[70 Actors vs. 10,000 Actresses]

[70 Actors vs. 10,000 Actresses]

Japan’s AV industry is developed, and most people think that being a male actor is one of the most “sexual” blessings in life.

But the fact is that the number of professional male front-line active men in Japan is only 70, but the number of active female front-line workers is tens of thousands.

Such an imbalanced sex ratio in the workplace makes these male actors superimposed.

According to reports, Japanese AV director Takio Jiro is about to launch a documentary film to showcase the status of Japanese male actors to the outside world, allowing people to understand the sadness of this seemingly heavenly job.

Director Yujiro has been shooting AV for more than 20 years and his number of works exceeds 2000.

The film is scheduled to premiere in Shibuya, Japan on February 23 this year. It is called “The Way of Survival of AV Actors”. The film interviews 20 well-known AV actors in Japan, including the male goddess Kato.Eagles, Yoko Agawa (72 times), the highest number of ejaculations in a single month, and other brilliant people.

The film mentions that Japan releases an average of over 4,500 new films per month, with an annual output value of 550 billion yen (about 3.3 billion yuan), more than 10,000 actresses, and only 70 men. The huge workload is evident.

Japanese AV boys are mainly employed part-time, and some of them are college students.

Complete data shows that 1 in 200 women in Japan has participated in AV movies.

The film is mainly to expand the Japanese AV leaders from the perspective of male actors. The film begins with STDs and sexual skills, and then extends to explore the changes of male actors, their feelings, and the shooting style. The purpose is to make the public trulyGet the most out of this seemingly mysterious world.