[How do I wash my peeled hands?

】 _How to wash hands_How to wash hands

[How do I wash my peeled hands?
】 _How to wash hands_How to wash hands

I believe that everyone has eaten this kind of food, and there are large and small walnuts. Large ones are very refreshing, and small ones have a stronger taste.

Moreover, the country’s walnut production is still very high, so walnuts can be eaten whenever they want. After all, people’s living standards are now higher than before.

However, when peeling walnuts, your hands may turn black and it is difficult to wash them off.

So how do I wash my peeled hands?

Washing method of peeling fresh walnuts and turning black: first sprinkle some salt, soak it gently with water, and then immerse it in soapy water for washing.

For slight fruit stains, it can be washed away with cold water. It cannot be washed once, and then washed again.

For heavy pollution, dilute ammonia water (1 part ammonia water and 20 parts water) can be used to neutralize the organic acids in the fruit juice, and then wash with soap.

Wash your hands often, rely on the body’s own skin epidermal cells to self-metabolize, age, and replace slowly.

The blackening of walnut peels is due to the fact that they contain “pecan peel”.

The traditional Chinese medicine ingredients for treating dermatitis contain fermented matter and gallic acid and other substances. They are extracted from walnut green peel and blackened after being oxidized. They are most suitable for use as colorants in hair dyes.

Precautions for peeling green walnuts: Do not allow the juice of green peel to splash on other skins, otherwise it will fester, because the green peel of walnut is also called “Qinglongyi”, and its juice is highly toxic.

Don’t splash your eyes.

The biggest advantage of artificial peeling is that the skin color is good-looking, and the natural peeling walnut skin is dark.

Peeling method: Dry naturally.

Intact walnut skin, after a few days of natural dryness, the skin appears wrinkled and dried, and the green skin will naturally separate from the nuts, but the damaged walnut, the green skin is partially blackened, this method is not suitable, because it will cause the skin.

Artificial ripening.

Spray the green skin fully with 200 times solution of “Ethephon” solution. After one day, the green skin will leave the bone automatically.

Manually peeled.

Specific steps: Use a small knife to peel off large pieces of green skin, continue to brush the remaining green skin with an iron brush in combination with clean water, and finally clean up carefully with a fine needle and toothbrush.

The whole process is best carried out with rubber gloves, otherwise the skin on the hands will be blackened.