Hot water feet every day to prevent disease?

But for such people, it is “looking for a disease.”

Hot water feet every day to prevent disease?

But for such people, it is “looking for a disease.”

Diabetes people have hot legs so that they will amputate?

What is the matter?

Come check it out!

Do you want to use hot water to soak your feet?

Do you want to sleep comfortably after you have finished your feet?

But not everyone can enjoy this alternative!

Every day after returning home from work, I want to take a pot of hot water to moisturize my feet.

However, some people do not know that the hot water at the moment is invisible to hurt themselves.

So everyone knows that someone can’t use hot water to soak their feet?

Yes, it is a diabetic.

Diabetes is actually a high-glycemic type of metabolic disease. Because insulin in the body cannot be secreted and controlled uniformly, the body cannot run stably.

I think everyone knows that “diabetes is not terrible,” but “diabetes complications can kill everyone.”

Many people are not paying attention in the early stage, leading themselves to surround the abyss, and the treatment of this disease is still very troublesome. Nearly 15-20% of the patients have diabetes and amputated.

Speaking of diabetes, why do you want to talk about amputation?

Let’s take a look at it!

Once the human body has diabetes, it will actually change itself, and the corresponding foot perception will also decline.

When the foot encounters a high temperature water temperature, the foot will unconsciously recover, which is actually sending you a warning that you can’t stand such a hot temperature.

Because of the long-term exposure to hyperglycemia, people with diabetes cause vascular disease, which causes the blood vessels to flow in a balanced manner, thus changing the original nervous system.

When you use your excess water to soak your feet, you are actually likely to damage the nervous system with your feet.

Because the nervous system of diabetics is inherently much weaker than the average person, this high temperature pressure makes them nervous.

This leads to atherosclerosis of the foot and thrombosis, which causes complications in the blood vessels, and the aggregation of your slices can increase the viscosity of the blood.

Presumably, at that time, it is difficult for you to heal the wounds in your footsteps, and it is easy to cause amputation after experiencing this toss.

So, how should people who have diabetes suffer from soaking their feet?

Can’t you soak your feet?

First: the water temperature is kept at 40 °C. People with diabetes can’t use too high water temperature to soak their feet. The temperature can be kept at 40 °C, which is almost the same as the temperature of our body.

Because the water temperature is too high, it will cause the blood vessels to expand, and the phenomenon of insufficient blood supply will cause the nerves of the foot to be damaged.

Therefore, when you are soaking your feet, you must pay more attention.

Second: patients with foot injuries can’t soak their feet. What we need to know is that the nervous system itself is slower than normal people.

So we have to protect it more.

If the foot is injured, do not soak your feet.

Because the bacteria in the water breed, the boots spread to your wounds, causing inflammation of the feet.

Third: the elderly can reasonably control the foot bath time. The old man’s body bones are not as good as the young people, so it is necessary to control them every day.

Then the soaking feet are like this. When you soak your feet, try to control the time in about 20 minutes.

Because the time is too long, it is very likely that your skin will become very fragile.

Then there will be sweating, palpitation and so on.

Therefore, when you are soaking your feet, you must make reasonable control time.Fourth: the problem of water quantity, then when the feet are soaked, it is necessary to properly control the amount of water.

The foot is soaked in order to let the lower limbs get some kind of relaxation. Therefore, when we must pour water into the basin, we must let our lower limbs be in contact with water, thus reducing our stress.

Fifth: Can not be able to fasten the feet of diabetic patients to correct the foot bath after meals, which can promote the circulation of their digestive system, so that the body is in a normal state of operation.

If you are soaking your feet on an empty stomach, there will be no food in your stomach, and there will be no loss. When you soak your feet, it will cause a lot of loss.

Does a diabetic person have a reasonable foot bath that will bring some benefits to the body?

Reasonable soaking feet can keep the body in a normal operation, which can stimulate the circulation between blood and promote the regulation between organs.

First of all: relieve stress and fatigue for a day, and make a reasonable amount of foot soaking, can relieve the pressure on the heart and body, so that you can relax and reach a very good state.

Second: Massage the acupuncture points are important weight-bearing organs and movement organs of the human body.

By soaking in hot water, the foot can be massaged well, thereby regulating the meridians and venting blood.

Third: Treating a disease is a saying like this: “Going to the disease, the brain is pressing the foot; the internal disease is treated outside, and the heart is protected.”

So, when it’s okay, the bubble foot is still very good.

Let’s share with you a few remedies for a few people with diabetes!

First: use vinegar to soak your feet every night between sleeping, use 150g vinegar and warm water at 40 °C to soak your feet, relieve stress, and also clear the nerves of the feet.

Massage; massage your position at Taibai Point, and keep it for about 15 minutes.

Then the Taibai point is the position between the first and second foot seams.

Second: 100g of Chinese medicinal planting arborvitae leaves, 100g of mulberry leaves, and simmering it into a medicinal juice for soaking feet.

It can mediate the phenomenon of physical confusion.

Massage: When you are soaking your feet, you can massage your front and back of the second and third fingers in your feet.

This can achieve a very good effect.

Third: Chinese medicine soaked angelica 30 grams, 30 grams of spatholobus, 30 grams of raw ephedra, 30 grams of Chuan Guizhi, 30 grams of stalk, 30 grams of Ai Ye, 30 grams of Chuanxiong, 50 grams of ginger, 3 petals of garlic, green onions2 roots, 100 grams of salt, 200 grams of vinegar.

Mix it with vinegar and warm water and knead it into soup.

Soaking every day, I believe that as long as you can persist, it will be effective.

Fourth; treatment of diabetic pain safflower 20g, peach kernel 20g, red peony 25g, salvia miltiorrhiza 25g, cassia twig 20g, clematis 20g.
Heat them together to make the juice, then soak the feet.

As the saying goes: “People eat food for the sky”, certain eating habits are especially important for people with diabetes!

When you are eating, you need to pay attention to “three more, three less” three more: 1 eat more foods with whole grains, most of these foods are low-sugar foods, so say eat moreThe staple food of trace elements is very good for the body; 2 eat more soy products, such as: soybeans, soybeans, eggs and so on.

These are foods with higher protein and vitamins.

And after eating, can prevent the complications of diabetes; 3 eat more blood fat-reducing foods, such as: pumpkin, apple, papaya, onion and so on.

It can promote the creep of the transition very well.

Three less eat: 1 eat less foods containing more sugar, such as watermelon, honey, juice, etc.; 2 eat less foods containing high cholesterol, such as: animal internal organs, egg yolk, animal brain, squid, cream;Drinking alcohol is best to stop drinking.

Because alcohol in alcohol can aggravate hypoglycemia, it makes diabetes more serious.

Ok, let’s talk about it today!

If you have any questions about diabetes, you can leave a message below to consult.

After I saw it, I will patiently answer for you.

Properly soak your feet, keep your feet away from harm, let the feet become the welfare of diabetes, and let the current feet point to sublimate!