[70 Actors vs. 10,000 Actresses]

[70 Actors vs. 10,000 Actresses]

Japan’s AV industry is developed, and most people think that being a male actor is one of the most “sexual” blessings in life.

But the fact is that the number of professional male front-line active men in Japan is only 70, but the number of active female front-line workers is tens of thousands.

Such an imbalanced sex ratio in the workplace makes these male actors superimposed.

According to reports, Japanese AV director Takio Jiro is about to launch a documentary film to showcase the status of Japanese male actors to the outside world, allowing people to understand the sadness of this seemingly heavenly job.

Director Yujiro has been shooting AV for more than 20 years and his number of works exceeds 2000.

The film is scheduled to premiere in Shibuya, Japan on February 23 this year. It is called “The Way of Survival of AV Actors”. The film interviews 20 well-known AV actors in Japan, including the male goddess Kato.Eagles, Yoko Agawa (72 times), the highest number of ejaculations in a single month, and other brilliant people.

The film mentions that Japan releases an average of over 4,500 new films per month, with an annual output value of 550 billion yen (about 3.3 billion yuan), more than 10,000 actresses, and only 70 men. The huge workload is evident.

Japanese AV boys are mainly employed part-time, and some of them are college students.

Complete data shows that 1 in 200 women in Japan has participated in AV movies.

The film is mainly to expand the Japanese AV leaders from the perspective of male actors. The film begins with STDs and sexual skills, and then extends to explore the changes of male actors, their feelings, and the shooting style. The purpose is to make the public trulyGet the most out of this seemingly mysterious world.


[Is the peach hot?]_ Peach_Action_Efficacy

[Is the peach hot?]_ Peach_Action_Efficacy

In the summer, the Lingling peach is on the market, and the peach is the most delicious one. It has a strong aroma, a sweet taste, and a thick juicy body. It can be said that the nutritional value is extremely rich, but many people dare not eat peaches, and they are worried about the honeyPeach may get angry. In fact, there are many warming effects in the food, with slight heat. Peach is generally not easy to get angry. Peach is a mild food.

Do peaches get angry? Juicy peaches may get angry.

Foods have five natures. Juicy peaches are warm fruits. These fruits have a slight heat. If the body is biased toward hotness, or excessive consumption of peaches, they will get angry.

How peaches eat peaches do not cause anger. Peach is used as a normal fruit. Whether it is eaten before, after or between meals, as long as you do n’t eat too much, it will not cause anger.

What is good to eat when peaches are on fire? Juicy peaches are mild foods. Excessive consumption can cause inflammation in the body. Therefore, proper consumption of some cold foods at the same time can reduce the heat in the body and avoidfire.
Common cold foods are: millet, mung bean, cucumber, bitter gourd, okra, duck meat and so on.

Someone is not suitable for eating peaches1.

Juicy peach is a mild food. Therefore, people with yin deficiency and deficiency of fire are not suitable for eating peach, so as not to cause the fire.


Juicy peaches are high in water and sugar and suitable for fungal growth. Therefore, peaches with damage are not suitable for eating.


Do not give peaches to infants, peaches contain a large number of macromolecular substances, and infants and young children have poor gastrointestinal dialysis ability, can not digest, and easily cause gastrointestinal diseases.

[The practice of fresh fish gelatin]_ production method _ practice Daquan

[The practice of fresh fish gelatin]_ production method _ practice Daquan

Too much beauty-loving homes have purchased a lot of fish gelatine. Fish gelatine and bird’s nest, shark fin and other maintenance substances have very similar effects. It is mainly for collagen supplementation on the skin surface. If you find that your skin has sagging skin,For the symptoms of long wrinkles, you should eat more fish gelatin to make your face younger. Therefore, it is necessary to understand some methods of making fresh fish gelatin to maximize the nutrition.

About fish gelatin Fish gelatin is a kind of high-nutrition food. It is one of the famous “Eight Treasures”. This food reaches the pupa of some aquatic fish, and it is an important organ for fish to regulate the floating in water.

It is believed that after processing and processing, a dry product is obtained, and because this food is rich in gum, it is called fish gelatin.

