[How to use condoms for boys]_Men_How to use

[How to use condoms for boys]_Men_How to use

Young people today are not willing to be restrained by their children prematurely, so even after marriage, they will take contraceptive measures. The most common contraceptive method is condoms.

And males must pay attention to the correct method when using condoms, otherwise the male genital organs will be corrected to cause damage, which will seriously affect male sexual function.

So, what exactly is a male condom?

Proper use of condoms for men: Before using a condom, check the end date of the condom.

Expired condoms are dry and prone to rupture and are not suitable for use, ensuring that condoms are effectively corrected.

1. Carefully tear the packaging bag from the edge of the packaging and remove the condom to avoid tearing the condom.

To ensure that condoms are not torn, we should avoid using sharp tools.

Ordinary packaging bags can be easily torn.

2. Wear a condom when your penis is erect.

Remember to wear a condom before penis insertion.

The best contraceptive results can only be achieved by wearing a condom before entering for the first time.

3. The air left in the condom can cause the condom to rupture.

To avoid the possibility of rupture, gently squeeze the air inside the front end of the condom with your thumb and index finger, and then put the condom on the erect penis.

Make sure that the end of the condom is partially exposed and that there is no excess air in the condom.

4. While covering the front of the condom, gently use the other hand to cover the entire penis.

Make sure the self-confidence sleeve fits tightly on the penis during the procedure.

If the condom partially slips, replace the slipped part and reattach.

If the condom slips out, remove the penis immediately and put on a new condom before continuing *.

It may be that condoms cannot be reused, condoms can only be used once.

After using a condom, men should wrap paper towels in a trash can for personal hygiene.

During the trial period, we must pay attention to the use of qualified condoms, do not buy very cheap condoms, because the quality of cheap condoms is difficult to guarantee.