[Can I eat protein powder to grow taller?]_ Action_Benefits

[Can I eat protein powder to grow taller?]_ Action_Benefits

There are many factors for growth. The most important factor is the genetic factor, followed by factors such as diet and exercise.

For young people, it is good to eat some protein powder properly, which is beneficial to the nutritional replacement of the body. It also has a certain promotion effect in terms of growth. Of course, as others, when eating protein powder,Also pay attention not to eat too much to avoid causing weight gain.

Can I eat protein powder to grow taller? 1. Participate in the composition and metabolism of the body. Protein is an important nutrient. Its existence is closely related to various activities of life, such as participation in the composition and metabolism of the body, and genetic information.Composition and metabolism, while also providing the body with quantum.

2. The degree of digestion, absorption, and utilization by the human body is also very different. There are extremely many types of proteins. Proteins from different food sources can be digested, absorbed, and utilized by the body at different degrees. Therefore, the nutritional value of different types of proteins is somewhat different.The main factor determining the nutritional value of proteins is the type and content of essential amino acids in the protein.

Amino acid score (AAS) is a commonly used indicator to evaluate the type and content of essential amino acids in proteins.

3. The protein intake for healthy people, “Residential Supplements for Chinese Residents”, recommends that the daily protein intake per adult is 65?
90 grams, or 10% of total energy?
12% can meet metabolic needs.

In addition, protein intake varies depending on the age, weight, and labor intensity of the person.

Children and adolescents during growth and development, and women during pregnancy or lactation generally have higher protein requirements.

Protein powder is used with caution in the crowd 1. Patients with liver disease have problems with the processing and use of protein by the liver, and the protein intake should be appropriately increased.

However, for patients with liver coma and advanced liver cirrhosis, supplying too much protein will increase the burden on the liver and exacerbate the disease. Animal protein should be limited.

And because of the ammonia it produces in the body, it can cause or aggravate liver coma, so some patients can choose some plant protein supplemented with branched chain amino acids, especially soy protein.

Because branched chain amino acids are mainly metabolized in muscle, they have a protective effect on liver function.

2. Newborns should not eat protein powder. Should they choose a protein content of 10%?
20% milk powder.

3, gout patients should be careful to choose to eat soy protein as the main protein powder.

Because the purines in soybeans can cause increased uric acid in the body, promote or worsen gout.

However, some brands of soy protein powder have been specially treated to reduce the purine content.