Let us bravely say love

Let us bravely say love

Love, do you know how to say it?

Speaking of this problem, some people seem to say: What do you know, and there is nothing difficult!

I am coming to ask you a question to see how you answered: You said to your parents: I love you?

Have you told your brothers and sisters that you love them?

Do you often say to your children: “I love you.”

I think it may be that I forgot to express it in the language, but I know that your heart is loving them, and it is very love.

  To say that love is not a patent of love, the love of father and son, the love of mother and daughter, the love of brothers and sisters is also love, and is an indispensable love in our lives.

But our current people only pay attention to the love of love, forget the other love.

In fact, I also know that I have not forgotten it, but in those who fall in love with modern people, I will not express it. I don’t know how to do it.

  Our people who face their loved ones will not say that they have countless “loves”, but in the face of our loved ones will become so “tweaked” and rarely say this word.

Some people say: It doesn’t matter if you say it, as long as you do it, you will know that you love them.

I am recognized for this point of view, but I also ask you, will you really be so thoughtful to do the actions that make your family feel loved by them?

Is there such a person?

Yes, but it’s really not a lot.

  In the present era, unless you live with a parent under a roof, once there is a certain distance, it is not that our children are not filial, but the responsibility of society and the pressure of life are really impossible to go to the real place.When you are together, you care and take care of your loved ones. Even if we live together, we may be slower because our modern people are too tired.

So why don’t we give our loved ones a warm love?

  Nowadays people not only say this love word with few relatives other than our lover, but also seldom say it is suitable for their lover. In people’s minds, this is a superfluous thing.

I can say this to you, you are wrong.

There are a lot of seemingly superfluous things in life, and there are often many unexpected effects in your life.

Emotions (including family, love) are for us to operate, not to say that the inherent emotions do not need to be cared for, and the family is also to be cared for, but also to let us go to true love.

  Some people say that I am not embarrassed to say that my relatives, some parents, brothers and sisters can’t say it, or that they feel that I am sick.

In some families, I know that this will be the case, because the family environment is not the same, and the education is not the same.

  But I feel that if your love doesn’t come up, you will be directly aligned. Something you will say: The son loves his mother.

My brother loves his sister to buy the best gift for you!

This will not be very blunt, but will make your loved ones feel your love even in your heart, still on your face, they will double your love.

  It is also possible that your parents will not say this word of love, but you have to say it because they want you to say it because they are old, and they will like you to love them when they are old.

  Friend: Tell your loved ones about your love, your loved ones will know more and get your true love, you will be more warm.

Milk is closely related to the health of the elderly

Milk is closely related to the health of the elderly

The speed of China’s aging is the highest in the world, and the absolute number of people is also the highest in the world.

Relative to the quality of life of the elderly, it is known from the epidemiological survey data that the prevalence of cataract in the elderly over 65 years old is 68.

4%, the prevalence of diabetes is 4.

5%, 60-90% of the elderly suffer from osteoporosis, the prevalence of Alzheimer’s disease is 1.

5%-3%, hospitalization rate 7.

6%, the disability rate is 19.


Poor quality of life indicates that our lifestyle and diet are unreasonable.

  The elderly are healthy and long-lived, and the diet is reasonable and nutrition is the first priority.

Milk is a nutritious food and the best longevity food for the elderly.

Because milk contains all the nutrients necessary for the human body, the quality and composition of these nutrients are suitable for the needs of the human body, especially for the elderly.

It has high absorption rate and high utilization rate, and is an economical and safe nutritious health food.

  Milk contains protein 3.

5%, of which casein accounts for 80%, contains essential amino acids needed by the human body, so the protein in milk is high-quality protein, which is about 3 higher than that of adults in human milk.


8%, of which oleic acid accounts for 33%, so the milk has a low melting point, small particles, a highly dispersed colloidal state, easy to digest and absorb, and traces also contain essential fatty acids and a small amount of lecithin, plasma, plasma ratio in milk.Live meat and eggs are much lower.