How to eat fish gelatine 1. Fish gelatine stewed chicken fish gelatine can be put together with chicken and stewed in soup. You need to prepare a black chicken when making it, and appropriate amount of red date and ginger with fish gelatine, as well as salt and cooking wine.some.

After the chicken is cleaned, chop it into pieces, blanch it with boiling water, remove the water after removing it, then pit the red dates, smash the ginger, soak the fish gelatin in water, cut into pieces after soaking, and mix with chicken pieces and otherPut the ingredients together in the soup pot, add an appropriate amount of water, add cooking wine and edible salt together to make a soup.

2. Fish gelatin Tremella Soup Fish gelatin Tremella soup not only has a seductive taste, but also has excellent beauty effects. Usually, you need to prepare a fish gelatine in the right amount.

Soak the fish gelatine with water in advance and cut it into small pieces, soak the white fungus in advance with water, add a small flower after washing, add it to the pot with fish gelatine, cook with water and rock sugar, and cook it.Just cook for another half an hour.

3. Fish gelatine stewed with fresh milk Fish gelatine and fresh milk are particularly delicious when stewed together. You need to prepare a fish gelatine when making it, 250 grams of pure milk and 50 grams of rock sugar.

The semi-prepared fish gelatin is soaked in clear water for 24 hours in advance. After soaking, it is taken out and cut into small pieces, and then placed in an electric pressure cooker. Then add pure milk and rock sugar, and cook them together in a pressure cooker for half an hour.

[How to fry dried river fish]_Frying method_How to make

[How to fry dried river fish]_Frying method_How to make

After the river fish is dried, the taste will change to a certain degree, and many people like to eat dried river fish, because dried river fish may have some special flavors, while reducing the fishy smell.

In the cooking process, we can also use dried river fish. We should pay attention to the mix of ingredients, because the river fish itself has a salty taste, and we can reduce the salt.

So, how to fry dried river fish is the best?

Any notes?

1. Crispy fried fish dried ingredients: dried fish 500 grams, salad oil amount.

Method: Wash the small dried fish with water, soak it for a while, and remove the control water.

Add oil to the clean pot, and fry the dried fish until it is hot (50% off, turn it over in the middle), and put it on the kitchen paper to absorb the oil and eat.

2, bacon steamed dried fish material: dried fish, bacon, raw oil, soy sauce, sugar, cooking wine, ginger.

Method: Dried fish, cut into bacon, put in a good size on the plate, spread ginger, pour the raw oil, soy sauce, sugar, cooking wine, steam for 10 minutes.

3, the practice of fried fish material: 4-5 dried fish, moderate flour, 2 green peppers, 1 parsley, 2 garlic seeds, 2 slices of ginger, cooking wine, soy sauce, red chopped pepper, pepperSome, least salt, more chicken.

Method: Put dried fish in a pressure cooker for 3-5 minutes, so that the dried fish is soft.

: After the lid is covered, the fish is dried with water, covered with flour, and a half of a pan of oil is added to the pan. The dried fish is started to fry until it is golden and crispy on both sides, and all the dried fish is ready for use.

After the dried fish is fried, wash it in a pan, then pour in a small amount of oil again, add garlic seeds, ginger, pepper, and stir-fry, add dried fish and stir fry for a while, add salt, cooking wine, soy sauce, chopped pepper, green pepper and stir fry evenly, Cover the lid and simmer for a while.

Add chicken essence and parsley and stir-fry evenly after opening.

4. Stir Ankang fish dried ingredients: Ankang dried fish, red pepper, garlic, garlic, salt, soy sauce, sugar, balsamic vinegar, sesame oil, fish sauce, oyster sauce.

Method: Dried Ankang fish soaked in water for 24 hours; put the dried Ankang fish in a pot and steam for 20 minutes; cut garlic garlic and red pepper into segments; mash the garlic into garlic, and place the garlic in a bowl.Add salt, raw soy sauce, sugar, balsamic vinegar, sesame oil, fish sauce, oyster sauce, and mix well in a bowl. Steam the dried fish and let it cool into pieces. Mix red pepper, garlic moss, and fish pieces with garlic.Stir well.

