The fatal crisis in the bathroom door

The fatal crisis in the bathroom door

Recently, the US “Health” magazine reported that many seemingly taken care of home furnishing, in fact hidden hidden dangers, here to help you find unreasonable mix.

  The bedside is placed on the bookshelf.

  Many people are used to placing a bookcase by the bed in order to read in bed.

But the study found that the bookshelf at the bedside became an allergen that you can’t imagine.

Bookshelves and books are easy to collect dust, and cleaning is not thorough, it will cause dust to fall on the sheets and quilts.

Long-term exposure of the skin to these dusts can easily cause allergies.

In addition, some people like to put a variety of jewelry on the shelf, the gap between these ornaments is very difficult to clean, but also the place where dust and bacteria multiply.

If you have to put a bookcase in the bedroom, you should leave the bed at least 1 meter, preferably without jewelry.

  The coffee table is carpeted underneath.

  The coffee table has a thick carpet, which is both stylish and beautiful. It is also very comfortable to put on both feet, but it also brings health concerns.

Many people are used to eating at the coffee table. Once the biscuit slag, juice, etc. fall on it, they will be hidden in the fiber. The cleaning is not completely rotted and deteriorates, breeding insects and bacteria.

If the foot touches an unclean carpet, it will cause degradation.

  The phone is placed next to the fish tank.

  Zhang Longming pointed out that under normal circumstances, when someone hears the phone ringing, someone will be anxious to answer the phone.

At this time, it is very easy to cause major instability. If you accidentally hit the fish tank, it may cause a big disaster, and even have a life worry.

  Put a foot pad on the door of the bathroom.

  “The floor mats in the bathroom make it very easy to breed bacteria.

Zhang Longming said that the bathroom is very close, the moisture on the soles will all be on the floor mats, and it is inevitable to breed bacteria.

In addition, the soles of the feet are slippery, and if the pads are not laid out, they fall due to slipping under the feet.

Secret: four reasons for getting fat after marriage

Secret: four reasons for getting fat after marriage

After the marriage, the previous single life has changed, and the woman’s body shape seems to be changing. Marriage makes the woman’s body begin to look like, why?

Look at the obesity trap below to understand.

  Trap 1 – Time spent at home more than going out because it has become a couple, many people get along from the cinema, the park, the suburbs to the sofa at home.

You don’t have to walk around, you don’t have to schedule appointments, the amount of exercise is greatly reduced, or even not.

  Suggestion: Play downstairs after dinner, or go out for a picnic on the weekend. Happy outdoor exercise will be more fun.

  Trap 2 – When two people eat their appetites before they are single, three meals may not be eaten regularly, or they may be used as a meal with a bowl of instant noodles or instant noodles.

After living together, the wife will generally take care of her husband’s daily diet and end the days of “clothing and eating”.

And two people cook and eat, together with talking and laughing will be extraordinarily happy, good mood, appetite is good, weight is more likely to rise.

After dinner, the scene of the man sending the woman back home will not be reappeared, and both husband and wife will “figh” to the sofa in the living room to watch TV, eat some snacks to pass the time, and “happiness” will unconsciously accumulate.

  Suggestion: Do not put snacks on the tea table, it is best to do fitness exercises while watching TV.

The two-person cooperative exercise method will not let you relax wholeheartedly, it will exercise your body’s texture coordination and softness, and it will be full of energy. Trap 3 – After marriage becomes lax, before marriage, two people are in loveIt may be too happy or sad for a little thing to eat.

Love has transferred a lot of people’s hobbies for food, until the person who loves to eat will spend more time on the lover, and naturally will maintain a good body.

After the marriage, the new people immediately replaced all the heavy burdens, many of them no longer pay attention to appearance as before, and often did not sweat in the gym.

  Suggestion: Do a double fitness card, doing yoga for two is not bad.

  Trap 4 – Late dinner time To increase feelings, a large number of newlyweds choose to have dinner.

I have enough work, I can’t eat together every day, wait until 9 or even 10 in the evening to eat, and in order to ensure that there is enough energy to continue working tomorrow, I will go to bed after eating at 12 o’clock, but at this time, the stomach is not enough.The time to digest food makes it easier to accumulate body fat.

