Grab the summer’s tail!

This kind of red-hot fruit is delicious and healthy!

Grab the summer’s tail!
This kind of red-hot fruit is delicious and healthy!

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.Most people who think of fruits will think of them, but today’s Xiaobian can introduce the new favorite of the fruit world. It is the red heart dragon fruit GIF red heart dragon fruit appeared in Yueqing after 2011, it is said that many peopleDragon fruit has made money.

In Pufa Farm of Furong Town, the planting area of red heart dragon fruit is 15 mu, and the annual output can reach 30,000 kilograms. It is really a high-yield and high-efficiency fruit.

Master Pu’s Pufa Farm first tried to plant red heart dragon fruit in 2012. In Yueqing, it should be regarded as the base for planting red heart dragon fruit earlier. Now the red heart dragon fruit is the time of market, and the fiery dragon fruit is full of branches.People are coveted.

Speaking of why he planted dragon fruit, Master Shen said that he is very optimistic about the characteristics of dragon fruit itself.

Shen Rongfa, the owner of Pufa Farm: The first batch of fruit, the dragon fruit matured after flowering, only one month.

The second batch of fruit bloomed on July 10 and matured on August 10.

Like this little flower, it has just formed, this is the next addition of dragon fruit.

In the description of Master Shen, we found that a dragon fruit can produce ten batches of fruit in a year. You did not misunderstand that ten fruits were produced on a tree.

The first batch of fruit blossoms began in June and can be harvested in early July. It can be harvested until November, with a picking cycle of up to 4 months and a four-month picking cycle, which greatly reduces the risk of agricultural planting.

Shen Rongfa, the owner of Pufa Farm: From July to November, this long cycle, so slowly can reduce the risk of agriculture, otherwise it will mature once, I have no income this year.

I can do this for a long time, 4 months, so this reduces the risk.

This year’s crops are very good, like a shed, a total of 2000 pounds, about 15 acres, about 10,000 kilograms.

Imagine an acre of 2000 kilograms of dragon fruit. If more than 15 acres of land are listed at the same time, the 30,000 pounds of dragon fruit, whether it is picking or selling, is very difficult. The batch listing has invisibly relieved a lot of pressure on farmers.

Shen Rongfa, the owner of Pufa Farm: Some fruits have no way of being hit by natural disasters, and there is no bumper harvest this year.

The dragon fruit is different. Sometimes it is said that the last typhoon, my batch just blossoms, this batch of flowers is affected a lot, but after half a month it grows again.

Although it affected the funds, the colonization will be replenished.

The picking period is long, the batch is listed, the output is high, and the benefit is good. We have calculated the account for Shen Shifu. The unit price of Master Shenlong is 10 yuan a pound, and the output of 15 mu land is 30,000 kg.The ideal income is 30 million, and even the consumption and bad fruit are removed. It is also beneficial. It can be said to be a high-yield and high-efficiency fruit!

Below, together with Xiaobian to see the taste and beauty of the dragon fruit have some effects!

Increase the intake of fiber per 100 grams of dragon fruit.

9 grams.

Supplemental fiber can not only enhance our satiety, but also wrap the food in the stomach, which can effectively reduce the body’s absorption of feces, thus achieving the effect of slimming and fat reduction.

At the same time, regular eating dragon fruit can also absorb good stools and improve constipation.

Elimination of edema Dragon fruit contains a lot of potassium.

Every 100 grams of dragon fruit contains 350 milligrams of potassium, which is good for excreting excess sodium and water in our body, thus avoiding excessive problems caused by excessive water and salt in the body.

Therefore, girls who want to lose weight or have frequent edema can add more dragon fruit to their daily diet.

It has a very high anthocyanin content in the free radical dragon fruit. This substance has strong antioxidant properties, can effectively resist free radicals, and prevent diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s disease and cataract.

Detoxification and detoxification dragon fruit is rich in protein, which can be automatically combined with heavy metal in human body and transformed into its replacement body. It has very good detoxification and detoxification effect.

At the same time, the often eat dragon fruit also has a certain protective effect on the stomach wall.

Beauty Whitening Dragon Fruit contains high vitamin C, which can eliminate oxygen free radicals and has a very good whitening effect.

If you want to be white and beautiful, you can also eat more and lose weight.

Lowering plasma dragon fruit is a low-energy, high-fiber fruit with a very high expected fiber content.
Therefore, dragon fruit also has the effect of losing weight, lowering cholesterol, laxative, improving constipation and preventing colorectal cancer.

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