[Is the peach hot?]_ Peach_Action_Efficacy

[Is the peach hot?]_ Peach_Action_Efficacy

In the summer, the Lingling peach is on the market, and the peach is the most delicious one. It has a strong aroma, a sweet taste, and a thick juicy body. It can be said that the nutritional value is extremely rich, but many people dare not eat peaches, and they are worried about the honeyPeach may get angry. In fact, there are many warming effects in the food, with slight heat. Peach is generally not easy to get angry. Peach is a mild food.

Do peaches get angry? Juicy peaches may get angry.

Foods have five natures. Juicy peaches are warm fruits. These fruits have a slight heat. If the body is biased toward hotness, or excessive consumption of peaches, they will get angry.

How peaches eat peaches do not cause anger. Peach is used as a normal fruit. Whether it is eaten before, after or between meals, as long as you do n’t eat too much, it will not cause anger.

What is good to eat when peaches are on fire? Juicy peaches are mild foods. Excessive consumption can cause inflammation in the body. Therefore, proper consumption of some cold foods at the same time can reduce the heat in the body and avoidfire.
Common cold foods are: millet, mung bean, cucumber, bitter gourd, okra, duck meat and so on.

Someone is not suitable for eating peaches1.

Juicy peach is a mild food. Therefore, people with yin deficiency and deficiency of fire are not suitable for eating peach, so as not to cause the fire.


Juicy peaches are high in water and sugar and suitable for fungal growth. Therefore, peaches with damage are not suitable for eating.


Do not give peaches to infants, peaches contain a large number of macromolecular substances, and infants and young children have poor gastrointestinal dialysis ability, can not digest, and easily cause gastrointestinal diseases.