  Suggestion: Eat a reasonable diet, don’t wait to wait.

Choose a good digestive food for dinner, and the time to eat must be more than two hours away from the sleeping time.

The correct bathing order makes you healthier

The correct bathing order makes you healthier

Do you know the correct bathing order?

It is said that 99% of the people are wrong to bathe a lot of things related to beauty, and in order to eliminate fatigue, improve sleep has a good effect.

But you may not know that bathing is in the right order: wash your face, take a shower, wash your hair.

  One of the “Bathing Overtures”: Why do you want to wash your face first?

It turns out that when you enter the shower room, when the hot water is turned on, it will produce steam, and the pores of the human body will expand when heated, so if you don’t wash your face first, you will accumulate a lot of dirty things for a day.It will sneak into your pores when your pore door opens.

Over time, your pores will be squeezed by these dirty things, overlapping the territory that should not belong to them. The acne on your face will be more and more, but never trust others to you.Said “beautiful beautiful acne”.

  In addition, don’t think that you will not be attacked by dust when you sleep at night, so the number of times you wash your face in one day should be: get up once, once before lunch break, and once in the evening before bathing, three times in total.

Wash your face with warm water when bathing, because if you use high temperature water for a long time, it will cause skin aging, so be sure to wash your face with warm water to keep your skin youthful.

  ”Bathing Prelude” 2: The water temperature can be hot when taking a bath, which can effectively promote metabolism, speed up blood circulation, expand pores, and completely discharge body sweat.

Every kilogram of sweat that the human body emits can take away 540 cards per second.

Let yourself shower for about 10 minutes in hot water at 40 degrees Celsius, you can consume 200 calories!

Happily reducing the fat in a relaxing bath, it really kills two birds with one stone.

  However, the time should be controlled within 20 minutes and the ventilation should be good.

When taking a shower, close your eyes and try to relax.

Let the sprinklers sway back and forth on the skin. After some bathing, the skin and mood can be fully decompressed.

  ”Bathing Overture” 3: Shampoo hair restores moisture in the sputum of steam. At this time, the best moment to wash your hair has arrived.

  First apply the shampoo to the hair in the water, then put the hair on the top of the top for a while, rinse with water, remember to rinse it, then evenly apply the cream or conditioner, gently massage three to fiveMinutes, comb with a wide-toothed comb and wash.

Finally, rinse thoroughly with water.

Since then, the bathing trilogy of “Water Bath Beauty” has been announced to be completed.

What are the daily needs of vertigo?

What are the daily needs of vertigo?

What is the performance of vertigo?

For people with vertigo, most of them will have symptoms of dizziness, occasionally accompanied by nausea and refusal to vomit. So many people ignore that they are suffering from this disease, often appearingDizziness, vomiting when you do not know, let’s take a look at the performance and care of vertigo.

The performance of vertigo 1. Most patients with vertigo will suddenly have vertigo, which means that the surrounding objects will rotate or shake horizontally in a certain direction. As long as the eyes are closed for a certain period of time, the symptoms will be restored or eliminated.

2, some patients with vertigo will be accompanied by nausea, vomiting, blood pressure, cold sweat or pale complexion, these symptoms will disappear after a few minutes to a few hours of rest, and then enter the intermittent period.

During this short period of time, someone happened only once, and some people repeatedly relapsed, and how long the interval is, varies from person to person.

3, the phenomenon of tinnitus during the onset of vertigo, the initial is a low-pitched sound, the conversion of the disease development or aggravation will become a high-pitched continuous tone, tinnitus increased when the vertigo attack.

4, recurrent vertigo occurs, repeated tinnitus will also have a certain impact on the ears, hearing damage, severe unconscious deafness, mostly unilateral deafness.

In addition to tinnitus, patients with excessive vertigo also reported that during the onset of vertigo, they felt dizzy, and there was a heavy rise in the ear and a burning sensation around the ears.

Daily care measures for vertigo 1. The vertigo should be kept quiet, have a good mood, ensure redundant sleep and rest, avoid excessive brain use and nervousness.