[Can I eat protein powder to grow taller?]_ Action_Benefits

[Can I eat protein powder to grow taller?]_ Action_Benefits

There are many factors for growth. The most important factor is the genetic factor, followed by factors such as diet and exercise.

For young people, it is good to eat some protein powder properly, which is beneficial to the nutritional replacement of the body. It also has a certain promotion effect in terms of growth. Of course, as others, when eating protein powder,Also pay attention not to eat too much to avoid causing weight gain.

Can I eat protein powder to grow taller? 1. Participate in the composition and metabolism of the body. Protein is an important nutrient. Its existence is closely related to various activities of life, such as participation in the composition and metabolism of the body, and genetic information.Composition and metabolism, while also providing the body with quantum.

2. The degree of digestion, absorption, and utilization by the human body is also very different. There are extremely many types of proteins. Proteins from different food sources can be digested, absorbed, and utilized by the body at different degrees. Therefore, the nutritional value of different types of proteins is somewhat different.The main factor determining the nutritional value of proteins is the type and content of essential amino acids in the protein.

Amino acid score (AAS) is a commonly used indicator to evaluate the type and content of essential amino acids in proteins.

3. The protein intake for healthy people, “Residential Supplements for Chinese Residents”, recommends that the daily protein intake per adult is 65?
90 grams, or 10% of total energy?
12% can meet metabolic needs.

In addition, protein intake varies depending on the age, weight, and labor intensity of the person.

Children and adolescents during growth and development, and women during pregnancy or lactation generally have higher protein requirements.

Protein powder is used with caution in the crowd 1. Patients with liver disease have problems with the processing and use of protein by the liver, and the protein intake should be appropriately increased.

However, for patients with liver coma and advanced liver cirrhosis, supplying too much protein will increase the burden on the liver and exacerbate the disease. Animal protein should be limited.

And because of the ammonia it produces in the body, it can cause or aggravate liver coma, so some patients can choose some plant protein supplemented with branched chain amino acids, especially soy protein.

Because branched chain amino acids are mainly metabolized in muscle, they have a protective effect on liver function.

2. Newborns should not eat protein powder. Should they choose a protein content of 10%?
20% milk powder.

3, gout patients should be careful to choose to eat soy protein as the main protein powder.

Because the purines in soybeans can cause increased uric acid in the body, promote or worsen gout.

However, some brands of soy protein powder have been specially treated to reduce the purine content.

[Eating Hairy Crab and Drinking Liquor]_ Crab _ Eat Together

[Eating Hairy Crab and Drinking Liquor]_ Crab _ Eat Together

Hairy crabs are a type of seafood. Seafood is generally rich in protein and calcium, so many people prefer to eat seafood, but some people who are allergic to seafood cannot eat seafood, and there are many foods that cannot be eaten with seafood.After eating, it will cause food poisoning. The alcohol content of liquor is relatively high, so you ca n’t eat anything when you drink liquor, can you eat hair crab?

Crab can be eaten with white wine, but rice is best served with crab.

“Book of Jin · Huazhuo Biography”: “I have had wine for several months, and at two o’clock, I put two heads of sweetness, holding a wine glass on the right, crab crab on the left, and taking a photo in the floating wine pond, which is enough for a lifetime.

“At least the verse:” September regiment umbilical October tip, hold fast to drinking chrysanthemum days. ”

It can be seen that drinking liquor in ancient China could eat crabs.

In particular, people with intestinal colds often have abdominal pain and diarrhea after eating crabs. If they are accompanied by liquors that promote blood circulation and dispel cold, they can alleviate or eliminate the discomfort after eating crabs.

Crab protein has high cholesterol and high purity. Gout patients should self-control when eating. People who cause colds, hepatitis, and cardiovascular diseases should not eat crabs.

China has a tradition of eating river crabs before and after the Mid-Autumn Festival. Because traditional Chinese medicine believes that crabs are cold, ginger, perilla and other spices are often used to configure crabs.

Extended information Don’t exceed three crabs per meal: People with high blood lipids, especially those with coronary heart disease, should eat less.

From the perspective of Chinese medicine, crabs are cold foods. It is best not to eat too much at a time. As for the specific amount of food to eat, you should judge according to your physical fitness and tolerance.the amount.

