[Gu Malt Malt Hawthorn Lean Broth]_How to_How to do

[Gu Malt Malt Hawthorn Lean Broth]_How to_How to do

The name Malt Hawthorn Lean Broth sounds complicated, but it is actually a very simple dish, and its ingredients are included in its complex name.

This soup is usually drunk in the middle of the spring season, because it appetizes and stagnates, removes dampness and heat, and the liver is struggling in spring.The cooking steps are also easy to get started.

The practice of the first malt malt hawthorn lean broth.

Materials: 20 g of malt, 20 g of malt, 10 g of hawthorn, 300 g of lean meat, 2 slices of ginger (3?
4 people).

Production method: first wash the grain germ, malt and hawthorn, and put them into a soup bag to avoid fine grain germs. Malt floats around. Wash lean meat and cut into pieces to remove blood. Then,Put the ingredients in a saucepan and simmer for 2 hours. Season with salt and serve.

The benefits of the second soup.

With the arrival of summer, human sweat increases and digestive juice secretion is relatively inadequate, so some students will experience problems such as poor digestion and decreased appetite.

In this case, if parents “force” their children to eat a variety of high-nutrition foods, they will inevitably have abdominal discomfort after eating, and some may even have thick greasy tongue coating.The soup will help.

The combination of grain germ and malt in this meal has the effects of refreshing qi and refreshing the spleen and appetizing; the sweet and sour hawthorn has the effects of digesting and strengthening the stomach, qi stagnation, promoting blood circulation and relieving pain.

If the hawthorn is replaced, the digestive action is replaced.

Grain germ and malt help digest rice and pasta product, hawthorn helps digestion of meat and food product, together can produce spleen and stomach health, normal diarrhea, improve appetite and other effects; as the medicated soup contains meat, candidates can drink soup to eatResidue, so as to ensure the normal transformation of nutrition, it can be said to serve two purposes.

The role of the third valley bud.

Guya can digest food and accumulate spleen and appetite.

Guya is used for food stasis; fullness and diarrhea; spleen deficiency and less food; beriberi.

Xiaoshi and Zhong, Jianpi appetizer.

Guya is used for food loss, abdominal distension, bad breath, weak spleen and stomach, and less thirst.

Stir-fried corn sprouts tend to digestion and are used for less food.

Jiaogu buds are good at accumulating stasis, and are used for stasis.

The grain bud is the mature fruit of the grass family plant rice or the same family plant millet, which is germinated and dried.