Diet should be light, appropriate to participate in physical exercise.

2, vertigo caused by cervical spondylosis, you should change the appropriate pillow during sleep, to avoid long-term low-head work, should pay attention to keep warm.

3, vertigo caused by high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, we must constantly measure blood pressure, maintain blood pressure, control diet and blood lipids, diet should be light, emotional stability.

4, vertigo caused by anemia should be appropriate to increase nutrition, can be applied to food therapy and adjuvant medication.

The above is some daily measures for the care of vertigo for everyone.

After reading it, do you have any understanding of the patients who are dizzy and how to care for dizziness? In addition to the above-mentioned nursing measures, it is also necessary to properly adjust the patient’s eating habits around you.

A secret recipe for weight control

A secret recipe for weight control

Losing weight is not a one-off event. As long as you pay more attention to your daily life, you can achieve health, safety and fundamentally achieve the purpose of weight control and maintain a good body.


Avoid fast weight loss: After successful weight loss, it is difficult to maintain the effect of weight loss. The reason is that the rapid weight loss method does not belong to natural living habits.


When you are hungry, it is when your body burns your aunt: At this time, exercise for half an hour to an hour, the best effect of burning aunt, pay attention to add water after exercise.


Snacking every meal: This is the best way to satisfy your appetite and reduce your food intake.


Avoid snooze: sleep seven hours a day, sleep, sleep rate is lowest, energy consumption is reduced, suffering from headaches and a small amount of synthesis increased, snooze but eat less will also be the main cause of weight gain.


Just enough sugar and oil: reduce daily sugar (rice noodles) and oil?

Food intake is a necessary method of losing weight.


Do not drink cooking soup: This soup has high oil content and easy to absorb, which is very easy to make people gain weight.


Leisure time, eat less: low metabolic rate during leisure, less accumulated consumption, food transfer should be reduced as appropriate.


Do not eat late at night: sleep and feed, the conversion is most likely to turn into a mole, accumulated in the abdomen.

You must know how to lose weight in acupuncture.

You must know how to lose weight in acupuncture.

What is acupuncture weight loss acupuncture weight loss is through acupuncture certain acupuncture points of the human body, can inhibit gastric acid secretion, prolong gastric emptying time, promote the body’s slight metabolism, consume accumulated aunt, regulate the imbalance of human body secretion, thereby achieving the purpose of weight loss.

Carefully speaking, acupuncture weight loss is an effective regulation of endocrine disorders.

The incidence of endocrine hormone disorders in diabetic patients is extremely high.

Why do women who have children give birth?

Not overnutrition, but after breaking through her endocrine balance, she caused weight gain.

When a woman reaches menopause, she is also prone to gain weight, which is also caused by endocrine disruption.

Therefore, the main reason why acupuncture can lose weight can be the recovery of internal secretion disorder, accelerate the metabolism of adults, and therefore achieve the purpose of weight loss.

In the end, where do you want to lose weight with acupuncture?

The most reassuring place is to find a professional acupuncturist, because the connotation of acupuncture weight loss is to adjust the imbalance of the body to normal, so that the endocrine and body metabolism are balanced, the excess of the body will be metabolized, it will reachThe purpose of weight loss.

At the same time, in the process of acupuncture treatment, aseptic understanding, disinfection and isolation are very professional operating procedures, which requires a very professional medical foundation to do.

Will acupuncture lose weight and rebound?

Acupuncture weight loss is actually the most scientific and greenest way to lose weight, generally does not rebound.

Because it is acupuncture treatment performed by doctors through the differentiation of the physical constitution of each person who is getting fat, because it is found that causes the body to gain weight, the treatment of the syndrome, once the body is thin, generally does not rebound.

But nothing is absolutely absolute. If you still don’t pay attention to a reasonable diet after losing weight, and often overeating, it is difficult to ensure that the reduced results will not rebound.

Do you need acupuncture to lose weight before pregnancy, what is the impact on your child?

If the weight of the foundation is relatively heavy, it is recommended that acupuncture lose weight, because if it is too fat, the weight of pregnant pregnant women will not only cause the contraction weakness, affecting the fetus, but also affecting their own health.

