[Tai Ying 35 breast pain]_ chest pain _ cause

[Tai Ying 35 breast pain]_ chest pain _ cause

Many married women will take some contraceptive measures if they are pregnant. Some women choose to put contraceptives in their bodies, and some women can only take oral medication for contraception due to physical reasons.

Daying is a long-term contraceptive pill that needs to be taken by female friends every day. This can increase the estrogen in the body to prevent contraception.

Some women eat Daying 35 breast tenderness, what is going on?

It’s a three-drug poison, and eating Daying 35 for many years may cause these 7 major troubles, which is enough to pay attention.

Daying 35 is a contraceptive that can increase the body’s estrogen. Compared to other contraceptives, Daying 35 is a smaller alternative to contraceptives currently on the market.

If you carefully study the contraindications of Daying’s adoption, healthy women will not have much influence on their body.

As long as it is not more than half a year, it cannot be regarded as long-term use.

Dayin 35 has been taken for a long time if taken for more than one year, but the harm caused by long-term oral administration is more.

First, the dangers of long-term eating Daying 35, breast tenderness, pain, exacerbation, and then the phenomenon of fluid secretion.

2. The central nervous system may experience headaches, migraines, persistent headaches, loss of libido, emotional depression or altered temperament.

3. Nausea, vomiting, indigestion, appetite suppression, and other gastrointestinal disorders can occur in the gastrointestinal tract.

4, the skin will appear a variety of skin diseases (such as rash, red spots, erythema polymorpha) and dermatitis.

5, urinary reproductive system problems, such as excessive vaginal secretions.

6, Daying 35 contains a large amount of estrogen, which can regulate the endocrine disorders in the body. If the estrogen level is high, taking too much amount will cause gastrointestinal upset.

In addition, menstrual cramps, menstrual amenorrhea, ovarian depression and other phenomena will occur, which will destroy women’s normal menstruation and cause physical mechanisms to be destroyed.

7. If you take Daying 35, severe cases will cause vascular disease, which will affect the normal mechanism of the body.

Second, the role of Daying 35, in the treatment of polycystic ovary syndrome, Daying 35 is mainly a drug to improve symptoms.

Its role is to help everyone to resume normal menstrual cycle, while suppressing hair growth and ulcers and other symptoms.

2. Daying 35 is troubled by people as an oral short-acting contraceptive. It is taken on time and according to the amount, and the contraceptive rate is close to 100%.

But the drug is three points poisoned, so there are certain exceptions for Daying 35.

Some people will experience early pregnancy-like reactions after taking it, such as nausea and vomiting, inability to swallow, severe changes in temperament, vaginal bleeding symptoms, and occasionally irregular menstruation or amenorrhea.

In addition, some people will experience significant weight gain and skin changes, and some patients will experience headaches, unclear vision, and breast tenderness.