  The sugar in milk is mainly lactose, which contains about 4.

6%, less than human milk, its sweetness is 1/8 of sucrose. Lactose has the effect of stimulating intestinal peristalsis and digestive gland secretion, as well as helping lactic acid bacteria to grow and inhibit spoilage bacteria.

  100 grams of milk contains 120 mg of calcium, which is three times that of human milk. If it is divided into two bags of milk per day, it can provide 300 mg of calcium. The calcium in milk is dissolved. The phosphorus in milk is 6 times that of human milk.it’s 1.

4:1, therefore, the calcium absorption rate in milk is high, and milk is the best food for calcium supplementation in the elderly.

In addition, the milk also contains potassium, sodium, magnesium, iron, zinc, copper, selenium and the like.

  The minerals in milk are mainly alkaline substances, so milk is an alkaline food and has the effect of regulating the acid-base balance of the human body.

Stable environmental stability is the basis for disease prevention and disease resistance, as well as the basis for anti-fatigue and anti-aging.

  Milk contains almost all known vitamins, such as vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, vitamin E and carotene.

In summer, the content of vitamins A, D and B2 is high in milk.

The absorption and utilization of these vitamins and calcium is very helpful for implanting cardiac cerebrovascular diseases and anti-tumor.

  Calcium in milk promotes kidney drainage and sodium, and inhibits the secretion of vasopressors.

Older people with high blood pressure, such as 1-2 bags of milk per day, have an adjuvant treatment for high blood pressure, as well as adjusting nervousness and sedation.

  Yogurt is made by fermenting lactic acid bacteria.

Lactic acid lowers the intestinal pH, inhibits the growth of antibiotics, and has antidiarrheal and antiviral effects.

Yogurt can provide immunity to the body, stimulate the body to produce γ-interferon, improve the activity of natural killer cells, promote antibody production, and inhibit or kill tumor cells.

Whole milk also has a similar effect. American scientists recently suggested that drinking whole milk can help prevent cancer. Especially pregnant women with milk contain a small amount of special fatty acids (CLA fatty acids), which can prevent blood cancer, breast cancer, colorectal cancer, ovarian cancer.And play a role in prostate cancer.

  Chinese medicine believes that milk is a nourishing food for the tonic and benefit the stomach, and it is a nourishing food for the five internal organs. It has special effects on the skin dryness and constipation of the elderly.

  Some people are intolerant of lactose in milk, have abdominal distension, abdominal pain, anal exhaust increased, you can use yogurt or add a small amount of cocoa powder.

Older people with stomach ulcers should not drink milk, because milk increases gastric acid secretion, which is not conducive to ulcer surface repair.

  Some people say that milk is a “human nanny”. After the 1960s, the world’s milk production and consumption increased sharply. India and Japan, which were not used to drinking milk, successfully implemented the “white revolution” of developing dairy industry.It reached 60 kilotons, and South Korea was more than 40 kilotons. It was only 14.

Therefore, the promotion and learning of milk consumption should be integrated as part of measures to improve the health of the entire population.

Nine ways to improve the presbyopia

Nine ways to improve the “presbyopia”