It is wise to lose weight before pregnancy and it will not affect the fetus.

Can acupuncture and weight loss improve physical fitness?

Acupuncture weight loss can significantly improve the bad constitution.

There are some symptoms associated with obesity, such as irregular menstruation, insomnia, fatigue, etc., can be improved in the treatment of acupuncture and weight loss.

And the highest group of people looks healthier and brighter, and their own advantages are more abundant, while achieving a good body shaping effect.

Is it dangerous to lose weight with acupuncture? What is the problem with needle bleeding?

It is not dangerous to be treated by a professional acupuncturist.

In the course of acupuncture treatment, if the doctor chooses the correct acupoint, it will not bleed.

After acupuncture has stopped losing weight, will it gain weight soon?

Acupuncture weight loss generally does not rebound, clinical statistics, the effectiveness of thousands of people in acupuncture weight loss is more than 98%, after stopping treatment, the weight stability rate is above 90%.

After the treatment is over, it generally does not rebound.

Does the menstrual period affect the effect of acupuncture weight loss?

Does not affect.

Does acupuncture have a negative effect on weight loss? Will the skin of the whole body relax after acupuncture?

Acupuncture weight loss will not have a negative effect, but will tighten the skin.

Quickly excess excess, tightening the skin without causing skin to relax.

At present, acupuncture weight loss will not appear some bad substitutes. It can be said that it is a green weight loss method that is effective and healthy so far.

Does acupuncture and weight loss require a certain theoretical foundation of Chinese medicine as a foundation?

Acupuncture weight loss is based on the need of deep Chinese medicine theory.

Because obesity is divided into stomach-stomach-type, liver-qi stagnation type, spleen-deficiency type, liver-kidney deficiency type, etc. in the clinical practice, therefore, in the process of acupuncture and weight-loss treatment, it is necessary to treat each person with syndrome differentiation and treatment.The effect of symptomatic weight loss.

Does acupuncture have a certain applicable population?

For diabetics, acupuncture weight loss is suitable for everyone, and is best for 18 to 60 years old.I think that acupuncture has no effect on weight loss. What is the reason why weight has not been reduced?

The doctor did not have a good syndrome differentiation and did not figure out what the specific cause was, which led to the unsuccessful weight loss.

How many needles are used for each treatment, is each person the same acupuncture point?

In the course of treatment, the doctors are treated according to the reasons of too many people. Therefore, the number of needles and the points taken are different from person to person and are different.

After reducing to the standard weight, is it not necessary to rebound?

It is recommended that after acupuncture weight loss, proper diet control, proper physical exercise, and good mood will surely preserve the results of weight loss.

Is there any pain in acupuncture to lose weight?

No pain.

Just after the needle is inserted, there is acid, hemp, swelling and sinking.

All are acceptable.

What is the feeling of acupuncture in the process of weight loss?

After acupuncture points, it can generally inhibit the peristalsis of the gastrointestinal tract, thereby eliminating the sense of obesity.

During the course of treatment, there may be thirst, increased frequency of bowel movements, fatigue and other reactions, which are normal.

Because of the acupuncture treatment, the internal function of the body is constantly adjusted, and the metabolism is gradually accelerated, the energy is continuously consumed, and some clinical symptoms appear.

These symptoms disappear when the body re-establishes balance.

Cupping, gently pull the heart of the old couple

Cupping, gently pull the heart of the old couple

His wife has lumbar spondylosis, often dizziness, waist and leg pain, taking medicine, massage, and baking electricity have not cured her old roots. Instead, I bought a vacuum canister to ease the discomfort of my wife.

Since then, my husband and I have started to pull out each other’s life and enjoy it.

  The small cupping device can almost cure the disease and deepen the relationship between me and my wife.

Because of my long-term writing, I fell into cervical spondylosis and disc herniation. I also relied on cupping to relieve my pain.

So, my wife said that I was hurting, I said that my wife was pulling out when I was hurt.

We often pull each other in bed at night, no longer relieve the pain, but also help us fall asleep quickly.

  In this way, the old wife and wife can not be separated from anyone.

His wife often said: “The older you can’t open, the wife is not at home, the cupping device can’t be used, and the pain in the body can only blink.

