[The role of onion slices on the soles of the feet]

[The role of onion slices on the soles of the feet]

Onion is a kind of food that is very common in people’s daily life. People generally use onions to make it. It can not only be used for eating, but also has many other benefits for the human body.

Putting onion slices on the soles of feet can effectively treat colds. It is very beneficial to the human body’s influenza or fever, etc. Let’s introduce the effect of onion slices on the soles of the feet in detail.

Onion slices can be used to treat colds when placed on the soles of the feet. The onion is rich in selenium, which can help treat colds and colds.

Before going to bed, put the sliced onion near Yongquan (the intersection of the herringbone “human” on the sole of the foot) and wrap it with socks. After waking up the next morning, the symptoms of cold, flu, and fever can be relieved.

It’s amazing, because selenium can accelerate the decomposition of peroxides in the body, making the virus unable to get oxygen supply, and thus inhibiting the growth of the virus.

There are 7,000 nerve endings associated with various organs on the soles of your feet, and onion therapy uses these nerve endings to clean up the virus of the human body, so that your recovery can be relieved!

Other effects: 1. Preventing insomnia can’t sleep all the time?

Try the onion!

Diced onion next to the pillow can effectively treat insomnia.

2. Care of the hair Diced an onion and mashed it in a bowl, then wrap it together in gauze and fix it with rubber bands, squeeze out the onion juice.

Wash your hair with onion juice in water, and your hair quality will improve significantly soon.

3. Removing the phosphoric acid from ear wax can kill bacteria in the ear.

If you have too much earwax in your ears, you can use onions to help soften and remove it.

Open the onion and take out the middle core, cut it into a moderate size and put it in your ears. After three hours, remove and dig your ears.

4, beauty skin care onion contains the anti-aging substance cysteine, rub on the face with onion slices and wash, can treat freckles and keep the skin tender and smooth.

5, there is a set of prevention of tooth decay prevention.

You only need to eat half a piece of onion a day and stick to it for a long time to eliminate dental pain and effectively prevent broken teeth.

6. Clean the barbecue grill. Heat up the barbecue grill, burn off the dirt and food residue on the barbecue grill, and then take half an onion to clean the barbecue grill.

Use a fork to fork half a piece of onion, and rub the grill with the cut side down to achieve a continuous and good cleaning effect.