In addition, crabs are high-purity urinary foods, those with weak body functions and abdominal pain and diarrhea. Patients with high blood uric acid or gout will aggravate the disease.

People who are allergic to seafood and skin diseases should not eat it.

[What foods cannot be eaten with crabs?

]_Contraindications_Food with grams

[What foods cannot be eaten with crabs?
]_Contraindications_Food with grams

Crab is a food that many women prefer to eat, and whether it is river crab or sea crab, they will eat it as long as it is crab.

However, crab is actually a kind of cold food, so you should pay attention to it when eating, especially women cannot eat crabs during menstruation, otherwise it will cause great trouble to the body.

So the question is, what are the foods you can’t eat with crabs?

Foods that ca n’t be eaten with crabs 1. Sweet potatoes cannot be eaten after eating crabs. When eating crabs, we must pay attention not to drink sweet potatoes, because the combination of them will show symptoms of diarrhea, and stones in severe casesPossible.

2. Don’t eat honey after eating crabs. Honey can’t be matched with honey before or after eating crabs, because they are cold foods, and people with bad stomachs are prone to diarrhea.

3. After eating crabs, you cannot eat persimmons. After eating crabs, you cannot eat persimmons. I think everyone should be familiar with this.

Both are cold foods. Mixing them together can easily hurt the stomach, and those with weak constitutions should pay more attention.

In addition, persimmon contains high acid and crab protein residues. When they meet, they will solidify into fermented acid protein, which is not easy to digest and prevents digestive function. If the food stays in the intestine for fermentation, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, etcFood poisoning.

4. After eating crabs, you ca n’t eat pears. The reason is the same as that of persimmons. After eating crabs, you ca n’t eat pears. Tao Hongjing ‘s “Famous Doctors’ Records” states: “Pears are cold and cold, and they eat more.

Like the persimmons mentioned above, the pears are sweet and cold, and the crabs are also cold. At the same time, it is easy to hurt the stomach.

5, can not eat peanuts after eating crabs.

Peanut has a sweet taste, and a small amount of 45%, is a greasy food.

Greasy things can cause diarrhea when they are cold and profitable, so you ca n’t eat peanuts after eating crabs. People with weak stomachs should keep in mind that they do n’t want to hurt their appetite.

6, can not eat rabbit meat after eating crabs, crabs cannot eat rabbit meat, the same food can lead to food poisoning.

[Can I drink beer with anti-inflammatory drugs?]

[Can I drink beer with anti-inflammatory drugs?]

Beer is a kind of alcohol that many people like to drink, and in the hot summer, if there is a glass of cold beer, it is a super cool thing.

Because the degree of beer is relatively low compared to white wine and red wine, both men and women like to drink it.

However, everyone knows that many alcohols and drugs have a counteracting effect. Can I continue to drink beer after taking anti-inflammatory drugs?

You cannot drink alcohol after taking anti-inflammatory drugs. You cannot drink alcohol after taking any drugs. Light infection affects the effects of drugs, affects the anti-inflammatory effects of drugs, and leads to poisoning and death.

So you can’t drink after taking medicine!

After drinking anti-inflammatory drugs and drinking, how to do after drinking anti-inflammatory drugs, observe the consequences 1.

If the drug instructions are anti-inflammatory drugs and other drugs that can cause adverse reactions with alcohol, the instructions in the instructions generally indicate that the drug should be abstained or avoided within one week after the drug is used, so be sure to read the drug instructions clearly.


If the symptom is an anti-inflammatory drug that can have an adverse reaction with alcohol, the symptoms will usually be corrected immediately after drinking the anti-inflammatory drug. If there is no discomfort, special treatment is generally not required.

Seek medical treatment as needed to see if you have headaches, nausea, vomiting, chest tightness, shortness of breath, or shortness of breath after taking anti-inflammatory drugs after drinking alcohol. Immediately go to the hospital for treatment immediately.

Consequences of drinking alcohol after taking anti-inflammatory drugs Although antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs are completely different medicines, the anti-inflammatory drugs we usually talk about generally include antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs.


