[Eating Hairy Crab and Drinking Liquor]_ Crab _ Eat Together

[Eating Hairy Crab and Drinking Liquor]_ Crab _ Eat Together

Hairy crabs are a type of seafood. Seafood is generally rich in protein and calcium, so many people prefer to eat seafood, but some people who are allergic to seafood cannot eat seafood, and there are many foods that cannot be eaten with seafood.After eating, it will cause food poisoning. The alcohol content of liquor is relatively high, so you ca n’t eat anything when you drink liquor, can you eat hair crab?

Crab can be eaten with white wine, but rice is best served with crab.

“Book of Jin · Huazhuo Biography”: “I have had wine for several months, and at two o’clock, I put two heads of sweetness, holding a wine glass on the right, crab crab on the left, and taking a photo in the floating wine pond, which is enough for a lifetime.

“At least the verse:” September regiment umbilical October tip, hold fast to drinking chrysanthemum days. ”

It can be seen that drinking liquor in ancient China could eat crabs.

In particular, people with intestinal colds often have abdominal pain and diarrhea after eating crabs. If they are accompanied by liquors that promote blood circulation and dispel cold, they can alleviate or eliminate the discomfort after eating crabs.

Crab protein has high cholesterol and high purity. Gout patients should self-control when eating. People who cause colds, hepatitis, and cardiovascular diseases should not eat crabs.

China has a tradition of eating river crabs before and after the Mid-Autumn Festival. Because traditional Chinese medicine believes that crabs are cold, ginger, perilla and other spices are often used to configure crabs.

Extended information Don’t exceed three crabs per meal: People with high blood lipids, especially those with coronary heart disease, should eat less.

From the perspective of Chinese medicine, crabs are cold foods. It is best not to eat too much at a time. As for the specific amount of food to eat, you should judge according to your physical fitness and tolerance.the amount.

In addition, crabs are high-purity urinary foods, those with weak body functions and abdominal pain and diarrhea. Patients with high blood uric acid or gout will aggravate the disease.

People who are allergic to seafood and skin diseases should not eat it.