Seniors morning exercise has the principle to go out to exercise 3 essential items

Seniors morning exercise has the principle to go out to exercise 3 essential items

Most of the elderly will have the habit of morning exercise, and insisting on morning exercise can enhance the health of the elderly.

However, the morning exercise of the elderly is also to pay attention to the method. Only in this way will it not be counterproductive and counterproductive.

Let’s take a look at what the elderly exercise should pay attention to.

  The principle of morning exercise for the elderly is suitable for everyone: the physical quality of each person is different, and the principles that naturally need to be adhered to are different.

Middle-aged and elderly people should be determined according to gender, age, occupation, health status, hobbies of exercise, foundation and living conditions, etc. when choosing exercise methods and arranging exercise load.

Exercise programs should make the whole body get active, slow and soft, such as jogging, walking, Tai Chi (sword), gateball and so on.

When arranging the exercise load, it is necessary to do what you can, and avoid being too big for safety.

From a subjective point of view, the appropriate exercise load should be normal sleep after exercise, good appetite, emotional excitement, and happy mood.

  Perseverance: Any scientific exercise method can’t be done overnight, and it needs to be renewed.

Japanese scientists have observed that walking exercise is performed three times a week, and the maximum oxygen uptake increases to 12% after 15 weeks.

Then the exercise was stopped for 6 months and the maximum oxygen uptake returned to similar to that before exercise.

Human tissues and organs are “use and retreat”. Persevere in regular exercise can promote metabolism, increase lung capacity and enhance cardiovascular function.

If you don’t exercise for a long time, the function of each organ system will gradually fade away, and your constitution will gradually weaken.

Therefore, insisting on regular exercise is an important condition for receiving good results. It can be done on a daily basis, or can it be more than 3 per week?
4 times.

  Step by step: the effect of exercise is gradually emerging, and we can also adjust the exercise method according to changes in body state.

The improvement of human body function has a law of gradual adaptation and development.

The metabolism function of middle-aged and old people is relatively weak, and the adaptability of various organs and systems is relatively poor. The exercisers should reasonably and reasonably improve the requirements on the activity method and exercise load, and gradually achieve better results.

A person who does not have a foundation for exercise should choose to walk, short-distance jogging or alternating running, and then gradually increase from time, distance and intensity.

Those who have the basics of exercise should also pay attention to reasonable exercise load, gradually increase the amount and intensity of exercise, and continuously improve their exercise capacity.

  Essential tools before going out to exercise, shoes, first talk about shoes.

If the body is still good, the old man with good foot strength should go out for mountaineering. He should prepare shoes for mountaineering, and it is best to use two pairs. One pair is used for going up the mountain. The front is thin and thick, and the pair is used for going down the mountain. The front is thick and thin.

The rear half of the sole is thickened to prevent the body from tilting when going uphill; the front half of the sole is thickened to prevent the body from leaning forward when going downhill.

  Of course, the elderly who live today don’t need to make their own shoes. They walk into the sporting goods store, and all kinds of sports shoes and hiking shoes abound. We just need to choose a pair that suits you.

When selecting, be sure to choose a slightly larger, flexible, non-slip, because the feet will swell during exercise, such as the purchase is very fit, you will feel squeezed after walking.

In addition, it is not advisable to wear new shoes to go a long way, because the shoes and feet have a running-in period, rushing to wear new shoes, will “foot”.

  2, Mazza Mazar, the ordinary things in life, small and convenient, practical, easy to carry, sit up very comfortable.

When the elderly go out to take it, they can meet the needs of rest anytime, anywhere.

Poetry: “Sit down and watch the mountain right as a couch, you may wish to fold into the swimming sac.

“The old man is in good health, but after all, he is old, unbearable, and has a Maza. When he is tired, he can sit down and rest. It can be said that it is a must for the elderly to travel safely.

  3, the blood vessels of the elderly in the hat are not as smooth as the young people, and even a little hardened. If you are cold, it will inevitably cause cerebral vasoconstriction, mild dizziness, headache, and accidents.

So choosing a suitable hat is also very important.