Traditional Chinese medicine refers to the presbyopia as “can be far from near”, which means that the eyes are clearer in the distance and close to the vicinity.
The motherland medicine believes that the function of all eyes depends on the maintenance of the internal organs, while the vitality of the organs is hidden in the kidneys. Only the kidneys are full, the kidneys are abundant, and the eyes can get adequate nutrition and play normal functions.
  When people go to middle-aged and old people, the yin essence is insufficient, and the kidney essence begins to decline. Therefore, it is unclear and the distance is unknown.
Some people have headache, eye pain, and ghosting serial.
If you do not pay attention to nursed back to health, hunger and malnutrition, eyesight, depression, depression, and greed, it will increase the consumption of Yin.
The yin essence is deficient and the yang is full. The water of the yin essence can’t make the yang fire, the yin and yang are out of balance, the water and fire are not good, and the eyesight is weakened.
In order to prevent the premature appearance and rapid development of the eye, the first thing to abandon bad habits is to have a normal life, a happy spirit, not excessive use of the eyes, and proper exercise.
The following methods can be used as reference: 1.
Medicinal Tea Health Care The basic principle of Chinese medicine nursed back to health is “the master of strong water, to make sunshine.”
Treatment should be nourishing kidney and nourishing yin, benefiting and improving eyesight.
Such as chrysanthemum, asparagus, rehmannia root, cassia seed, yam, hawthorn meat, wolfberry fruit, scorpion and other medicines, can be fried soup or tea.
Chinese medicine simple tea treatment: such as 枸杞 Cassia tea, take scorpion, grass cassia each 12 grams, with freshly opened blisters, frequent drinking, can receive nourishing liver and kidney, clear liver and eyesight effect.
Qiju green tea: drink water with hazelnuts, chrysanthemums, and green tea. The medlar is more appropriate. When the afternoon tea is colorless, the scorpion will be eaten.
Chinese patent medicines can be used in Mingmu Dihuang Pills, Shiqi Luguang Pills, etc., and it is not advisable to eat peppers and alcoholic foods during the medication.
Chinese medicine fumigation method Some people advocate the Chinese medicine bath, that is, use chrysanthemum, mulberry leaves, bamboo leaves and other Jianshui, heat the steam first eye, after the water temperature, and then wash the eyes with syrup, can achieve the purpose of clearing the liver.
Eyes and Eyes Method Use your eyes to invigorate and maintain your eye muscles when you are free.
At the same time, gently rub your eyes with your hands to improve the moisture of your eyes; try your best to close your eyes when you close your eyes, and then relax your eyes for a while.
Repeat this operation.
Regular eye movements can promote blood circulation in the eye, massage the lens and ciliary muscles, and the eye function is very good.
There are four specific methods:
From a near perspective, each object is selected, and after a short pause, the line of sight is gradually moved from a distance;
Do not move your head, look at the corners of a square building in turn;
Close your eyes for a moment and then suddenly open your eyes. You can also keep your eyes turning when you close your eyes.
Keep your eyes closed, open your eyes after 5 seconds, try to reach a target in the distance, and then look at your nose for 5 seconds after 5 seconds, repeating 3 times.
按摩明目法  每天起床后和就寝前,用双手的中指对准太阳穴,无名指对准鱼腰穴,小指对准攒竹穴,闭眼,适当有节奏地施加压力,按压时略带旋转动作,Each massage for 5 minutes can relieve eye muscle fatigue and make your eyes brighter.
Taro scalp method There are many acupuncture points on the head that can make your eyes bright. Hold your head with both hands and rub your head around your head to make your eyes clear and your eyes bright.
It is also possible to use the drumming method, that is, to hit the head with both fingers.
Guide the vomiting method. The back is straight, inhale with the nose, close the eyes when sucking to the maximum, and then slowly exhale with the mouth.
This will not only make your eyes bright, but also heal tears.
Cold water eye wash method After getting up in the morning, wash your face with cold water and wash your eyes.
First, immerse your face in cold water for 1-2 minutes, open your eyes, keep your eyes spinning in the water, and dry it several times.
Then use your hands to gently rub your face and eye muscles 20-40 times.Long-term persistence, the effect is particularly good.


Hot water application method Wash your face with warm water of 40-50 °C before going to sleep every night.

When washing your face, first soak the towel in hot water, take it out and don’t screw it too dry. Immediately apply heat to the forehead and eyes. Head up, the eyes are temporarily lightly closed, heat for 1-2 minutes, then use water after the temperature is lowered.Wash your face.

With eyes and eyes, one must pay attention to not contempt, contempt and even consumption, and damage God.

In life, you should avoid the glare of the eyes, such as direct sunlight, electric welding light, strong lightning, disco laser.

Second, we must pay attention to myopia, “Nei Jing” pointed out: “Long-term injury.

“In the work, study, it is advisable to keep your eyes closed and raise your eyes; look at writing or watching TV. Don’t last too long.”