“For more than a decade, I have become a full-time doctor of my wife, and I have changed seven or eight sets of cans, but my relationship with my wife is getting deeper and deeper.”

  Small cupping, not the heart that connects me and my wife, but also conveys our feelings.

Ginger plus brown sugar makes the body warm quickly in winter

Ginger plus brown sugar makes the body warm quickly in winter

Ginger plus brown sugar in the winter makes the body warm quickly. The folks widely circulate such a saying, “Winter bowl of ginger syrup, hurricane dampness and racing fairy” can be seen that ginger syrup has a long-lasting effect on keeping warm.

Let me give you a detailed explanation of why ginger syrup has such effect.

  The old Chinese medicine brown sugar ginger tea is made from the mixture of 100-day ginger and imported brown sugar. Everyone knows that ginger is warm and spleen and stomach.

Ginger is an aromatic spicy stomach medicine. It has the functions of warmth, excitement, sweating, thirst quenching, detoxification, warming lung and relieving cough. It is suitable for exogenous cold, headache, sipping, coughing, stomach cold and vomiting; in physiological ice and snow, water and dampness,After the cold attack, eager to drink with ginger soup can promote blood circulation and dispel cold evil.

  Seeing this, some people will ask, since ginger has this effect, why should you add brown sugar and ginger to cook together?

The answer is very simple, because ginger is a spicy food, its spicy taste, most people do not like to eat, however, many people have a soft spot for sweets, add a little brown sugar will have a sweet taste, brown sugar is said to be refined refined sugar, retaining alkaliSexual vitamins and minerals, brown sugar nutrients are much higher than white sugar, so brown sugar is the best dessert.

  In the cold winter, the old Chinese medicine brown sugar ginger tea is not only good to drink but also to prevent disease and protect the cold, killing two birds with one stone, everyone taking the time does not hinder a try.

Seniors morning exercise has the principle to go out to exercise 3 essential items

Seniors morning exercise has the principle to go out to exercise 3 essential items

Most of the elderly will have the habit of morning exercise, and insisting on morning exercise can enhance the health of the elderly.

However, the morning exercise of the elderly is also to pay attention to the method. Only in this way will it not be counterproductive and counterproductive.

Let’s take a look at what the elderly exercise should pay attention to.

  The principle of morning exercise for the elderly is suitable for everyone: the physical quality of each person is different, and the principles that naturally need to be adhered to are different.

Middle-aged and elderly people should be determined according to gender, age, occupation, health status, hobbies of exercise, foundation and living conditions, etc. when choosing exercise methods and arranging exercise load.

Exercise programs should make the whole body get active, slow and soft, such as jogging, walking, Tai Chi (sword), gateball and so on.

When arranging the exercise load, it is necessary to do what you can, and avoid being too big for safety.

From a subjective point of view, the appropriate exercise load should be normal sleep after exercise, good appetite, emotional excitement, and happy mood.

  Perseverance: Any scientific exercise method can’t be done overnight, and it needs to be renewed.

Japanese scientists have observed that walking exercise is performed three times a week, and the maximum oxygen uptake increases to 12% after 15 weeks.

Then the exercise was stopped for 6 months and the maximum oxygen uptake returned to similar to that before exercise.

Human tissues and organs are “use and retreat”. Persevere in regular exercise can promote metabolism, increase lung capacity and enhance cardiovascular function.

If you don’t exercise for a long time, the function of each organ system will gradually fade away, and your constitution will gradually weaken.

Therefore, insisting on regular exercise is an important condition for receiving good results. It can be done on a daily basis, or can it be more than 3 per week?
4 times.

  Step by step: the effect of exercise is gradually emerging, and we can also adjust the exercise method according to changes in body state.

The improvement of human body function has a law of gradual adaptation and development.

The metabolism function of middle-aged and old people is relatively weak, and the adaptability of various organs and systems is relatively poor. The exercisers should reasonably and reasonably improve the requirements on the activity method and exercise load, and gradually achieve better results.

A person who does not have a foundation for exercise should choose to walk, short-distance jogging or alternating running, and then gradually increase from time, distance and intensity.

