[Can I eat black mushrooms?]_ Influence_Danger

[Can I eat black mushrooms?]_ Influence_Danger

Tricholoma is also a fungus-developed mushroom that grows mainly on the internal Mongolian plateau. It is a wild mushroom with great nutritional value. It has a delicious taste and is a good choice for frying and stewing soup.

However, you may not believe it. Tricholoma is mostly grown around sheep dung, but it is still very popular because it is scarce and expensive.

But some people buy it and find that the mushroom will turn black. Can the mushroom be eaten after it turns black?

First, can you eat black mushrooms?

The mushroom cover can be eaten if it becomes dark. If a small amount of dark spots appear on the mushroom cover, and the bacteria have elasticity and no odor, such a mushroom can still be eaten, but the nutritional value will be reduced.


Bacteria folded and darkened can gradually eat edible mushrooms during storage, open umbrella, bacterial membrane replacement and other phenomena.

The blackness of the tricholoma folds is due to the long storage time and the spores in the folds of the bacteria have matured.

This kind of tricholoma can be eaten, but the taste and nutritional value will decrease.


If the mushroom becomes dark, you can’t eat the mushroom. The inside of the mushroom appears.

Not only does it have no nutritional value, it also has hidden dangers.

Second, why did the mushroom turn black?

It has been oxidized for a long time, and the polyphenol oxidase in the cells has reacted with oxygen. The same has been true for potatoes and apples that have been cut long.


Spoiled and deteriorated Tricholoma is easy to be moldy and will turn black if not stored properly.

Third, the method to prevent black mushrooms from turning black 1.

After the Tricholoma matsutake is cut open, drizzle with 0.

7% citric acid water can slow down the browning reaction; 2.

2. Use oxygen to keep the mushroom in the fresh-keeping bag. Press the mouth slightly but not seal it, otherwise the humidity inside the bag will accelerate the decay; 3.

Refrigerated Tricholoma can be refrigerated at low temperature to inhibit enzyme activity and maintain Tricholoma quality.

Low temperature environment is -2 to 2 ether.

Fourth, how to pick fresh mushrooms 1.

Look at the appearance, it is best to buy the surface without rot, the shape is relatively complete, no water stains, no sticky.

The mushroom handle is short, round, and the diameter of the mushroom cover is about 4cm. The cover surface is smooth and flat, and the edges are thick and well-clumped.

The cover diameter is too large to be old.


Look at the good-colored mushroom cover is white, the mushroom handle is white.

If the mushroom is yellow, it is not good. The reason for the yellowing is that the mushroom is old, sprayed with water or contaminated by miscellaneous bacteria.


Look at the maturity, do not buy mushrooms with a very high maturity, the quality is not good.

Seven or eight mature is the best.


I tried to touch some supermarkets to sell mushrooms packed in white plastic boxes, but because the white plastic boxes themselves contain whitening agents, they cause mushroom contamination.

One touch is to touch the surface of the mushroom, which contains a whitening agent, the surface is smooth, feels good, and has a moist feeling; the mushroom surface without the whitening agent is astringent, the surface is stained with mud, and it is rough and dry to the touch.