[Ancient couples have to use sex tools]

[Ancient couples have to use sex tools]

In the history of ten years, a formal record of sex education began in the Han Dynasty.

In the first four years of the Eastern Han Dynasty, that is, in 79 AD, the court organized a nationwide seminar on economics, which was presided over by the emperor. The record of this meeting was later compiled by Ban Gu into “White Tiger Tongde”, referred to as “White Tiger Tong”.It was the official standard answer to Confucian classics at that time, which had a great influence on later generations.

Such an official, very “orthodox” book, pays much attention to sexual issues.

“Baihutong” also has a section devoted to “Baiyong”.

“Baiyong” is an ancient school of learning in which the children of male nobles learned various skills needed as a nobleman, and there was actually sex education in the curriculum.