Those who have the basics of exercise should also pay attention to reasonable exercise load, gradually increase the amount and intensity of exercise, and continuously improve their exercise capacity.

  Essential tools before going out to exercise, shoes, first talk about shoes.

If the body is still good, the old man with good foot strength should go out for mountaineering. He should prepare shoes for mountaineering, and it is best to use two pairs. One pair is used for going up the mountain. The front is thin and thick, and the pair is used for going down the mountain. The front is thick and thin.

The rear half of the sole is thickened to prevent the body from tilting when going uphill; the front half of the sole is thickened to prevent the body from leaning forward when going downhill.

  Of course, the elderly who live today don’t need to make their own shoes. They walk into the sporting goods store, and all kinds of sports shoes and hiking shoes abound. We just need to choose a pair that suits you.

When selecting, be sure to choose a slightly larger, flexible, non-slip, because the feet will swell during exercise, such as the purchase is very fit, you will feel squeezed after walking.

In addition, it is not advisable to wear new shoes to go a long way, because the shoes and feet have a running-in period, rushing to wear new shoes, will “foot”.

  2, Mazza Mazar, the ordinary things in life, small and convenient, practical, easy to carry, sit up very comfortable.

When the elderly go out to take it, they can meet the needs of rest anytime, anywhere.

Poetry: “Sit down and watch the mountain right as a couch, you may wish to fold into the swimming sac.

“The old man is in good health, but after all, he is old, unbearable, and has a Maza. When he is tired, he can sit down and rest. It can be said that it is a must for the elderly to travel safely.

  3, the blood vessels of the elderly in the hat are not as smooth as the young people, and even a little hardened. If you are cold, it will inevitably cause cerebral vasoconstriction, mild dizziness, headache, and accidents.

So choosing a suitable hat is also very important.

Was it really old when I was not 40?

Was it really old when I was not 40?

White hair is the trace of time left on the body. A white silver hair becomes an old man who looks kind and calm, and when we look around, we will find more and more young people, even young friends.Out of white hair, at the age of less than 40 years old, it is a very unsuitable thing to be born early, what is the reason, which makes this phenomenon more and more common?

1, improper diet Although the current choice of diet is more and more diverse, but this has caused many people to become a partial eclipse, picky eaters, especially young friends, often in order to pursue the appetite, not to take photosWhether the nutrition is comprehensive.

It is accompanied by the loss of trace elements such as copper and iron and vitamin B1 and vitamin B2, which are easily caused by the growth of hair. This is caused by the secretion of melanin in the hair follicle, which leads to the problem of white hair.

2, the pressure accumulates the current social competition, the pressure on the family, life and other aspects has also increased dramatically. Therefore, friends who are in the green and strong years must bear the pressure and burden of the ground, and their mental state will often beNervous, worried, these negative emotions have a counterproductive effect, causing problems such as endocrine disorders, and white hair may grow.

3, the brain with excessive brain activity for a long time, the brain will be in a state of tension for a long time, the absorption of nutrients by the hair follicles, the body’s metabolism, endocrine levels will be affected, the probability of white hair will increase greatly, which is also forced brain powerImportant reasons for white hair in young people who are active or in a state of intense learning.

4, long staying up late and staying up late for many people has long been a commonplace, whether it is busy studying and working, or entertainment, many people have the habit of sleeping late, which allows our metabolism, endocrine and other physiological activities have a major impactWhite hair problems will also arise.

5, disease symptoms In addition to non-pathological factors, young white hair in young adults is likely to be a complication caused by some diseases.

Problems such as tuberculosis, vitiligo, albinism can cause white hair.

If a white hair suddenly grows inside, be sure to find out the cause in time to avoid the above health threats.

6, inheritance factor inheritance is also an important cause of juvenile whiteheads, some of the physical characteristics of the progeny will be presented in the offspring in a significant or negative form, which is a scientific law, so less whiteheads also have genetic attributes.

Young friends who are troubled by white hair problems must find out the crux of the problem in a timely manner, and carry out conditioning treatment, transformation, and develop healthy eating habits in life, scientific living habits, and also prevent important ways of white hair.

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