[Do you want to make lard for yolk cakes?]_ Use of lard_How to make

[Do you want to make lard for yolk cakes?]_ Use of lard_How to make

The egg yolk is a common gourmet snack in life and is very popular. The egg yolk has a crispy outside and the egg yolk is soft and waxy. It is very popular. Generally, pigs are used to make egg yolk.It ‘s oily, but lard is generally best not to be melted. The melted lard is generally unusable. The nutritional value of lard is very high. Regular consumption is good for human health.

The egg yolk can be made without lard. Generally, it is either lard or paste. If vegetable oil is used, after the noodles and vegetable oil are combined, the noodles are still soft and will not shorten, so it is not recommended.

Lard is generally used in making mayonnaise. If there is no Sumitomo, it is recommended to use flour.

What oil is good for egg yolks? First, traditional Chinese dim sum usually uses lard, and egg yolks are no exception.

There are two main differences between the effects of lard and fat in making mayonnaise: 1. Compared with peanut butter, lard is more ductile and has a better crisping effect. The layered yolk crisp is more distinct and has a softer texture.

2. In terms of taste, the buttery version of the mayonnaise will have an excess of milk flavor, depending on whether you like it or not.

The benefits of eating lard are those invaded by constipation. You may wish to regularly eat some lard and intestinal laxative. Lard is a relatively slippery thing, so it can overcome the effect of intestinal laxative.

People with constipation may wish to eat some lard often, so as to achieve the effect of alleviating constipation.

Tonic lard is rich in nutrients, so it can nourish the internal organs.

Especially for our spleen, stomach and lungs, the effect of nourishing is more obvious.

So if the spleen, stomach and lungs are weak, remember to eat more lard.

In addition, many people with weak spleen and stomach will have indigestion or loss of appetite, so after eating lard, they can also help digestion and appetite.

Detoxifying lard can not only treat gynecological inflammation, but also detoxify the “liver liver poisons”.

Moisturizing lard makes human skin smooth and delicate, elastic, and treats hair loss.

Chinese medicine believes that the main fur of the lung, that is, human skin, hair growth is nourished by the lungs.

Lard can nourish the lungs and yin, thereby indirectly promoting skin and hair.

Therefore, lard inherently “pleases the skin, is used as a hand cream, and does not crack” (“Compendium of Materia Medica”), and “grows hair into a pleasant face” (“Medical Doctors”).

Lung Relief and Cough If the lungs become hot and the cough does not stop, not only the heat needs to be cleared, but also the spleen.

Therefore, there is a saying in Chinese medicine that “there is a deficiency in the lungs”.

The magic of lard with cleft paws and hands will lard in heated alcohol and scrub the affected area.

Or directly infect the affected area with coagulated lard.

For aphtha, sore throat, use lard, one pound of honey, one or two of Coptis chinensis, and fry for juice and boil.

Each serving of jujube is served in large balls, five times a day.

Stomach pain, 60 grams of pantothenic acid lard, add 30 grams of rock sugar to fry, eat once every morning.