[How to eat fitness meal]_ making method _ practice Daquan

[How to eat fitness meal]_ making method _ practice Daquan

Reasonable fitness meal matching can allow fitness people to achieve more results with less effort.

Therefore, in the process of fitness, we must not only pay attention to exercise and fitness, but also pay attention to diet.

Most fitness meals will recommend fitness people to foods with higher protein content, such as chicken and beef.

The fitness meal can also exert a delicious taste if you pay attention to the proper matching. Here are a few suggestions on how to eat a fitness meal.

What are the benefits of eating a fitness meal From a nutritional point of view, any meal is made up of impurities, traces and proteins. They are also called “macronutrients” and vitamins and minerals are called “microNutrients. ”

In order to assist sports and fitness, we need to absorb more protein, more fiber and other nutrients, doped oxides and synthetic aunts.

A reasonable nutrition ratio can help us to supplement enough nutrients to protect the body’s needs, at the same time reduce the absorption of metastasis, promote muscle growth, and thereby accelerate accidental consumption and decomposition.

How to eat a fitness meal is effective 1, less oil, less salt, less sugar Chinese traditional foods are mostly cooked and seasoned with oil and salt, and the food in restaurants is even more greasy.

However, heavy salt and sugar have no health benefits at all, not to mention cardiovascular and endocrine hazards, and in fitness, it will greatly reduce your effect of increasing muscle mass and reducing fat.

2. Eat less and eat more meals in a balanced distribution. Most people are accustomed to 3 meals a day, but the conversion has caused a problem-sometimes lunch at 12 noon, dinner at 7 o’clock in the evening, there is 7 hours of free time in between.

To avoid chronic diseases in the afternoon, people often unconsciously eat a lot at noon, which leads to excessive intake.

Using less food and more meals, eating once every 3 hours, can continuously maintain a feeling of fullness, make the supply of nutrients more stable, and further expand, thereby reducing the risk of body fat storage, and easier to quantify.

While promoting your healthier eating habits, it enables you to supplement more alternative fiber, fruits and vegetables, as well as protein and moisture.

3. Food choices Although foods are composed of these nutrients, they also have very complicated classifications, and some high-quality nutrients are more conducive to absorption by the human body. Some nuts, seeds, and unsaturated fatty acids provided by deep-sea fish, etc.High-quality protein provided by chicken breast, beef tendon, and fish.

Generally speaking, green vegetables can be eaten at will, and some rice and meat need to try to choose high protein content and low trace content.

4. Choosing the right meal replacement. But there are other fitness meals with so much attention. There is also a way of eating that can help us adjust our body state-meal replacement.

Meal replacement is a kind of food used to replace part of the regular meal. It can provide a lot of nutrients and satiety for the human body, while providing only very few changes, so as to obtain a similar effect to a fitness meal.

Can unfit people eat fitness meals? Of course.

Even if you aren’t working out, eating a fitness meal is definitely more comprehensive than the nutrition you normally eat, and your body will definitely be much healthier than before, and your chances of getting sick will be much reduced!