Cupping, gently pull the heart of the old couple

Cupping, gently pull the heart of the old couple

His wife has lumbar spondylosis, often dizziness, waist and leg pain, taking medicine, massage, and baking electricity have not cured her old roots. Instead, I bought a vacuum canister to ease the discomfort of my wife.

Since then, my husband and I have started to pull out each other’s life and enjoy it.

  The small cupping device can almost cure the disease and deepen the relationship between me and my wife.

Because of my long-term writing, I fell into cervical spondylosis and disc herniation. I also relied on cupping to relieve my pain.

So, my wife said that I was hurting, I said that my wife was pulling out when I was hurt.

We often pull each other in bed at night, no longer relieve the pain, but also help us fall asleep quickly.

  In this way, the old wife and wife can not be separated from anyone.

His wife often said: “The older you can’t open, the wife is not at home, the cupping device can’t be used, and the pain in the body can only blink.

“For more than a decade, I have become a full-time doctor of my wife, and I have changed seven or eight sets of cans, but my relationship with my wife is getting deeper and deeper.”

  Small cupping, not the heart that connects me and my wife, but also conveys our feelings.