While paying attention to eye hygiene, avoid eating spicy and irritating foods, and should also do eye exercises, etc., to eliminate eye fatigue.

  The above summary of presbyopia health care methods, do not have to do all, readers can choose two or three according to their own situation, you insist.

Osmanthus fragrans plum sweet soup Yiwei Shengjin relieves fatigue

Osmanthus fragrans plum sweet soup Yiwei Shengjin relieves fatigue

The efficacy of sweet-scented osmanthus plum sweet soup In terms of modern nutrition, the soup has a rich organic acid content, such as citric acid, malic acid, and citric acid, which can effectively inhibit the production of lactic acid and relieve fatigue, and can eliminate the aging of blood vessels.Harmful substances.

Osmanthus fragrans has a good dual value of medicine and food.

Its temperature, taste, into the lungs, large intestine, decoction, tea or soaked in the internal polysaccharides, there are warm and cold, warm stomach and pain, phlegm and phlegm, the loss of daily appetite, cough, acne, ulcer disease, trans-abdominal pain is enough to help the effect.

Ume is sour, which means that the licorice is sweet.

The combination of ebony and licorice can play the role of “sour and nourish yin”.

Heat is easy to hurt the body fluid, plus everyone sweating, water reduction is insufficient, it is very prone to syndromes of yin and jin loss, showing fatigue, headache, dizziness, dry mouth, short urine, dry stool, etc.When the ebony and the licorice are combined with the main sweet soup, it can effectively prevent this kind of syndrome of heat stroke.

Need to remind everyone that the ebony used here is dry ebony, not a snack in the supermarket, but a Chinese medicine sold in a Chinese pharmacy.

Chinese medicine believes that sour taste into the liver, sweet taste into the spleen and stomach.

In summer, everyone is prone to anger and spleen and stomach. At this time, it is advisable to eat more acid and sweet taste. Not only can it reduce stagnation and stagnation, but it can also lower the liver fire and help the spleen and stomach to transport, thus better nourishing the internal organs.

The practice materials of sweet-scented osmanthus plum sweet soup: 10 grams of sweet-scented osmanthus, 30 grams of ebony, 10 grams of hawthorn, 5 grams of licorice, 2 grams of dried tangerine peel, crystal sugar.

Production: All materials are cleaned, and the rest of the materials except osmanthus are placed in corrugated, and 1500ml of mineral water (about 6 bowls of water) is added for 30 minutes.

Then boil with martial arts, then simmer for about 30 minutes, then add osmanthus and the right amount of rock sugar, stir and cook for about 5 minutes and turn off the heat.

Filter the soup residue and mix it with the juice. If you like cold drinks, you can add it to the refrigerator and freeze it.

This is 3-4 people.

Efficacy: relieve heat and relieve trouble, benefit stomach and stomach, flat liver and reduce fire.

How to treat allergic rhinitis?

Experts teach you rhinitis self therapy

How to treat allergic rhinitis?
Experts teach you rhinitis self therapy

First, Chinese medicine method: 1.

Chinese medicine method: use Na Ningling spray, spray 3-4 times a day, use the head slightly raised, try to spray deep into the nasal cavity, so that the agent contacts the nasal mucosa, this therapy is convenient to use, the treatment effect is very good, may be rhinitisPatient’s love.

It is the most effective and most effective traditional Chinese medicine for rhinitis.


Chinese medicine method: 3 grams of Chinese medicine Xinyi, 10 grams of musk, only with Xinyi, boiling water 5?
10 minutes, first use its hot air to fumigate the nose for a few minutes, then quote, drink frequently, and stick to it for a long time.

Second, the bee venom method: the method of using bee stings, because bee venom contains substances that improve allergic resistance, it is said that it can also cure, but this method has certain danger, can not be abused by itself, because many people are allergic to bee venomSo you need to consult a professional person.

Third, eat honey method: eat honey once a day, 2 times a spoonful, if you want to use water to wash the clothes must be washed with warm water, too cold water will lead to diarrhea, water temperature more than 80 degrees, honey will produce toxins.

