[How to fry dried river fish]_Frying method_How to make

[How to fry dried river fish]_Frying method_How to make

After the river fish is dried, the taste will change to a certain degree, and many people like to eat dried river fish, because dried river fish may have some special flavors, while reducing the fishy smell.

In the cooking process, we can also use dried river fish. We should pay attention to the mix of ingredients, because the river fish itself has a salty taste, and we can reduce the salt.

So, how to fry dried river fish is the best?

Any notes?

1. Crispy fried fish dried ingredients: dried fish 500 grams, salad oil amount.

Method: Wash the small dried fish with water, soak it for a while, and remove the control water.

Add oil to the clean pot, and fry the dried fish until it is hot (50% off, turn it over in the middle), and put it on the kitchen paper to absorb the oil and eat.

2, bacon steamed dried fish material: dried fish, bacon, raw oil, soy sauce, sugar, cooking wine, ginger.

Method: Dried fish, cut into bacon, put in a good size on the plate, spread ginger, pour the raw oil, soy sauce, sugar, cooking wine, steam for 10 minutes.

3, the practice of fried fish material: 4-5 dried fish, moderate flour, 2 green peppers, 1 parsley, 2 garlic seeds, 2 slices of ginger, cooking wine, soy sauce, red chopped pepper, pepperSome, least salt, more chicken.

Method: Put dried fish in a pressure cooker for 3-5 minutes, so that the dried fish is soft.

: After the lid is covered, the fish is dried with water, covered with flour, and a half of a pan of oil is added to the pan. The dried fish is started to fry until it is golden and crispy on both sides, and all the dried fish is ready for use.

After the dried fish is fried, wash it in a pan, then pour in a small amount of oil again, add garlic seeds, ginger, pepper, and stir-fry, add dried fish and stir fry for a while, add salt, cooking wine, soy sauce, chopped pepper, green pepper and stir fry evenly, Cover the lid and simmer for a while.

Add chicken essence and parsley and stir-fry evenly after opening.

4. Stir Ankang fish dried ingredients: Ankang dried fish, red pepper, garlic, garlic, salt, soy sauce, sugar, balsamic vinegar, sesame oil, fish sauce, oyster sauce.

Method: Dried Ankang fish soaked in water for 24 hours; put the dried Ankang fish in a pot and steam for 20 minutes; cut garlic garlic and red pepper into segments; mash the garlic into garlic, and place the garlic in a bowl.Add salt, raw soy sauce, sugar, balsamic vinegar, sesame oil, fish sauce, oyster sauce, and mix well in a bowl. Steam the dried fish and let it cool into pieces. Mix red pepper, garlic moss, and fish pieces with garlic.Stir well.