can only be achieved by wearing a condom before entering for the first time.

3. The air left in the condom can cause the condom to rupture.

To avoid the possibility of rupture, gently squeeze the air inside the front end of the condom with your thumb and index finger, and then put the condom on the erect penis.

Make sure that the end of the condom is partially exposed and that there is no excess air in the condom.

4. While covering the front of the condom, gently use the other hand to cover the entire penis.

Make sure the self-confidence sleeve fits tightly on the penis during the procedure.

If the condom partially slips, replace the slipped part and reattach.

If the condom slips out, remove the penis immediately and put on a new condom before continuing *.

It may be that condoms cannot be reused, condoms can only be used once.

After using a condom, men should wrap paper towels in a trash can for personal hygiene.

During the trial period, we must pay attention to the use of qualified condoms, do not buy very cheap condoms, because the quality of cheap condoms is difficult to guarantee.

[How to fry the shredded pork is delicious]_ making method _ practice Daquan

[How to fry the shredded pork is delicious]_ making method _ practice Daquan

It is common for us to fry the meat into shreds, but how can the shredded pork be tender and delicious?

The shredded pork can be marinated before being fried, so that the fried meat is particularly tender and delicious.

Pay attention to the heat when frying the shredded pork. The shredded pork will be easy to cook, and it will be fine in about five minutes.

When the fire is frying, turn it over. Pay attention to the amount of seasonings added. Do not add more salt.

First, make a mask for pork: do n’t waste, pork also needs a mask like our human skin, but the mask required for pork is water starch. Putting water starch in pork is called sizing. There are many types of starch.If you are a kitchen rookie, you can choose pea starch first, this kind of golden oil is always wrong.

Second, the high temperature and high temperature stir fry quickly: Because the temperature is proportional to the degree of gelatinization of starch, the temperature will increase, the shredded pork will be easier to mature, the moisture loss will be reduced, and there is no need to fry for too long, the fire is fryingIt can be served in a moment, so high-temperature stir-fry is definitely an important magic weapon to make the meat taste tender.

However, the high firepower of the kitchen in the home and the kitchen in the hotel cannot be compared. What if you are at home?

You can put the wok into the fire and heat it for 1,2 minutes. Do n’t worry if it burns red. The iron pan wo n’t burn. Then add some oil, which can be 200 for daily wok.Stir-fry, then pour out half of the oil. Next time, you can stir-fry, then add the shredded pork into the pan and fry until it changes color, then add the seasoning and other ingredients. Be careful not to fry the meat for too long. Cut the meat.Do n’t worry about being thin if you do n’t thin it, just stir it a few times.

Third, thicken: When stir-frying shredded pork or sliced meat, in addition to the starch just mentioned, you can also pour soy sauce into the shredded pork, add salt and onion ginger, and then pour starch. This step can also be hanged.You can also pour a small amount of cold water and stir evenly. The effect is better. After the oil is hot, pour the meat and stir fry quickly. Then pour in the water and fry. Add other ingredients and seasonings.This way, the shredded pork is more tender and tender.

4. Boiling water: After the shredded pork is cut, you can add it to the colander, then put it in the boiling water for about 1 minute, remove it when it becomes discolored, and put it in the pot and fry for about 3 minutes.
5. Pour into beer: When marinating shredded pork, you can first stir the beer and starch evenly, so that the enzymes contained in the beer will work, and the protein contained in the meat will automatically break down, thereby improving the freshness and tenderness of the meat, especially suitable for beef.

Sixth, put salt at the end: don’t add salt too early to stir-fry the shredded pork, because adding salt too early can lead to meat dehydration, and adding salt later can replace the effect of salt on meat, avoid dehydration, and make the meat more fresh and tender.