Note: This method is only suitable for patients with pollen or grass allergy (known as hay), so it is recommended that you go to the hospital for an allergen test before the test to determine if you are allergic due to pollen or grass allergy.Rhinitis can only be used.

Fourth, cold water wash nasal method: every morning after getting up, use a basin of cold water, immerse the whole nose in water and inhale slightly, so that the water enters the nasal cavity and nasal mucosa to fully contact, be careful not to use too much force, this method should be used with caution by children, so as to avoid sputumwater.

This method requires a long-term adherence effect, which improves the adaptability of the nasal mucosa, especially for allergic snuff caused by seasonal and temperature changes, and can effectively improve the immunity of the cold, but there will be nasal congestion when first used., nasal acid, runny nose and other symptoms.

Five, food therapy: regular consumption of white robe and carrots can effectively alleviate allergic rhinitis, especially white robe, can also improve respiratory immunity, especially for treatment and treatment is particularly helpful.

In addition, avoid regular meals at the right time, try to eat less fish, meat, so as not to cause rhinitis caused by fire, you can eat some pears to clear the lungs.

It is also very important: patients with allergic rhinitis must not eat loofah during the onset of illness, and the disease will be aggravated after eating loofah.

Sixth, exercise body method: allergic rhinitis on its pathological analysis, because the patient is rich in allergens, when the patient’s physical and body immunity decline, allergies appear, the ability to adapt to sensitive substances decline, leading to allergic symptoms.

Therefore, by exercising the body, the physical condition can be enhanced, the immunity can be improved, the ability to adapt to allergic substances can be enhanced, and the purpose of treatment can be achieved.

The specific method is: running, fitness, increase outdoor sports, if the body allows, you can exercise the cold water bath properly, but be careful to wait until you don’t sweat.

Long-term persistence can also have a good effect.

Common self-therapy for allergic rhinitis: First, food therapy 1.

Peanuts do not remove clothes, 45 grams, 100 grams of previous rice, boiled with porridge, add crystal sugar, eat.

This side has the effect of replenishing the spleen and stomach and removing the dampness.

Applicable to allergic rhinitis spleen and stomach weakness.


茯苓 30 grams, boil water 3 times, go to the slag, leave the soup, and 250 grams of flour, pork lean and onion ginger mixed with stuffing, make buns.

Eat a few daily.

This side has the effect of replenishing the spleen and replenishing qi.

Applicable to allergic rhinitis with facial yellow fat, loose stools.


10 grams of soybean meal, boiled soup, to the residue, add 10 grams of brown sugar, hot and sintered.

This side has the effect of relieving cold and dispelling cold.

For allergic rhinitis with nasal congestion and chills.


6 slices of ginger, 6 segments of scallion, a total of soup, add brown sugar, take it hot.

This side has the effect of warming and dispelling cold.

Applicable to the author of allergic rhinitis after being chilled by the rain.

Second, massage therapy 1.
Acupuncture cupping: big vertebrae, Feishu, spleen.
Once every other day.


God cupping: Pull out the cans for 3 minutes with a cupping, and then pull out 3 times, for 3 days for a course of treatment.

If you do not heal for 3 days, then treat a course of treatment.


Jujube has anti-oxidation effect, 10 per day, boiled water and drink, long-term use also has curative effect.


Shenque application: 10 grams of Codonopsis, 7 grams of Atractylodes, 5 grams of dried ginger, 3 grams of moxibustion licorice, diphenhydramine hydrochloride 1.

25 grams, the first 4 drugs are pressed together with fine powder, mixed with diphenhydramine powder for use.

Take 0.

2 grams of powder is placed in the umbilicus, fixed by conventional method, and changed once every 3-7 days.

It usually takes 1-4 weeks to be cured or significantly improved.


Drop sesame oil to treat allergic rhinitis: ordinary edible sesame oil, three to five times a day, about five drops each time, drip into the nose.

