[One month effective weight gain recipe]_Fertilizing_Method

[One month effective weight gain recipe]_Fertilizing_Method

In life, many fat people will grow meat because they drink cold water and feel upset. At the same time, many acquaintances feel anxious about their weight. Their constitution may be weak and they cannot absorb any food.Can’t grow, especially women who are preparing for pregnancy. If the child who is underweight is likely to have malnutrition, what are the weight gain recipes that work in a month?

1. Chestnut Chestnut contains a large amount of starch, and its purity is very high. In addition to starch, chestnut also contains protein, trace amounts and vitamin B family.

There is also 24 mg of vitamin C in 100 grams of chestnuts, which is much more than the same amount of tomatoes.

Eating chestnuts after each meal can enhance the absorption shift of the body.

2. Beef When it comes to weight gain, red meat is the best food.

It contains both the proteins needed for muscle growth, as well as natural creatine and rich iron.

I suggest that you can choose the meat quality of some parts such as hind leg meat, tenderloin, etc., which contains higher protein.

3, squid squid has a very high cholesterol content, every 100 grams of squid contains 615 milligrams of cholesterol, so eating squid can help the body gain weight.

In addition, squid also contains various elements such as calcium, phosphorus, and iron, which help the development of bones and blood in the body.

Eating squid can prevent anemia, relieve physical fatigue, improve liver function and protect eyesight.

Squid is a healthy fattening food.

4. Eating one or two dried fruits can quickly add calories to the body.

Dried fruit is smaller than fresh fruit, so half a cup of dried fruit has more calories than fresh fruit.

For example, a cup of raisins contains 200 calories, while a cup of fresh grapes contains only 60 calories.

5. Milk dairy products contain proteins that digest slowly, so they can provide the body with stable amino acids for hours.

A cup of 227g skim milk contains 8g of protein, as well as vitamin D and calcium. These two important ingredients maintain bone health, muscle strength, and muscle growth.