[What is the practice of mashed potato sauce]_Mashed potato_Mixed juice_How to make

[What is the practice of mashed potato sauce]_Mashed potato_Mixed juice_How to make

Potatoes are a popular vegetable in life, and their health effects are very significant. They have the effects of strengthening the spleen, dampness, detoxification, anti-inflammatory, laxative and lowering sugar and lipids.Wait, there are many ways to eat potatoes. They can be fried with meat and other vegetables, and can also be made into mashed potato sauce. What is the practice of mashed potato sauce?

First, what are the practices of mashed potato sauce?

Prepared ingredients: Ingredients: potatoes.

Accessories: one red pepper, one green onion, one spoon of soy sauce, salt, moderate cumin, green pepper, half garlic, vinegar, and tomato sauce.

Cut the potatoes into pieces and steam them, poke them with chopsticks, take them out after steaming, and be hot!

Then take out the garlic stirrer and put in the potato chips, and stir into the puree.

You can also use a spoon without the garlic stirrer, but it will affect the taste. The garlic stirrer will make the mashed potatoes delicate and delicious.

Cut the garlic, shallots, green peppers, and red peppers and prepare for frying.

Add garlic first, then add onion white (reserve green onion), don’t make the fire too big, then add pepper powder, soy sauce, cumin, salt, vinegar, tomato sauce, continue to fry, and finally boil for a while.

Shape the mashed potatoes into a round shape with a spoon, place it in the center of the dish, pour the fried sauce on the mashed potatoes, sprinkle the reserved onion flowers, and mix red and green.

Alright, very delicious.

Second, 2 medium-sized potatoes, peeled, washed, and cut into large pieces.

Add to a pot of water, cook, remove, put into a large bowl, use a spoon to squeeze the potatoes into a paste, put a spoonful of paste, a little salt, 1-2 spoons of milk, mix well.

Don’t be too thin.

Dig the mixed mashed potatoes into small balls, or knead them into small balls, put them on a plate, and arrange them.

If you make the ball with your hands, you will not stick your hands if you wet your hands with water.

Pour in a small bowl of chicken broth in a small saucepan, add black pepper, and cut into thin slices of shredded ham (or sausage shreds). After boiling, thicken with water starch.

Pour the mashed sauce on the potato balls, and look at the cute and delicious chicken sauce and mashed potatoes.

What are the methods of mashed potato sauce?

The shredded pork is mixed with cooking wine and starch, marinated for 10 minutes, put oil in the wok, and fried into the shredded pork.

Add the sauce until the shredded pork is white. Stir the sauce with the shredded pork and add a bowl of water. Stir in one direction with a frying spoon to avoid the pan.

When the sauce of the meat is thick, just start to cook.