Do not drop when the nasal congestion is serious, you can change the position, wait until the nose is ventilated, and then drain the nose.

The three-character classics of Jia Mingchao, a 96-year-old man in Sheqi County

The “three-character classics” of Jia Mingchao, a 96-year-old man in Sheqi County

Profile picture Longteng Nanyang Xunshe Banner County has a 96-year-old retired cadre Jia Mingchao, although he is nearly a hundred years old, but his spirits are sturdy, his waist is straight, his reaction ability and verbal expression are not diminished, except for his ears, his health is not good.The indicators are good.

In particular, his health “San Zi Jing” is inextricably linked with today’s “healthy China”.

Telling the revolutionary story inherits the red gene and tells the revolutionary story that Jia Mingchao can raise the spirit.

Whether at home or at school, military camps, no matter how many people there are, as long as they mention the things they have experienced personally, they are endless, eloquent, and the details of each story are vividly painted, so that the other party can enjoy it.

The three brothers squatted on the iron shovel to find the landlord, and when they beat the temple, they captured three militia soldiers. In Tanghe’s anti-hegemonism, he remembered it.

In this way, one to two to let his heart’s sorrow and troubles forget everything.

In 2015, the “I love the motherland” theme education and the “listening to the grandfather telling stories” activities carried out by the social education system of the Sheqi County, Jia Mingchao was invited to the Red Memorial Hall of Zhangxinzhai to tell the children the revolutionary stories and let the children listen to them.If you are drunk, take a group photo around him.

Read newspapers and TVs to master relevant knowledge, “Party History Expo”, “Old Spring and Autumn”, “Henan Daily”, “Nanyang Daily”, “Nanyang Evening News”, “Southern Morning News”, etc. are the must-read publications for the elderly. After retiring, he read the newspaper and read it.On the TV program, the compulsory course of “Geriatric University” is not allowed to be beaten. It is a good day to understand the international trend, master the central policy, know the development of the flag, and be familiar with the secrets of health.

But one thing, every time he reads newspapers, reads books, and watches the news, he always keeps a certain distance to prevent presbyopia and myopia.

His vision is now good, no matter whether he or she is wearing glasses.

The law of life will always be poor and clean. In the diet, according to Jia Ming’s own words, it is “rough tea, eat and eat”, never picky, not corrupt.

Usually, his staple foods are mainly corn bran, millet, porridge, rolled vermicelli, hand-picked noodles, steamed clams; non-staple foods are mainly eggs, eat a boiled egg in the morning, and seasoned with green onions and sauteed at noon.egg.
He seldom eats meat and even eats dumplings that are mutton or pork.

In the work schedule, he used to follow the rules of the army. At 7 o’clock in winter, he got up at 5 o’clock in the summer, never slept, and went to the room and the bed to clean up, neatly arranged and well-regulated.

Then, move around in the yard or on the street for a while, then climb the stairs.

In the evening, the winter is generally 8 o’clock, and the summer usually rests at 10 o’clock.

Nanyang Newspaper Media Group All-Media Reporter Jin Du correspondent Zhao Lanqi Song Qingxu

The fatal crisis in the bathroom door

The fatal crisis in the bathroom door

Recently, the US “Health” magazine reported that many seemingly taken care of home furnishing, in fact hidden hidden dangers, here to help you find unreasonable mix.

  The bedside is placed on the bookshelf.

  Many people are used to placing a bookcase by the bed in order to read in bed.

But the study found that the bookshelf at the bedside became an allergen that you can’t imagine.

Bookshelves and books are easy to collect dust, and cleaning is not thorough, it will cause dust to fall on the sheets and quilts.

Long-term exposure of the skin to these dusts can easily cause allergies.

In addition, some people like to put a variety of jewelry on the shelf, the gap between these ornaments is very difficult to clean, but also the place where dust and bacteria multiply.

If you have to put a bookcase in the bedroom, you should leave the bed at least 1 meter, preferably without jewelry.

  The coffee table is carpeted underneath.

