Spring health care pays attention to eight cultivation: Qingbu Yang

Spring health care pays attention to eight “cultivation”: Qingbu Yang

The weather in spring is changeable, and it is necessary to master the method of health.
In the spring, TCM health care pays attention to eight “nurturing”, namely “yin, yang, Qi, brain, spleen, stomach, kidney and heat”.
  Yangyang: Spring is the time when the temperature of nature rises and the yang is gradually strong. At this time, the health should focus on Yangyang.
According to the characteristics of human body yang in spring, you can choose to make up and clear the diet, and make up for normal people and weak people, such as buckwheat, coix seed, soy milk, mung bean and apple, sesame, walnut and so on.
Clearing means using cool foods such as pears, clams, leeks, and lilies.
  Yang Yin: Yin heat internal heat body, spring is easy to ignite the fire, aggravating the condition, should eat more Yin Yang products.
Optional rice porridge, red bean porridge, lotus heart porridge, green vegetable puree and other foods, do not eat sweet, fried fat, cold and rough food.
Some false diseases are aggravated in spring, and you can take honey and other yin foods to increase the curative effect.
  Nourishing Qi: Chronic bronchitis in the elderly is also easy to attack in the spring.
In the spring, the yang is born, and the yang of the human body is also raised. To help the yang, it should be noted in the diet. You can often eat onions, scallions, scallions, dates, scallions, etc.Foods that nourish the kidney and raise the lungs, such as medlar, pear, lotus seeds, lily, jujube, walnut, honey, etc., help to alleviate the symptoms.
  Raising the brain: In spring, people with liver yang sputum are prone to headaches and dizziness. This is why Chinese medicine says that “the spring qi is at the head”.
Eat bananas or oranges 250-500 grams a day; or use banana peel 100 grams, water decoction on behalf of the tea frequently drink.
In addition, you can also use 250 grams of celery, 10 red dates, decoction on behalf of tea.
  Raise the spleen: “Spring days should be acid-salted to raise temper.
“This is because when the liver is vigorous in the spring, the liver qi will affect the spleen, so the spring is prone to spleen and stomach weakness, and eating more sour food will make the liver yang hemiplegia, so the spring diet should choose Xin, Gan WenzhiProducts, avoid sour, should eat more vegetables and wild vegetables.
  Nourishing the stomach: Avoid eating pork soup, chicken soup, fish soup, beef soup and spinach, beans, animal offal and irritating condiments containing creatine, saponin and other foods.The role of gastric secretion is also easy to form a gas that causes bloating and increases the gastrointestinal burden.
Diet should be light and easy to digest.
  Kidney-raising: The spring weather is refreshing. It is a good time for kidney-reinforcing and conditioning of patients with poor renal function. At this time, taking strong kidney formula and Gushen medicated diet has higher curative effect on the early stage of renal dysfunction. Patients should pay attention to spring life conditioning.The diet is mainly light and sweet.
Edible and light fruits and vegetables, such as mangosteen, medlar, coix seed, cucumber and cantaloupe.
  Heat up: The climate is still cold in early spring, and the consumption of heat makes the body’s endurance and resistance weakened.
On the other hand, the human body needs to consume calories to stabilize the basal body temperature in order to protect against cold.
Therefore, the diet during the early spring must guarantee a certain amount of heat supply.
In addition to cereal products, you can also use glutinous rice products and foods such as soybeans, sesame powder, peanuts, and walnuts to replenish energy.