Consequences of antibiotics such as metronidazole and cephalosporins can cause disulfiram-like reactions with alcohol after taking antibiotics. Blushing, blurred vision, nausea, vomiting, limb weakness, drowsiness, headache, palpitation, chest tightness, and even blood pressure.Decline, respiratory depression, shock and other reactions, severe cases may cause sudden death, so it is best not to drink alcohol during antibiotics.


Consequences of drinking anti-inflammatory drugs after taking anti-inflammatory drugs Aspirin, paracetamol, Qutong tablets, and other anti-inflammatory and analgesic anti-inflammatory drugs and alcohol can stimulate and damage the insulin mucosa. Their combined use can easily cause acute gastric mucosal damage or recurrence of ulcers, leadingGastrointestinal bleeding, so it is best not to drink alcohol.

Tips Regardless of whether you take anti-inflammatory drugs that can cause a double-flow wheelchair reaction with alcohol, it is best not to drink alcohol during the medication, and drinking itself may have adverse effects on the body, so the alcohol that should be rejected must be rejected.

[Gynecological diseases related to your husband]

[Gynecological diseases related to your husband]

The most intimate partner in the journey of life is the husband and wife; however, certain gynecological diseases suffered by women are often closely related to the husband . Injury: The damage of female sexual organs is mostly related to the sexual life of husband and wife, such as vulvar abrasion, vaginaTearing (especially rupture deep in the vagina), damage to the vaginal fornix, etc.

Most of these injuries occur during newlywed honeymoon, puerperium, lactation, or due to various reasons such as poor development of reproductive organs, rough sexual intercourse, improper posture, and weak vaginal mucosa in elderly women.

The obvious manifestation of sexual organ damage is blood replacement and pain after sexual intercourse.

Once sexual intercourse damage occurs, do not taboo against medical treatment.

Treatment should be checked in time to prevent future complications.

If there is congenital dysplasia, it should be treated in time.


[Recipe for Five Treasure Tea]_How to do_How to do

[Recipe for Five Treasure Tea]_How to do_How to do

In our life, there are many patients with kidney deficiency. Some kidney deficiency patients will choose to exercise if they want to improve their physique, or drink some more nutritious tea, eat some nutritional products and few people will choose to take medicine.

After all, it is a medicine with three points of poison. There is a tea that is more kidney-enriching, which is called Wubao Tea. He is made up of five herbs that are more kidney-enriching. So what is the formula of Wubao tea?

Wubao Bushen Tea Formula 1, there are many formulas of Wubao Bushen Tea. A common formula is wolfberry, dodder, schisandra, raspberry and plantain.

The specific method is to grind 250 grams of wolfberry, 250 grams of dodder, 125 grams of raspberry, 30 grams of schisandra and 60 grams of psyllium, grind into powder, and then pack into small packets of 10 grams each.

It is generally recommended to take two sachets a day for tea.

2. Efficacy The Chinese wolfberry in Wubao Bushen Tea can nourish the kidneys and impotence, and is used to treat the symptoms of waist and knee weakness, blood deficiency, chlorosis, deficiency of labor and fineness.

Sizi can nourish kidney and essence, and is used for the treatment of sore waist and knees, pain in bones and muscles, weakness, deafness and tinnitus.

Schisandra can help to replenish the kidneys and replenish the nerves, soothe the nerves and calm the nerves. It is used for the treatment of night sweats, nocturnal emission, chronic diarrhea, diarrhea, cough and asthma due to lung deficiency.

Raspberry can nourish the liver and kidney, and is used to treat frequent urination, impotence, premature ejaculation, nocturnal emission, ejaculation, dizziness, premature whiteness, and cold infertility.

Psyllium can clear heat and diuresis, and is used to treat symptoms such as unfavorable urination, red eyes, edema, phlegm, fever, cough and asthma.

The above is the related introduction of Wubao Bushen Tea formula.

The Wubao Bushen Tea formula introduced above is the most common Bushen Tea, and its kidney-reinforcing effect is very significant.

If you have symptoms of kidney deficiency, you may try to drink Wubao Bushen Tea when the tea is enough.

It should be noted that before you can add this tea, it is best to consult Chinese medicine, so that the disease can be cured.