  The coffee table has a thick carpet, which is both stylish and beautiful. It is also very comfortable to put on both feet, but it also brings health concerns.

Many people are used to eating at the coffee table. Once the biscuit slag, juice, etc. fall on it, they will be hidden in the fiber. The cleaning is not completely rotted and deteriorates, breeding insects and bacteria.

If the foot touches an unclean carpet, it will cause degradation.

  The phone is placed next to the fish tank.

  Zhang Longming pointed out that under normal circumstances, when someone hears the phone ringing, someone will be anxious to answer the phone.

At this time, it is very easy to cause major instability. If you accidentally hit the fish tank, it may cause a big disaster, and even have a life worry.

  Put a foot pad on the door of the bathroom.

  “The floor mats in the bathroom make it very easy to breed bacteria.

Zhang Longming said that the bathroom is very close, the moisture on the soles will all be on the floor mats, and it is inevitable to breed bacteria.

In addition, the soles of the feet are slippery, and if the pads are not laid out, they fall due to slipping under the feet.

Secret: four reasons for getting fat after marriage

Secret: four reasons for getting fat after marriage

After the marriage, the previous single life has changed, and the woman’s body shape seems to be changing. Marriage makes the woman’s body begin to look like, why?

Look at the obesity trap below to understand.

  Trap 1 – Time spent at home more than going out because it has become a couple, many people get along from the cinema, the park, the suburbs to the sofa at home.

You don’t have to walk around, you don’t have to schedule appointments, the amount of exercise is greatly reduced, or even not.

  Suggestion: Play downstairs after dinner, or go out for a picnic on the weekend. Happy outdoor exercise will be more fun.

  Trap 2 – When two people eat their appetites before they are single, three meals may not be eaten regularly, or they may be used as a meal with a bowl of instant noodles or instant noodles.

After living together, the wife will generally take care of her husband’s daily diet and end the days of “clothing and eating”.

And two people cook and eat, together with talking and laughing will be extraordinarily happy, good mood, appetite is good, weight is more likely to rise.

After dinner, the scene of the man sending the woman back home will not be reappeared, and both husband and wife will “figh” to the sofa in the living room to watch TV, eat some snacks to pass the time, and “happiness” will unconsciously accumulate.

  Suggestion: Do not put snacks on the tea table, it is best to do fitness exercises while watching TV.

The two-person cooperative exercise method will not let you relax wholeheartedly, it will exercise your body’s texture coordination and softness, and it will be full of energy. Trap 3 – After marriage becomes lax, before marriage, two people are in loveIt may be too happy or sad for a little thing to eat.

Love has transferred a lot of people’s hobbies for food, until the person who loves to eat will spend more time on the lover, and naturally will maintain a good body.

After the marriage, the new people immediately replaced all the heavy burdens, many of them no longer pay attention to appearance as before, and often did not sweat in the gym.

  Suggestion: Do a double fitness card, doing yoga for two is not bad.

  Trap 4 – Late dinner time To increase feelings, a large number of newlyweds choose to have dinner.

I have enough work, I can’t eat together every day, wait until 9 or even 10 in the evening to eat, and in order to ensure that there is enough energy to continue working tomorrow, I will go to bed after eating at 12 o’clock, but at this time, the stomach is not enough.The time to digest food makes it easier to accumulate body fat.

  Suggestion: Eat a reasonable diet, don’t wait to wait.

Choose a good digestive food for dinner, and the time to eat must be more than two hours away from the sleeping time.

The correct bathing order makes you healthier

The correct bathing order makes you healthier

Do you know the correct bathing order?

It is said that 99% of the people are wrong to bathe a lot of things related to beauty, and in order to eliminate fatigue, improve sleep has a good effect.

But you may not know that bathing is in the right order: wash your face, take a shower, wash your hair.

  One of the “Bathing Overtures”: Why do you want to wash your face first?

It turns out that when you enter the shower room, when the hot water is turned on, it will produce steam, and the pores of the human body will expand when heated, so if you don’t wash your face first, you will accumulate a lot of dirty things for a day.It will sneak into your pores when your pore door opens.

Over time, your pores will be squeezed by these dirty things, overlapping the territory that should not belong to them. The acne on your face will be more and more, but never trust others to you.Said “beautiful beautiful acne”.

  In addition, don’t think that you will not be attacked by dust when you sleep at night, so the number of times you wash your face in one day should be: get up once, once before lunch break, and once in the evening before bathing, three times in total.

Wash your face with warm water when bathing, because if you use high temperature water for a long time, it will cause skin aging, so be sure to wash your face with warm water to keep your skin youthful.

  ”Bathing Prelude” 2: The water temperature can be hot when taking a bath, which can effectively promote metabolism, speed up blood circulation, expand pores, and completely discharge body sweat.

Every kilogram of sweat that the human body emits can take away 540 cards per second.

Let yourself shower for about 10 minutes in hot water at 40 degrees Celsius, you can consume 200 calories!

Happily reducing the fat in a relaxing bath, it really kills two birds with one stone.

  However, the time should be controlled within 20 minutes and the ventilation should be good.

When taking a shower, close your eyes and try to relax.

Let the sprinklers sway back and forth on the skin. After some bathing, the skin and mood can be fully decompressed.

  ”Bathing Overture” 3: Shampoo hair restores moisture in the sputum of steam. At this time, the best moment to wash your hair has arrived.

  First apply the shampoo to the hair in the water, then put the hair on the top of the top for a while, rinse with water, remember to rinse it, then evenly apply the cream or conditioner, gently massage three to fiveMinutes, comb with a wide-toothed comb and wash.

Finally, rinse thoroughly with water.

Since then, the bathing trilogy of “Water Bath Beauty” has been announced to be completed.

What are the daily needs of vertigo?

What are the daily needs of vertigo?

What is the performance of vertigo?

For people with vertigo, most of them will have symptoms of dizziness, occasionally accompanied by nausea and refusal to vomit. So many people ignore that they are suffering from this disease, often appearingDizziness, vomiting when you do not know, let’s take a look at the performance and care of vertigo.

The performance of vertigo 1. Most patients with vertigo will suddenly have vertigo, which means that the surrounding objects will rotate or shake horizontally in a certain direction. As long as the eyes are closed for a certain period of time, the symptoms will be restored or eliminated.

2, some patients with vertigo will be accompanied by nausea, vomiting, blood pressure, cold sweat or pale complexion, these symptoms will disappear after a few minutes to a few hours of rest, and then enter the intermittent period.

During this short period of time, someone happened only once, and some people repeatedly relapsed, and how long the interval is, varies from person to person.

3, the phenomenon of tinnitus during the onset of vertigo, the initial is a low-pitched sound, the conversion of the disease development or aggravation will become a high-pitched continuous tone, tinnitus increased when the vertigo attack.

4, recurrent vertigo occurs, repeated tinnitus will also have a certain impact on the ears, hearing damage, severe unconscious deafness, mostly unilateral deafness.

In addition to tinnitus, patients with excessive vertigo also reported that during the onset of vertigo, they felt dizzy, and there was a heavy rise in the ear and a burning sensation around the ears.

Daily care measures for vertigo 1. The vertigo should be kept quiet, have a good mood, ensure redundant sleep and rest, avoid excessive brain use and nervousness.

Diet should be light, appropriate to participate in physical exercise.

2, vertigo caused by cervical spondylosis, you should change the appropriate pillow during sleep, to avoid long-term low-head work, should pay attention to keep warm.

3, vertigo caused by high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, we must constantly measure blood pressure, maintain blood pressure, control diet and blood lipids, diet should be light, emotional stability.

4, vertigo caused by anemia should be appropriate to increase nutrition, can be applied to food therapy and adjuvant medication.

The above is some daily measures for the care of vertigo for everyone.

After reading it, do you have any understanding of the patients who are dizzy and how to care for dizziness? In addition to the above-mentioned nursing measures, it is also necessary to properly adjust the patient’s eating habits around you.